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  1. Another month, another bump. Kaelten has been offline for about 10 months. Jadedcat has been online in the past 3 weeks, but no word on this yet....
  2. Downloaded, this looks neat. You should load it on too
  3. What if they added it deliberately as a small percent chance, in an effort to further trans-persons equality?
  4. Even if his numbers were off, did you see the dozens of 'active' (I say active because there are not 150k people that are active here) forum members with "SAVE THE ROUND-8" avatars and sigs? And are you really defending calling 372 people arrogant and rude? I happen to fall in that crowd and I resent that. And yes, if squad decides to do something stupid then the community can rally against it. If you hate that barn, voice your opinion on it, dont hold your tongue. The round-8 movement was unifying for alot of the community. If Squad decides tomorrow to make KSP unmoddable you really just going to take it? Thats absurd. You are allowed to state your opinions here, and enough opinions can form a force for change, to bring us all a better game.
  5. Hi from one trans woman to another. :-)

  6. Didn't some people here predict the dev team would bail, and that's why its was so arbitrarily rushed to 1.0? Team members keep leaving, I dont expect any work to continue after the U5 update at this rate.
  7. Can this be moved away to fanworks? Also, I think the idea of kerbals doing battle is atrocious, real life has enough fighting and killing, cant we keep kerbals innocent while they explore the universe?
  8. Why? that seems like excessive and unnecessary spam to me.
  9. This is kinda dumb people. Is this a special 1.0 thing? please don't tell me you do this every update.
  10. There is sort of a thread about that:
  11. Hello, long time lurker, I just joined to voice a suggestion on a matter very close to my heart. I know the mods want to keep the politics out of things so I will just say some people are not the gender they are born, and may wish to identify as a different gender. That said, KSP is on the cusp of unveiling the new female kerbals. Now I dont know how that will work, or what will happen, but I am assuming there will be gendered name lists when kerbals are recruited in the astronaut center. That is why I feel now is the time to make this suggestion. As a member of the LGBT community, I was wondering if maybe like 1 out of every 20 or so male kerbals could get a female name, and vice-versa for the females. pre-transition mis-gendered persons like myself would appreciate that. That is all.