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  1. I am sure there are plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum that would love to help you! All you have to do is ask. There are a lot of us out there that consider this mod very necessary to play the game from inside the cockpit with RPM or for cinematic use, and we all really appreciate the hard work you are doing to keep this and all the other wonderful mods you have adopted alive! Thanks and good luck! ^.^
  2. My god that was FAST! Thanks so much for all the hard work JPLRepo, it really is a charity to all of us who love/need this wonderful mod.
  3. Wow thanks for the fast response! ^.^ As I said when I attempted to manually replace the file, I made sure to replace the Lifesupport.cfg at GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport, and not place it in the old location. When I load my current save, or a new save, I somehow am getting the default resource rates. And after I close KSP and check the contents of the LifeSupport.cfg file in my game folder to see if they were returned to the default rate, but they somehow they are indeed still the proper Realism Overhaul resource rates from the link on my last post. I also then Restart
  4. I am having the same issue as Perringo. I tried reinstalling the Realism Overhual Configuration file maually from https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/blob/master/GameData/ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupport/PluginData/TacLifeSupport/LifeSupport.cfg I still am getting the same default resourse rates I made sure to replace the Lifesupport.cfg with the rates file that was moved from GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\PluginData\TacLifeSupport to GameData\ThunderAerospace\TacLifeSupport\. Any help for us RSS players would be much appreciated! PS. Thanks for helping
  5. Oh ok, cool. Appreciate the reply, and thanks again for keeping this beauty alive! ^.^
  6. Hello Thank you so much for all the hard work that is put in to this beauty. I absolutely love this mod, It makes the game so immersive! Playing full missions and landings inside the cockpit is possible with this and is such a wonderful experience. I happily have used this with Waypoint Manager before with no issues for a while now, but after 1.1 I am experiencing the same black navball inside cockpit and spamming exceptions that Galenmacil is getting upon selecting a way-point. Just curious and wanted to check in and see if there was ever a fix found for that error or if a
  7. Hi, love this mod and almost can't play without it When I installed fresh .90, installed mods, and installed the latest toolbar with latest module manager dll, I can not get the settings UI to appear at all The icon in blizzys and ksp's stock toolbar does nothing when clicked. heres a lost of the mods I am using other than chatterer They all are the latest rendition i could find Collision fx Deadly Reentry6.4.0 Distant Object Enhancment (bis) 1.5.2 Docking port alignment 5.1 FAR 0.14.6 Final Frontier0.65-679 Astronomers visual pack interstellar v2 Texture replacer 2.2.5 planet ....e 0.2.2
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