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  1. The problem I was having with control input being overridden with SAS engaged stemmed from having both settings "AFBW overrides SAS and other control inputs" and "Atmospheric Autopilot compatibility" active at the same time. Atmospheric Autopilot seems to work just fine without the compatibility setting active for me. A scene change or loading a quicksave was necessary for changes of these setttings to manifest. Thank you linuxgurugamer for your continued efforts and contributions! It is awesome to setup a joystick and gamepad on the fly... no more keyboard piloting for m
  2. Im having some trouble with SAS overriding pitch/yaw/roll controls. I have the option checked for AFBW to override SAS but I am unable to have any control input with SAS on. Im using an Xbox 360 wired controller, Windows 10 (64bit). I uninstalled all other mods and the problem persists, so it doesn't appear to be a conflicting mod. Any ideas on how to resolve this? It really puts a damper on using the controller Version AFBW and KSPx64 Thanks edit/update: Its working now. Not sure what the issue was but I will update if I figure out what was
  3. @SuicidalInsanity thanks for the config edit! You the best my man For those curious, with the atmCurve provided above, the Rontgen has an operation ceiling a little over 5km ASL on Duna, with about a range of 11-20kN of thrust. I was able to take off from the surface (at 3km ASL) with a 5900kg craft. Its a bit slow to accelerate but I reached about 250m/s. Im running stock aero on 1.3.1.
  4. Has anyone had any issues with the Rontgen engine flaming out on Duna? It works fine on Eve and Kerbin for me. Full IntakeATM resource for whatever reason it isnt recognized on Duna. I have a heavily modded game, so at first I thought it may be the NFE conflict mentioned earlier in the thread... but I removed all my mods and tried the included Zephyr craft with still the same problem. Anybody have an idea why this is? I really want a Nuclear Cruiser for my Duna exploration on this career Im running 1.3.1 x64 with MK2EX 1.8.06 Lastly, thank you SuicidalInsanity for the
  5. @ferram4 Thanks for the response and also all the effort you put into FAR! Its an essential mod for me, really makes for a more engaging experience
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. My most feasible option sounds like docking with a separate warp module, credit to JadeOfMaar
  7. Ah thanks @RoverDude, forgive my ignorance, is the warp bubble something that can be toggled or is it always on? @api3101, so while using FAR, you launched a rocket with a warp drive attached? Was the drive in a fairing?
  8. @taniwha Yeah I figured it is something like that? Any ideas for a solution/workaround? I posted over on the warp drive forum page, maybe Roverdude can fix it
  9. Has anyone used the warp drive with FAR recently? Im running 1.3.1x64 with FAR 15.9 and 0.7 for the warp drive. The warp drive seems to remove any aerodynamic effects. Im trying to build a SSTO with warp and when I try to fly it, the flight path seems to be solely determined by thrust (no drag/lift). Also, FAR doesnt display any aerodynamic values in the SPH with a warp drive attached, Any ideas for a solution? I really wanted to build this warp SSTO Thanks kerbonauts!
  10. Has anyone used the USI Warp Drive mod along with FAR? Im trying to build a SSTO Warp plane but when I have a warp drive part attached in the editor, FAR is unable to calculate any aerodynamic values. Im running KSP 1.3.1 x64 with FAR Liebe and Alcubierre Warp Drive 0.7 Thanks for any input! Edit: Tried flying a few planes with the Warp Drive attached and the flight path of the vessel seems to be based only on the thrust vector with no aerodynamic forces in action
  11. Ah thanks Krakatoa. I dont have the technology yet in this career to make it there, looks like Im grinding some survey contracts!
  12. Hello, Great mod! I had some trouble figuring out how to use some of the items so I have one suggestion to add an in-game manual like KIS. Anyway, I set up the retroreflector and seismic experiments for the first time in the Kerbin mountain biome. I only yielded 3.6 science points for each experiment. Is this normal? It seems like very little yield for the effort. Im kind of stuck in my career mode and need to harvest some science to progress... so Im going to run these two experiments in a couple other biomes but I just wanted to see if this is the norm or if I maybe have a mod in
  13. Hello, I just wanted to point out a couple bugs/incompatibilities with other mods that I have found. It looks like theres some discussion going on about other fuel part mods and crafts becoming stuck at spawn, so heres what Ive found: Running KSPx64 1.1.3 on Windows 7 with all most recent drivers/updates/etc (SLI Nvidia GT750M, 16gb RAM, i7 4700MQ 2.4gHz) Fuel Wings 3.0 and Tweakscale 2.2.13 (all other mods removed) I have found a bug that others previously stated with the planes/rockets getting stuck at spawn position. So, I spent a few minute
  14. As the title suggests, Im using Raster Prop Monitor and am having a weird issue. When I go to IVA, the camera is facing the pilot's forehead and the display appears to be flipped on all axes (left is right and up is down)... text on the cockpit IVA is mirrored and upside down. Anyone else encounter something like this? Im running KSPx64 in Win7. Everything is up to date (KSP, mods, display drivers, etc). I have quite a few mods installed... Im going to install them in batches and see if I can isolate an incompatibility... just wondering if anyone else has come across this and
  15. Running KSP 64 bit version 1.1.3 with Fuel Wings 3.0 and Tweakscale 2.2.13 (all other mods removed) I have found a bug that others previously stated with the planes/rockets getting stuck at spawn position. So, I spent a few minutes investigating and specifically, with the advanced canard scaled below 85% my plane gets stuck. Anything above 85% seems to work just fine. I tried a few other parts and heres what I found: Tail Fin gets stuck below 89% Structural Wing A gets stuck below 65% Swept Wings get stuck below 90% I couldnt discern a commonality among the
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