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  1. Hi can anyone help ? ive installed this with Kopernicus and i dont see them, not sure what im doing wrong.
  2. But by looking through these comments the so called patch not fixed much, but caused more bugs, im not here to make enemy's but im sure its not just me annoyed about parts that dont work. Im no expert in making games but squad is and i would have thought with there know how there would not be so many problems.
  3. Whats happened to fixing SP-Structural panel !! Every time i try to mirror they end up facing different ways. Considering its DLC that i paid for and it was pushed out on release date i would expect to work correctly.This is 2nd time i mentioned this and reported before it was even before the DLC released but most likely still be ignored, seems like they take the money and run.
  4. How about fix the panel mirror symmetry for the DLC i PAID for ?
  5. Where is the link to the patch ? My steam not updating it .
  6. im just getting black loading screen what am i doing wrong .
  7. Just build a simple ship out of OPT parts, When i go to the runway to test fly it the wheels fall though the floor and the body all slowly falls apart. Any ideas why ?
  8. i found that the small pal wheel does like being on the same design as the long pal wheel, by removing the small pal wheel from the crane stopped the issue ?
  9. Any idea when i build with the tall pal wheels its starts dancing all over the ground until it tips over ?
  10. When will this be released, it looks great.
  11. I did yes but i put them in the wrong folder . All working fine now thanks again @sDaZe
  12. yes im using 64bit 1.1.2. it gets stuck with black screen with a loading icon just spinning bottom right corner.
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