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  1. Thanks, TrainEngie. I've been busy/lazy between working and moving and all that. I've been working on fixing up the addon for the past 5 hours, and I'll make a post sometime this week with updates.
  2. Hey everyone! I haven't had time to make this work with 1.0 yet. Hopefully I'll get to it this week at some point. It's just a bit... exhausting to code all day at work and then come home and code a bunch more. I'll be sure to get to all your questions when I fix things. As for now, if you manage to fix anything yourselves please let me know! I'm aware that apparently the textures are mirrored across the Y axis and now using a different file format than before. I'm not totally sure how to fix everything yet, but I promise I will!
  3. I'm very slowly working on a video series for the addon. I have quite a few projects going at the moment, but I'm going to make a push this week before 1.0 rolls out. For now, the Readme on Github will have to do. Feel free to ask any questions!
  4. Thanks for sharing. I guess I was a bit hasty claiming that all mods would work . I'll try to fix this as soon as I can.
  5. Cptman said the naming scheme of things for B9 was a bit funky. Let me try some stuff when I get home. And as for things not importing but giving no error, that means that it's just a naming issue. That's the mod name? Stock-alike? I'll take a look at those too.
  6. It's hard to tell what is happening, but that almost looks like a computer issue with how most of the text is messed up. Could you try this? Open up Blender again, press A (select all), press Delete (just to get rid of that cube in the middle), press Ok. Now Import the Kerbal2. That has always been my test ship so I know it will work. If it's still weird, could you send me another screenshot?
  7. Yeah, no need to change code any more. That is all in the past. Tonight I'm going to wrap up this process of including Cptman's code so there will be even less of a reason to edit code (up until now you had to manually add mod support line by line). Just be sure that you use the correct slashes in kspdir.txt. Don't use double slashes there either... just as it appears in the navigator, like C:\Users\manni01\Kerbal Space Program
  8. This weekend I'm going to incorporate CptMan's script into the addon, which will add support for every mod. I thought I would have to go through manually and add each file location, but CptMan found a way to do it procedurally. Look for a new version on Sunday!
  9. That was an error I caused and I should not have uploaded that version. I fixed it about a day after I realized what I had done. Try downloading again, or you can just open import-craft.py and delete the line that says "import partdic." I was starting to incorporate CptMan's code and didn't finish. - - - Updated - - - If you go to page... 8 or 9, Sma and I figured it out and fixed the directory problem. The issue was that Windows uses backslashes and everything else uses forward slashes, so there is just a section of the script that chooses the slashes based on what OS it detects. It should w
  10. I actually had a much stupider way of figuring out each part name. I can't believe I didn't use the .cfg files. You can email me the script, add it to a Github fork, put it in Dropbox, or whatever you want. I'm really excited to get this going! I'm happy to take a look into the . vs _ issue, but I'm thinking that, worst case, we could just have it crank out a big text file that would get added into partdir.py's dictionary, and we would only have to run the script once per mod. It would be great to do away with partdir.py, however...
  11. I'm going to basically echo what Sma said. Check that both addons are downloaded and enabled, and that you have the right info in kspdir.txt. Eventually I'm going to be consuming the .mu importer and kspdir.txt will become config.txt (and I might even try to find a fancy way to have it force you to update the configuration file when you first use the addon). You're totally right about the GPU thing. I have mentioned it at some points to some people, just not to everyone. There are a couple of hitches, however. While nVidia cards will almost always work, with AMD it is not as certain. Also (and
  12. Thanks for the P.S.! Any sneak peeks you want to upload? The book looks interesting, though the first thing I noticed is that it was written for 2.6 (2012 and 2013). All of the fundamentals will be the same, but there have been a lot of improvements and very valuable additions since then. Blender tends to get 2 or 3 major updates every year. On this page (http://www.blender.org/features/past-releases/) you can see the release history to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Each image goes to a changelog where they talk about what was updated. Some highlights: Freescale render engine (v2.67b
  13. Sounds like you could use a video tutorial, which I just so happen to be working on! I have a hunch that the .mu importer isn't enabled. Press Ctrl+Alt+U and go to Addons, then search "ksp" and make sure both addons show up and that you've checked the checkboxes. It threw an error when it went to look for an object within Blender that was never created because it was never imported. Blender has a steep learning curve, but it is the single most rewarding program I have ever used. It has all the potential if you just tough it out. This week I'll be making a YouTube series for people exactly in y
  14. Honestly the tag at the end isn't very important for any part besides the fuel lines, struts, and clamps because those parts have special code to help them import. One thing I've been meaning to do (that I'll go make a note of on Trello) would be to make that info a little more useful, like saying which section in the VAB they come from.
  15. It's this: https://github.com/taniwha-qf/io_object_mu I may incorporate it into my addon at some point so that it's all one download, seeing as it's got a GNU license and everything. I just feel kinda bad about that...
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