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  1. 1: Breach of trust is (as mentioned before) very damaging to any company. 2: I always compare a company, not on the number of errors made, but the support handling when an error/issue actually occurs. This is the first time I have ever had the need for support in connection with KSP and I am not impressed. 3: Fully agree, there will always be difference in large and small companies on downtime etc. But the actual downtime is not the issue here (at least for me personally), the issue is lack of information and support attempts to solve a users issues. 4. A wise man once said, "If
  2. I received the exact same email almost precisely at the same time as you did as a reply to my support ticket. Well, I did and what I got was: "Your account is unavailable for reasons we wont tell you and it will like this for an unknown period" Not really helping in any way to my need for assistance, which is: Please supply a download link for my files. So the team has no idea what has happened, planned maintenance gone wrong, breakdown, cyber attack or maybe Jeb has gained self-aware and is now using all the server powers in he's attempt of building a highly unstable craft
  3. Seriously??? Not been able access a bought product and for more than a week, we have tried to get support and answers and all we get is "Sorry, no information"!!!! This is what I would have expected from a low ranking software company, not from the KSP Team. This sort of answers really is damaging to a companies reputation. I have bought a product, I cannot access it, support does not reply to emails, Community manager on the forums only answer is "no information". How am I as a customer now expected to react to this? Please tell me??
  4. Already tried that, but no reply Would very much like access to download my files for a reinstall, pleaseeee.
  5. Well, same here and now locked out of what I had payed for and getting no updates at all about what is going on, after a week of downtime, is to say the least, very disappointing. Well, the store is online (actually has been the whole time), but only the Steam purchase is available, also trying to access my account, I get the below. Makes me think if there has been some kind of attack, problems, hack, etc. Especially due to the very loud silence from the Team. Maybe, I should try to see if I can move my key to Steam, as it is from 2015, so might be valid. What happened?
  6. Hmm. Still down, I have been reformatting and installing my pc and yes I can install the game from an old download, but I can't update anymore :-( Also noticed, that the Store page is still available, but it is now only possible to buy a Steam version. Shall I be concerned now, not being able to retrieve what I have paid for. This looks more and more like something unplanned and it would be very appropriate for the Devs. to come with some kind of explanation on what is going on?????
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