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  1. Does anyone have a current experiment config for Kerbalism?
  2. That`s bad because you need another mod to make it compatible with stock-sizes. This is not a problem for the XV as it has the same diameter as the Centaur from BDB, which has a widely used size. The situation is different for CEV. If I have measured it correctly, it has a diameter of 4.350m. As far as I know, that only fits the Asbury-mod Because BDB has only 4.250m.
  3. https://spacedock.info/mod/2472/Project EOC(WIP) Not exactly what you are searching for.
  4. Strange. I have tried to reproduce the problem with different settings. Without success. So I can't say why it doesn't work for you. But that's why I haven't used CKAN for years and only install it manually. I have had too many problems with CKAN. So my personal advice is: install manually. Or ask in the CKAN-Thread because this isn`t related to HabTech. Here you go:
  5. Because you need Hab Tech 2, not Hab Tech. Hab Tech is the old version. You need also the ht Robotics and Hab Tech Props for IVA.
  6. No idea what triggers the problem. But some parts like payload fairings and tanks are transparent in low orbit. Here is a picture and my log. Log
  7. Do you mean the structural panels? This must be another mod because MLP does nothing to this parts. For me the panels are there.
  8. A little bit late but... Centaure and IUS are from BDB so without BDB the mod makes little sense. If you don`t need everything of BDB, you can delete some part-folders.
  9. Then why ask in Habtech-Thread? First find out what mod caused this error by try and error (remove the last installed mods ans check if the problem is gone). If you think you've located the mod, ask in the relevant thread or make a new Thread in KSP1 Technical Support (PC, modded installs) if it is not clear what mod this causes. Not just anywhere. You can't expect an answer if you ask in the wrong area. This is how a forum works. Because Habtech is only a partmod, it's hard to imagine it causing this error.
  10. And why do you think this is a problem of Habtech? I think you're better off here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/70-ksp1-technical-support-pc-modded-installs/
  11. Is it possible to fix the landing legs of the Dragon V2, Colonial Transport and so on? Because they are always extended.
  12. Yes, it works well in 2.5x to 2.7x like the most other mods.
  13. That´s not a thing of KNES, you should ask in the Thread of The Skyhawk Science System. But I looked into the download of The Skyhawk Science System and there is a config for KNES (you can look yourself here: SkyhawkScienceSystem\ModSupport). So it should work.
  14. I don`t know how to do that. I opened the Waterfall-Editor in Flight but where can I move z? I never changed anything there and it worked otherwise.Also I didn`t change anything there yet
  15. I have some weird artifacts. The Plume inside the nozzle is flickering very fast (difficult to capture with pictures). Here are some pics: https://ibb.co/1myd1jC https://ibb.co/KVhhkkL https://ibb.co/RPmvWz2 https://ibb.co/hVzJ8cT https://ibb.co/5sbPT12 And heres my log. It occurs with all engines (Stock, Restock, Mods). I use Waterfall 0.9.0, StockWaterfall Effects 0.7.0 and Waterfall restock 0.2.3. I made a break with KSP for months. Used Waterfall before but didn`t had this artifacts.
  16. Despite over 6000 hours of KSP 1, I'm excited for the release of KSP 2.
  17. As far as I know this issue happens if you have an old version of shabby. Here is the newest one:
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