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  1. This is a real nutty request, but would it be possible to add the Hercules X-265 solid fuel engine?
  2. Well, I'm very excited for this.
  3. I can't find the ships.
  4. Polyus

    [1.4.x]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Still love the crap outta this mod. You're insanely talented.
  5. Polyus

    [1.4.x] Nice MKseries Body [NMB] [V2.2] [2018.5.19]

    it's fine. 1.4 was being a brat.
  6. Polyus

    [1.4.x] Nice MKseries Body [NMB] [V2.2] [2018.5.19]

    I can't get any of the parts to show up.
  7. Polyus

    Blue Hawk Industries

    Yeah, I know! I just think it'd be cool. As for the launchers, I actually meant the earlier Terrier/Talos one, but that's a problem, yeah.
  8. Polyus

    Blue Hawk Industries

    Ok, thanks!
  9. Polyus

    Blue Hawk Industries

    Yeah, exactly. Didn't want to sound pushy with the request, I just use this mod all the time and really like it.
  10. Polyus

    Blue Hawk Industries

    I really love this mod, it's one of my favorites. Are you still working on it? If so, do you think you could add twin-arm SAM launcher and a SCANFAR radar? Or just more radars, cause I really like yours.
  11. Polyus

    [1.4.X] SM Armory Group. Tracks and T90 Updates

    Ok, cool! If ya want, gimme a couple days and i could try and draw it.