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  1. Could you tell us what you’re doing, or why it was announced that it was completed last week? I understand that this may relate to user information, and that you may not be able to
  2. Yes strongly agreed with all of this! Frustrating that the response so far has been a handful of replies to other peoples' topics with now-out-of-date predictions.
  3. Yea, +1 to the crowd that doesn’t have access to their fave game juuuust as I’m bit by the space bug again. I can be patient! Just would love to know about how long I need to be patient for ):
  4. Awwww yisssss, that station is looking good! Even the spherical hab module, which I usually dislike, seems to fit now.
  5. The parts have been duplicated and retextured, and exist in their own folder. You shouldn't have any issue if you already have these packs in your game data folder
  6. I think that's your best station yet. I like the module on the far side, away from Orion, it suggests cooperation by more than one space agency, different styles of building space station modules. I'd also love to see some modules hanging off the port and starboard CBMs too! Hope testing is coming along well, I think the Chaka mod is what's keeping me from really playing 1.1 right now!
  7. Thats fine! Your work is looking better and better, especially what you just posted. Excited to see the SLS in all its glory when you do get it out there.
  8. I also doubt their plumbing and tankage is built to withstand multiple cycles of having fuel pumped in and out. They're tanker trucks, not fuel storage tanks. Its also worth noting that the ISS produces A LOT of waste, if I remember correctly. Used clothes, waste from food packages, etc. This needs to be dealt with somehow.
  9. From Kerbin, Onwards! A "Realism-Inspired" History of the KSP o-----o-----o-----o So an introduction: You can see from my join date vs. post count that I'm a big time lurker. I've been playing KSP since forever, but only recently got it into my head to write something about it. I write okay, but fiction isn't my strong suite. So I decided to write a "history" of the Kerbal Space Program as it exists in my mind. Think Eyes Turned Skywards, but of course, on Kerbin. Things will be reminiscent of real life, but no real countries, rockets, astronauts or space programs will be harmed in the making of this history. The story begins at the completion of the Kerbal Space Centre as we know it in the sandbox game, following the first landings of Kerbalkind on the Mun. There will be highs, there will be lows, there will be (some) pictures, there will be way too many commas, and there will be really boring parts as I go on way too much about something that you don't care about. Through it all, however, we'll go From Kerbin, Onwards! A Note: I use A LOT of mods. Aesthetics is important to my play style, and frankly the stock look is not attractive to me. So let me know if you want to know where a certain part comes from and I'll dig through my GameData to find it for you. I have plans to release .craft files of the lifter family that will feature heavily in this story. I'll make sure to trim down the parts on those rockets so that you can use it without downloading my entire mod library. o-----o-----o-----o Chapter 1 - Auspicious Beginnings From its wingman, a "Peregrine" astronaut trainer and chase plane is seen flying over the KSC Day 1, Year 1. For a species that values scientific inquiry as much as Kerbalkind does, landing a small crew of three on the surface of another celestial body was the crowning achievement in a series of events marking the Global Keophysical Year, a year’s worth of increased funding for and awareness of the planet’s scientific organisations. Following the Kerbal Space Program’s greatest achievement in its twenty year history, the agency was riding high on its success. A series of flawless landings on Kerbin’s two moons followed that fateful first touchdown. These missions demonstrated the agency’s technical mastery of spaceflight, a step beyond its former reputation for callous underengineering and lack of safety. Flags were planted, data retrieved, and the KSP secured its position as the undisputed leader of the Kerbal scientific community. Global support for the agency quickly grew, amongst both the Kerbals and their governments, and what was once an oft-ignored branch of a mid-sized country’s military became the flagship international scientific organisation. Multiple countries committed their support, pledging budding astronaut applicants, various sizes of lifters (many still developed from ICBMs, a carry over from the recently diffused political climate), and skilled engineers and technicians. The new hardware and manpower flocked to a small coastal plain well-situated for the planet’s newest and most capable spaceport. Although the number of flights launched drastically decreased in the few years that the centre underwent construction, the finished location was something to behold. From a tiny airstrip located far from any major centres of commerce or scientific study arose a state-of-the-art research and launch facility, attracting scientists, engineers, technicians and, yes, administrators by the hundreds. A "Condor" heavy cargo aircraft unloads its payload of spare parts for the Research Plane program. Another Condor taxis off the runway and prepares to discharge its own cargo Three launchpads, each with a vertical assembly facility stood in a row, ensuring small and medium class lifters would never need to wait for available launch infrastructure. The clean pad design ensured any vehicle could be launched from the pad, a must for the new international entity. Alongside the pads, two runways provided the facility with connections to the rest of the globe, and the ability to continue crucial aerodynamics research. Rumours hinting at returning a vehicle from orbit to the runway were even silently shared amongst the centre’s population. The possibilities were endless, all of space beckoned to Kerbalkind from beyond the gateway that was the KSC. "Peregrine" trainer aircraft are common sights at KSC, shuttling astronauts to and from other KSP centres. Astronaut Bob Kerman takes this photo of the KSC from the rear seat. o-----o-----o-----o That's chapter 1. Not a lot of action yet, but I promise a rocket launch tomorrow!
  10. Hmmm. Looking at a map, I'd say any east coast site on or near the equator. ESA's Korou spaceport is in a pretty good location, honestly.
  11. I'd put my life on CST-100 before Dragon 2. Not because I think SpaceX's vehicle will be that much less safe. But Boeing is going about their project without any rush. They're not expecting that same media and popular support, so they're doing things how they have always done things. Maybe more slowly, but it works well in the end.
