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  1. This forum post is aimed to share some utilities and tricks that might help with developing custom planets that use Kopernicus. This page is meant for planet developers, not for regular users. Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap (0.3) Download (and source): Github License: MIT Comparison Images PQS similar to the stock's VertexHeightMap, but using cubic filtering instead of bilineal filtering. This yields a generally less pixelated terrain, and far better and smoother cliffs. Read the wiki for installation and usage. It's recommended that if you use this PQS in your own mod, you bundle it with your mod, as to avoid annoyance to the users.
  2. Are those, backlit rings? That's so cool! Will the rings change depending if you look at them from the front or from the back, like the many pictures of Saturn Eclipses?
  3. FINALLY, THE BUG HAS BEEN VANQUISHED Time to actually circumnagivate Eve this time
  4. I don't think the best idea is to talk about how you are waiting for a new thing on the previous weeks thing, but that's just my opinion. Don't worry if it comes a little late, it has arriven these last times. On the other hand, this time the announcement hasn't been on the forums, it has been on Twitter and KSP2's Blog KSP2's Blog: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/dev-diaries/developer-insights-11-engine-exhaust-visual-effects/
  5. I think the best part of this UI is how the Atmosphere indicator is not shaded in a linear way, but with higher parts of the atmosphere encompasing more length of the indicator. Makes me smile each time I see it.
  6. I had logged into the forums just to ask if that unknown water-y planet was this one! Nice to know it's not Laythe. And while I'm here, I love this planet concept. It's something I haven't seen much in sci-fi at all and teaches a bit about the history of Earth. Extremly excited to visit it when the game comes out! I really hope it doesn't have Oxygen, so people get confused planes don't work on a blue sky.
  7. Amazing showcase! Really really loving the tutorial animations, the planets, the KSC, the awesome kerbal animations and the asteroid-full rings! I also made a small collage of (Oceanic world with lots of craters). The only problem I have is with this very planet, which in my opinion, it has too many craters and very little erosion due to the amount of water around. If it's a moon, maybe it could have one hemisphere full of craters and the other have more eroded coasts (Or maybe it already does ) But anyhow, amazing work you fellas are pulling out!
  8. Only those dealing with horrible cesspools would dare to come up with that phrase. Jokes aside, both places are amazing in their own rights, just usually used for different things. One can totally use both and have a more fully kerbal community experience! - Hugs, a subreddit mod
  9. Tried launching Beale's Soyuz and had no flips. Would have tried with your craft @Fredde104, but there are parts I don't know from which mods they are from.
  10. A very nice improvement from the old one! The old one was incredibly boring., and this new one actually looks like could exist in real life! Now this, this is a very very, very nice addition. The current camera system (With the middle mouse button and all) is quite nice, but this will remove most of the limiting factors while making incredible screenshots. He's refering to the fact Kerbin originally came from an example in a noise map generator
  11. KSP2 has been cancelled. Now KSP4 is on the works, with 42 new types of SRBs.
  12. Biomes are included in most of the planets, with just a few having unfinished ones but working ones. Though the filesize is large, you can use it with just a very small dip in performance. Kopernicus has OnDemand loading. I haven't made a Kerbalism config as it doesn't support different sources of Solar Wind, which makes the radiation belts kinda wonky There are plans that I would love to do. But with university and the new KSP 2 announced, these might have to wait even longer.
  13. He was referencing a mod of his own based on Interstellar too, not any Kargantua continuation
  14. No es necesario traducir RestockPlus al español. Estoy trabajando en ello y sera incluido en el pull request de github del mod.
  15. Go to the releases tab on the github link, but remember the plugin isn't required unless you want to switch the home planet
  16. Some stuff could be changed to fit principia. The barycenter is an object which has mass, so you would want to remove it. The system is stable in an n-body simulation by itself, but because the star has a period longer that what it should be in the orbit it is, it might come crashing into Kerbol
  17. https://github.com/pkmniako/Other_Worlds-Reboot/releases/tag/0.5b Patch for Scatterer 0.052 and onward. Will be included by default in future versions, but will stay as patch for now for compatibility reasons
  18. Now in french, spanish and russian! Download Beta 0.5 Celestial Bodies Moved Cercani to its spot in IC Cercani is now at a distance of 3.2 ki (3.2*10^13 m) away from home Added asteroidal moon C4-1 orbiting Nienna Added asteroidal moon C4-2 orbiting Nienna Revamped Niko's map to have a better fitting look Nienna's moons' orbits have been tweaked Decreased the mass of Crons Prima and Secunda are now proper binaries Localization of planet's descriptions and names (French and Russian) Non-Scatterer atmospheric effect if only using EVE (Credits go to @JadeOfMaar) Updated Atmospheres of all the planets. Now these work with Sigma Dimensions Added Orbital Icons that were teased with the implementation of the feature Changed Cercani's Rotation period Changed Pequar's Surface Pressure to 0.2 atm Changed Disole's Surface Pressure to 1.7 atm Refined C2-1's and C3-1's color textures Gameplay Medium sized Laser Sails Laser Generator Easy to use UI Ability to slow down a sail with lasers Addition of ContractConfigurator contracts for exploration of interstellar space Ore, CRP Resources and Classic Resources Distribution on all planets Fixes Fixed Scatterer-OnDemand loading bug. Even faster loading. Fixed Non-Scatterer flare Fixed Cercani's size and mass problem Fixed strage sphere orbiting Nienna Fixed Atmospheric Rims on some of the planets Fixed weird coloring on some planets' surfaces Other French/Spanish/Russian translation of Part Descriptions/Names & Planet Descriptions/Biomes (Thanks to @Tutur and @Zarbon44 for their respective translations!) Compatibility with Interstellar Consortium Better organization of folders Fixed possible cause of incompatibility with SVE
  19. C4-2 Should be, unless scifi visuals is that type of cloud mod that deletes every other single cloud
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