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  1. Hello!

    Can you give me exactly your KSP version and the mods versions you use?  Better if you can send me a copy of your mods by email it will be very nice!..    

    my email:


    Thx if you can..     Thx anyway..  :)

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    2. Gargamel



      Sending the contents of the gamedata to another person is considered piracy.   There are assets in that folder that belong to Squad, and even though the recipient might have legally purchased KSP, copyright laws forbid the transfer of these assets.   So, see if there is another way of finding a solution to your issue other than breaking the forum rules and the law.   Thanks for understanding. 


    3. Figa


      @ Thank you anarchopride!

      @Gargamel, really sorry but we dont want to brake any rules or laws,  when i ask for "contents" in the gamedata folder i dont mean any "squad" game folder but only those we can found and download on wiki github  (for exemple).   When i saw the pics from Anarchopride game i was only intersted by the mods.   ( For the KSP  version i can use steam.)  

      I have some difficulty for play KSP with beautifuls textures and planets...    perhaps i am too old for that.. :sealed:


    4. anarchopride


      @Gargamel Thanks for your Info but there was never any intention to send squad property. Figa is about what I have for mods.

      @Figa You're never too old ;-)


  2. SOLUTION from @eLDude: Hey, have a problem. When i launch a rocket from Kerbin ang get higher than 110.000m my rocket gets painted in blue (picture1). And my crafts that were in orbit before are also in a blue coat (picture2). If i go back to the tracking station and go back again to my crafts, the blue coat is away. Any ideas? I installed everything new and disabled planet shine but nothing. Picture1 Picture2 Thanks for your help, Rob