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  1. I have an i7 w/16gb of ram. Very few mods installed. Stil have crashes.
  2. Agreed. You'll see a lot of dl's on curse because people will be curious. Suggestion. Get traction talking with folks here on the forum before you get too far down the rabbit hole.
  3. If you have the grabber, just latch on. Click on crew hatch of vehicle you're rescuing. Click transfer. Click your ship. Stranded Kerbal is now in your ship (as long as you had a spare seat). Return to Kerbin and recover.
  4. I use a tug to move stuff from my LKO (80km - 90 KM) station to my HKO (350 km and out) stations. 70 km seems too low for a station. One little bump and you'll be kissing atmosphere. The fuel to get from 80 km - 120 km is so little I don't use a tug. I also use a tug to take probes to from LKO station to Mun and Minmus.
  5. Looks awesome! !!! - - - Updated - - - If you purchased from the KSP site I think you can dl .90 if you felt compelled.
  6. Planes are great. I used to drop science probes from a space plane one at a time. Haven't tried dropping them from a plane. Look forward to trying that strategy.
  7. They don't even charge for them now. You just print them from their website. BAHAHAHA!!!! I always say actions speak louder than words. Boy does Squads actions speak volumes. I'm typically a very positive poster on this forum and feel bad for pointing at what I see on the surface. Half baked marketing partnerships and a rushed release. Fill in the infinite possibilities why here. Lol!
  8. Lol! The first time I played I had no idea about spacebar, T or Z. I couldn't launch until I looked up the keyboard commands. I recommend the demo to a few friends. Folks on the slower end of the curve gave up before they could figure out how to launch. System requirements should include the fact that you need < half of a brain to play. Lol!
  9. Confirmed. Had .34 on intake air at 12km. Started to descend and power came back pretty quickly. - - - Updated - - - Nice work!!!
  10. As I said, the partnerships I've seen to date seem like people were high when they made those decisions. If you take all of the posts in this thread and sum them up, people are thankful but bewildered by Squads actions. People are bewildered becauae what they're doing makes poor business sense. If they didn't need the money. A cartoon would be awesome if they could pull it off but what they've done so far is nothing close to something that big. I speculate that they were running out of money because squads actions are consistent with a company running low on money. If they don't have a ca
  11. The partnerships are indicators of lack of funds. Squad asked what we thought of paying for DLC was an indicator. So is the 3d printed rockets. If Harvester is that tired of the project he could have sold it off instead of these half baked partnerships.
  12. I think it boils down to money. Not sure what Squads checking account looked like prior to 1.0. Guessing it was getting low by the tone of some of Squads questions/announcements. IFeed money theIf they needed money, they should have come to the community and asked what we'd be willing to spend money on. Not DLC like they asked. Maybe a stand alone VAB/SPH app? I'm sure there would be no shortage of suggestions.
  13. I captured a class a that gave me so little it's not worth mentioning how much. I think it adds a fun aspect to the game but I would rather mine mun or minmus.
  14. Today I learned that MPL has changed a bit. Hooray!!!! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117461-New-Mobile-Processing-Lab-mechanics Also learned a class A asteroid has very little ore. I brought one back to fulfill a contract and was pleasantly surprised at how little fuel I got out of it. Thought it was going to make things too easy.
  15. Amazing how you can actually fly with the new aero. Actually fly a plane like a plane. - - - Updated - - - Nice!! I noticed if your rocket (no fins) is headed straight down if you aim a little to one side the prograde will follow. Helps a little with zeroing in on that perfect landing spot!
  16. I ignore the whining. Just like kids that wants a toy every trip to the store.
  17. I think my ap was 90k. JuJust went straight up. No turn.
  18. Wasn't intuitive to me. FOund it by accident. :-)
  19. The VAB and SPH get locked up when I use the MK3 cockpit. I appologize if this was already listed. Also not sure if this problem is unique to my install. If someone could verify, that would be great!
  20. I've been gaming for a long time and have learned to ignore folks with bad attitude. Most of the bad attitide posts, people don't respond to them because it encourages bad behavior. Life is full of people and the best we can all do is ignore them and take the high road. Tha majority appreciate the work that everyone has done. We're living in a society of instant gratification. Some parents just didn't teach their kids patience.. Not much you can do but ignore them. - - - Updated - - - BTW, GREAT job to everyone that worked on the project and many thanks!!!
  21. In the VAB go into the crew tab. Passengers are listed with the crew. Good luck!
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