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  1. Daedalus engine overview and singularity reactor, by popular demand!
  2. I also want to say thank you for fixing the Haber process (and in general the updates to the ISRU parts, moar info is always a good thing!). I made a video showing it's basic functionality. I'll edit this with the link when Youtube is done processing it! Sorry, the sound kind of messes up part way through, but it clears up after a couple minutes.
  3. The trip out to Jool to harvest Liquid Helium(3) and Liquid Deuterium would be how to refuel. The tri-alpha runs best on lqdDuet and lqdHe3 (or gaseous, it will use either). Also, the refrigerator unit will use those same materials to make fusion pellets to refuel the Z pinch engine. If you don't play with life support mods, it's lifespan is pretty much indefinite (barring SUD/RUD events, of course). Simply have the resources on board in one of the cryostats for the reactor to use them. The fusion pellets should end up in the Zpinch engine as you create them with the refrigerator unit. Fusion is great because the resources all crossfeed and can be manually transferred, as opposed to fission. As for the warp drives. They scale linearly. Meaning a single 20t warp drive will do the same thing as twenty 1t warp drives. Charge one or activate one and it should just use them all. Happy warping!
  4. I'm not the best at video. Hopefully, though, this little tutorial is useful for people looking to take that first step or two into warp travel using this mod. Free Thinker, thank you so much for maintaining this mod and making it super awesome. You rock.
  5. I have this problem from time to time as well. Especially when I start connecting bases with KAS. My solution, generally, is to overcompensate with RTGs as this seems to keep the problem from happening in the first place. Other times, I will simply cut all power from any parts that could possibly request it (either by locking the EC to reserve or by disconnecting the part using KAS). Disconnecting the offending part, or keeping these parts on separate structures that can be linked and unlinked using KAS seems to work the best. RTGs are a close second. I think you get 1.5kw for every 2 RTGs. Besides KSPIE parts requesting too much power I've also seen simple SAS take up MW of power. I generally turn off SAS, set probes to hibernate, then time accelerate (to kill wobble that could be taxing the SAS). A third culprit could be the electric generators themselves. I don't have enough observational evidence to support this, but sometimes [sometimes] I get EC back when I turn off gennies (they stop trying to use EC to fill MJ). It's a weird thing though, I don't have anything concrete on the bug, just circumstantial stuffs.
  6. Struts. I find that when coming out of warp, changing speed in warp or if I don't have enough power to sustain warp then my vessels will exit warp rather violently. Perhaps experiment with unbreakable joints to determine where struts are needed? Congrats on your progress, by the way! Keep an eye on the warp control window as well. When close to large gravity wells, such as Jool, moar power is needed to sustain warp. If you don't have enough then the drive shuts down and a RUD event is likely to occur. This one has been logged on github: https://github.com/sswelm/KSP-Interstellar-Extended/issues/255
  7. I can but I use a lot of other mods. I might mistakenly include a part from a mod you might not have installed. Oh! and the tri-alpha has a built in generator. No need to attach a genny. Make sure you add lots of radiators. I use 16GW worth for the 2.5m drive. the 3.5 will need even more. Keep enough batteries to start the fusion reactor without need of another power source (other than RTGs for emergency power in the event of fusion loss). I think lithium7 proton fusion has a low ignition energy requirement?? This is all assuming sandbox with the 'all upgrades applied in sandbox' button checked. I went Kerbstein engine > scaled up ASAS ring > iHal > 5m tri-alpha > unneccessary fuel tanks (for looks and because cargo transport) > life support > 2.5m Alc. drive > copula module. Then I radially attached 3 fuel tanks of lithium hydride (625ish units each, these detached somehow without damaging the rest of the vessel, mission control is still investigating). Then I placed a bunch of radiators in strategic and pretty positions until I had more thermal management than thermal production. About 16GW worth, or 23 individual radiators. If you build up too much waste heat, your drive won't charge and your reactor won't be efficient. This means you'll slowly lose max power until you can't charge your drive anymore. Spam the heat sinks! After that I still had dV and warp ratio so I added some crew quarters and science! Im thinking you might have better success with no CP genny and the 2.5m warp drive. Maybe up the mass of your vessel a hair to help with heat dissipation? Also, gravity matters. Much easier to warp when you are far from a gravity well (planet) than when in LKO. PS. It is reasonable to assume, however, that if your drive charges to full for 1.00C on the launchpad, it will do the same in space if thermal management is enough. I am by no means an expert or anything so I could be wrong about the the spamming of the radiators. I see you added till you were in the green. I usually go about a bit above. For instance the tri-alpha (in my game, ymmv, produces about 13GJ of power and I use 16GW of heat sink. This keeps power from dropping (too much) as heat builds.
