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  1. Sorry if this is a tad late, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is what I did. Check the properties tab for KSP. And check the participation box on the Settings page to opt-in to the latest beta. You can opt-out of the beta at any time by removing the checkmark. Once you've checked the box you can select the "check for updates" button to begin downloading the latest Steam client beta if available, like KSP 1.2.2. (Thanks Google :P) Oh and if you got the space for it, I actually copied the game folder directly to 'My Programs', that way I can have a clean Steam version that stays current and a client specifically running 1.2.2. Best of luck!
  2. Perhaps you could control that stuff via Telemachus? Then you could control things with a web browser. Either via another monitor, pc or tablet.
  3. Again, thanks to everyone that helped lol. Can't wait to see that MechJeb video. I start on the pad with the orbiter's back to the water. I just don't know how to setup Mechjeb to not roll, or, to do a 180 roll maneuver so I can launch with my orbiter facing the VAB. (Pretty sure NASA did this to protect the pad and crawler way from acoustics because of the asymmetric launch.)
  4. UPDATE I've found the cause. I'm an idiot, I accidentally hid a fuel tank side ways in the engine compartment. I have no idea what it was doing in there. Being closest to the engines and on the orbiter it began to draw from it first, thing fly's spectacularly now. Ughh, what a frustrating day over something so stupid. Sorry everyone. By the way Pak, stellar mod dude. I love how you have this setup with the texture switching and all. Well executed my friend, thanks!
  5. Even my launch vehicles that use have asymmetric SRB configurations flight right down range dead center. My shuttle only lists by a hair but that adds up downrange. And if I try to correct it, it over compensates and loses gets a little wild, depending on how fast or how high decides just how wild a tap of the 'D' key can be.
  6. So, leading edge wing elevons are set to Roll only, the wing elevons are set to Pitch only and my tail plane is set to Yaw only. Authority limit is default max on all. I tried launching with my tailplane authority limit set to 0 but no difference. It's like my Port wing is filled with rocks or something. Also, I accidentally had the EFT separator set to Rigid as well, when I turned that off the orbiter stayed attach until proper stage. Side note, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement got updated somehow to the version for the 1.3 client, but I still play on 1.2.2, making the mod incompatible. That may have triggered the SRB swaying that I inevitably fixed with Advanced Tweakable 'Rigid Attachment' option. BTW thanks everyone for all the time you've taken to help me. Let me know what info to feed you. I wonder if FAR would help UPDATE FAR made no difference... Still like the Port side wing is full of rocks. I added a small Ore tank inside the payload bay offset to the Starboard side, still leaning Port. Also I don't need the 'Rigid Attachment' with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement working properly. Funny. Throttle adjustment seems to help, again pointing to the torque being the source of my issue. I've brought down the initial launch torque to under 10 by slightly offsetting the SRBs closer to the orbiter, not even noticeable, and by changing the vertical placement of the orbiter to the EFT. UPDATE I swapped SSME's with the KS-25 Vector, it's a tad better. With all three Vector engines gimbal locked, no change. Removed the wings, no change, then the tailplane, no change. It's gotta be the engines or the lifting body that keeps slanting me. I'm at 900km and my inclination is already 0.7 degrees and rising. Ughh, anyone ever counter this issue?! I see that people on Youtube that use this mod have the same effect. Hence why I posted the video above.
  7. Now my SRB are all wobbling on the pad, had to goto advanced Tweakable and switch it on, something I just now needed to do, wasn't a problem, also now I goto launch and when I hit my launch clamps, the EFT and Shuttle separate. I've changed nothing, I had one flight that was good, no wobble nothing, now every single time I've tried to attempt anything with this vehicle theres new problems every second. No cosistantcy and I haven't even changed anything. I'm going to go bang my head against a wall now seeing as I've just wasted 3 days of my life.
  8. SSME's are gimbal locked until SRB sep, and I don't have a roll program, I launch with the back facing the east. How can I lower my torque? UPDATE: I've launched the EFT and SRB stack separately and it flew straight down range beautifully. My issue is definitely with the orbiter attached.
  9. Well, I'm not flipping end over end, just leaning to the port side. How can I lower my overall torque?
  10. Good example of my problem, watch how his nav ball dances all over the place, how can I cut that out?!
  11. Just curious, When I launch my shuttle it lists to one side. Anyone know how to counter this effect so my shuttle can fly straight?
  12. Really appreciate the help. I'm sorry, hope I didn't come across as rude.