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  1. i play stock because it's a standard measurement of difficulty equal for all players who download the game, and a constant over time (except of course when patches come along). Meaning i can safely compare my crafts, records, and difficult situations with others players. The only mods i enjoy, are the ones that add planets, but i keep a copy of the game for those.
  2. You guys realize you're talking about a space game and not a plane flying simulator, right? I too find the plane building and flying aspects fun, but they're more like sidequests to what this game should be really about: rocketry and space exploration. I've been playing this game since 0.13 (yes, 0.13), and the fact that there's starting to be more plane parts than ship parts is worry-some. Between that and the "realistic but unrealistic" aerodynamics, this game is turning more and more into kerbal flight simulator. Did Squad forget what this game is about?
  3. Only 3 landing struts to 5 landing gears. I was really hoping for at least another size up in the leg department...sure there's work-arounds using girders as extensions, but it be nice to have a dedicated big landing strut, at least for aesthetics. That's all.
  4. I'm all for using kerbals as nosecones on top of rockets!
  5. Was easily my second favorite game after Starcraft: Brood War. But ever since they implemented the new "realistic" aerodynamics, it lost its spark. KSP 0.90 = 9.5/10 KSP 1.0.2 = 4/10
  6. Hello, I was trying out the new patch, and while building my rocket, i kept my engineer report tab open. I noticed that when i put a battery cell between the parachute and the command module, it gives me the following warning: Clearly there is a parachute, and it detects one, but i don't understand the "found in the same separation stage" part, since it's in its own separation stage. Also, so not to start a new thread, i just wanted to point out another bug which i still get pretty often (and was also in 0.9 and versions prior): When i press "launch" and go to the launching pad, occasionally my view will be from very very far away and i have to zoom in quite a bit to get a view of my rocket.
  7. chilling at KSC with all the other kerbonauts. The weather in this patch isn't ideal for flying...
  8. You reminded me that i had made copies of 0.90 for the multi planet mods. Yay!I agree with you regarding 1.0.2.
  9. So, given the nature of this game, i assumed that posters of this forum would be more mature than the likes of blizzard forums, but i may have been mistaken. In response to one of the replies, at the time i posted my message with regards to aerodynamics, i didn't spot another thread about on the front page. And if there's already been numerous posts about this, all i can say is: good! Hopefully squad will notice and address this. The game didn't feel ready for 1.0.
  10. argh..i can't stand the new physics in 1.02. I didn't have a chance to play with 1.00, but my friend whom i'm playing with right now claims that they've changed since 1.00. Is it so? I know we've taken liberties in the past with ship design pre-1.00, but i'm not really enjoying the game in this state.
  11. i think when submitting a challenge, one should consider the purpose of that challenge: Is it fun? Is it educational? Would taking part of it improve my KSP skills somehow? Frankly, this seems simply like a test of endurance for...nothing. There's no real skill involved other than the ability to not get a sore butt from sitting all day and a sore index finger from holding down W. I'm sorry for being so forward, i realize you put good thought into it from how you wrote the intro, i just think this challenge is more a chore than an accomplishment. I'd personally hate ksp after finishing that journey.
  12. damn. i was aiming for 29 days. i seriously don't think i have the know-how to get it to 23. Congratulations and i hate you! =P
  13. yeah, but it's kinda hit or miss, and i'm not certain you can do it anymore in 0.9. That video's 2+ years old.
  14. i think, since one of the objectives is to keep our little kerbal friend alive, Laythe would be the optimal place to aim for when going for Jool.
  15. things are getting interesting. Question: are you guys purely aerobraking or do you have to thrust backwards in order to not fling out of duna's SOI? I got a ship that can do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, i'm just having a hard time bulls-eying duna now. are you guys aiming straight at duna, in front of it or behind it?
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