  8. Hi! I don't know if I can help on "self sustaining" but I find find the tri-alpha fusion reactor at 5 meters paired with the 2.5m heavy warp drive gives tons of options and longevity. I usually use a Kerbstein fusion engine for sublight on on such a vessel with about 2600 or so lithium hydride for fuel (this also feeds the tri-alpha if that becomes necessary). Slap about 23 radiators for just under 16 GW of thermal management. Since I use TAC LS I stick about 9 years of life support for one kerbal, and then crew it with 4 (2 pilots, engineer and a scientist) just for kicks. You could easily swap out crew and life support for an all-in-one ISRU thingy that can process spodumene (for the lithium) and hydrates (for water) then electrolyse (for hydrogen) then make (lithium hydride) fusion pellets (all-in-one indeed!). Then you need only meet up with a tanker once in a while or, since you have about 70000dv with that setup (sublight) and something like 30x warp strength, just add weight by connecting a small lander capable of landing on, say, minmus or similar, for the occasional refuel. I should mention that since the one I built weighs in at 183,000 kilograms turning in warp usually results in explosions.
  9. Something strange happened when I was recording the tutorial. I built a vessel on the runway to demonstrate Uraninite processing up through Uranium Nitride (there's a deposit of Uranium right under my runway on my save XD ). Anyway, all the conversions work until the UF4 -> UN. I had about ten kilograms of UF4 and it ended up converting, instantly, to a full tank of UN as soon as I clicked the refinery window button. If it would help I'll upload the video (no voiceover, yet) for a visual reference of what happened. Oh, and it was the big part, not the hex part, it was the hex part that I used for the UF4 -> UN. cheers Video will be live at https://youtu.be/YtAbVVhUcUI
  10. Hiya folks! I'm working on a putting together a video tutorial on as much of the ISRU bits as I can. Soon as it's done I'll upload it to youtube. Fair warning, my last video took over 24 hours just to upload (really slow connection). cheers.
  11. I've also been playing catch up trying to learn the new ISRU bits. I searched for a Monazite processor that outputs Thorium but have had no luck. I have a base sitting on a sizable amount of monazite and uraninite but haven't a clue what to do with them. Otherwise, really having fun with the mod! Ok so after looking through the .cfg files I found the module for extracting thorium and enriched uranium in the All in One ISRU part but they are all commented out. For my own game I'm gonna paste those modules onto some drills. Cheers! That didn't work. Ah well, I guess I'll wait.
  12. I apologize in advance if I just didn't look hard enough, but, is there currently a way to extract radioactives from planets now that the asymmetric refinery is gone? I'm not sure how to mine uranium or thorium, now. I understand from your earlier reply that uranium isru is still being worked on so I don't mean to sound impatient, just wondering what I missed. Thanks!
  13. I'm probably way off but, something like this happened to me at one point and it turned out I had some settings mixed up in ScanSat. Background scanning and stock scanning settings were both turned off. If you don't have ScanSat installed then I'm obviously way wrong cheers.
  14. Awesome. Good to know! In other news, I wanted to share a video of a SSTO using the Nuclear Ramjet of Doom part. It's wicked fun, thanks for an awesome engine!