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  1. There is CKAN: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154922-ckan-the-comprehensive-kerbal-archive-network-v1280-dyson/ But it supports not all mods, only if the modder use it. So some mods must be installed manually.
  2. Yes it is possible but be aware that active vessels who are using parts of this pack are deleted too.
  3. Which KSP-version do you use? This mod is really old. I can recommend BDB: It has a Atlas too and many more.
  4. Really good idea. In the past I build some "autonomous Landing Programs" with SmartParts, actiongroups and Diazos mods (ModActions, Landing Height, Horizontal Landing Aid, VerticalVelocity...). Like this (example): - at speed x (measured with SmartParts) open Parachute (execute actiongroup x) - at height x (SmartParts) separate heatshild, activate engine (actiongroups) and slow down to -5m/s (ModActions/VerticalVelocity). The most complex mission was a Curiosity-like landing at Duna (which was successfull). The only problem was: not enough actiongroups in stock. But there was action
  5. Great mod @rogerwang86. Waiting so long for a good Ares-Mod (there was only an American Pack (Bobcat) years ago with an Ares V).
  6. You can make one yourself: @PART[nfs-panel-*]:NEEDS[TweakScale]:FOR[NearFutureSolar] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = free } } Put this into a .cfg and save it anywhere in Gamedata.
  7. It works mostly in 1.11.x. But beware: it is a big parts pack.
  8. Beause you need Tundra Space Center and all his dependencies (Kerbal Konstructs e.g.)
  9. It works as many people stated here. But you need to adjust the settings.
  10. Do you mean Soiler Panels or Solar Panels???
  11. @rogerwang86Is it also possible to do the Ares V 2006-Version with a smaller upper stage? https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=13737.0
  12. You never should have a zip file of a mod in GamData. That doesn`t work.
  13. Use Rigid Attachement (stock) or KJR (Kerbal Joint Reinforcement). That should kill the wobble. Also: As far as I know the KM Gimbal Mod is very old and outdatet. Not sure if it works in newer KSP-versions.
  14. Little one: TechRequired = scienceTech Big one: TechRequired = advScienceTech
  15. Found it immediately but didn`t thought that it was a mystery.
  16. This is the wrong section in the forum to ask but here you go: It allows you to change the SAS via Actiongroups.
  17. You can delete all the other folders inside Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Bluedog_DB\Partsbluedog\ instead of the Saturn-folder.
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