  12. This shouldn't be an issue. I play on mac, I've persistence file shared with a windows user. Dumb question maybe, but have you both made sure that you're running the same version of KSP? I can't think of any other reason for this to be happening, if your game data folders are exactly the same
  13. If you want to do pass-and-play multiplayer, you should make sure you have the exact same game data folder as your friend (if mods, make sure you have the same versions of everything). Then the file you need to share with your friend is the one labelled "persistence". Send it to your friend and make sure they copy it over their own persistence file
  14. People keep saying this, people keep forgetting that heavy lift rockets will be an absolute necessity for reaching far off BEO targets. You can subdivide a large interplanetary spacecraft into multiple launches, sure. But then each individual payload will require docking/berthing ports, a "probe core" to guide it to the larger spacecraft, its own RCS system, its own RCS tanks, etc... You simplify all of this down by flying larger payloads on rockets like SLS or the MCT, drastically reducing the number of redundant systems once all elements of the interplanetary spacecraft are assembled together.
  15. Gotta agree with Nibb. I'm sure they have some preliminary designs stashed away somewhere. But when you can buy a safe trip on a Soyuz to the ISS, why develop a spacecraft when you have no experience designing habitable and survivable capsules? If JAXA wants to take part in BEO exploration, they'll likely pick a front runner in the race and give them extra money/hardware/both in exchange for seats on, for example, Orion missions, like the ESA did.
  16. Really nice looking parts, Beale! I like the dimensions and size of these models compared to the stock scales, and can't wait to use them for all sorts of weird-scale adventures in space. Talking about weird scales, and hoping I'm not "that guy", but I haven't been around the Tantares thread in a while, so I looked a number of pages back in the thread and haven't seen mention of that infamous tweakscale config. Does one exist for the most recent version of Antares, even in a beta state? I know curtquarquesso puts out a really great one, but perhaps is there another out there if his isn't out? Thanks!
  17. A quick album showing some stuff you can do with CMES parts. This shows my second Near-Kerbin Expedition to Skylab II (launched on an SLS Block IB) with an Orion and Exploration Habitat (ExHab), launched on a Delta IV/EMLV III Heavy. As you can see, I've added the circular solar panels and large rectangular ones from Near Future Solar, and antennae and dishes from AIES Aerospace
  18. Its more comparable to the new SLS infrastructure. Its not a parts pack, but a craft files pack with the parts to make those crafts viable. It has a pretty large memory footprint, but provides you with multiple versions of the SLS rocket, the Delta IV rocket (called the Evolved Monkey Launch Vehicle, EMLV) and the Falcon 9 rocket (called the Advanced Monkey Launch Vehicle), as well as a huge array of payloads for these rockets, including Orion, two kinds of landers (for airless and atmosphere bodies), a couple space stations, a rover and multiple surface bases). You can definitely make your own crafts with these parts, but the parts aren't at the same diameters as stock, so be aware of this
  19. I may be mistaken, but doesn't a single horsepower compare to a rather sickly and weak horse? Ultimately, I see the sense in both systems and a total conversion would be unfathomably difficult. I was raised in Imperial/US, but metric makes more sense to me personally and I'm trying to get to the point where I can estimate and use both systems equally.
  20. Like the article suggests, despite NASA losing funding in this current budget cycle, it is thought that there are enough SLS supporters in congress that will bump the funding back up. Be that for scientific/exploratory progress or for jobs in constituencies I don't know. But I can say that getting a new heavy lift rocket is a good thing. I believe the payloads will come. (In direct response to your post, I'm sure NASA wants all the funding and use it can get out of SLS, so it's the US government that may or may not want to pay for missions)
  21. http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2016/02/nasa-enforce-early-switch-eus-sls/ It would seem NASA wants to move off the ICPS/DCSS upper stage for the SLS as soon as possible. The plan is now to only use it for the first EM-1 uncrewed mission. Beyond that, the rocket will fly in its "workhorse" configuration, with the larger Exploration Upper Stage, and all ground support equipment will be modified for it. What do you guys think? Will this open opportunities for more payloads?
  22. Hello all on the CMES thread, long time no see. Recently picked up KSP again, and of course downloaded my favourite monkey-themed mod right away. Anyway, thought this is relevant to our interests: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2016/02/nasa-enforce-early-switch-eus-sls/ Any chance we can expect an orange EUS/TALUS? I actually like the grey, but maybe an orange interstage would be nice! EDIT: Also, a question: CMES and rbray's mods (Active Texture Management and Dynamic Texture Loader) aren't cooperating: With both installed, I have access to most of the Chaka parts, but none of the habitats in the command pod tab. These parts just don't exist, it seems. I cannot load the craft files that include these parts. I'm making due without the ATM and such for now. But for the sake of my huge GameData folder, is there any possible fix? Has this issue come up recently? (I did try it with a clean install, just CMES and DTL, same issue came up)
  23. Haven't posted on the forum in ages, but I think this warrants a comment. KerbalStuff will indeed be missed, and I hope this thread serves as an admittedly late replacement for the huge lack of thanks for such a reliable and useful site. Thanks to you, SirCmpwn!
  24. This rocket is very quickly living up to its reputation as a space-carrot
  25. The adaptor is foam-covered because the top dome of the LOX tank and the lower cryogenic tank of the ICPS are both inside the adaptor's cone
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