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  1. Yes, that's it. I have switched to base just before arriving craft entered physical range and there was no explosion. Thanks for the info.
  2. Yes, that worked perfectly. Thanks for help. I didn't know that such a file exists. Are there any drawbacks of this solution ? Are these old parts just added or do they replace some of the new parts ? Something blows up my mining station. When I tried to land a ship next to my mining station, it blew up every time I reached 2,3 km range. The game lagged and when it resumed entire base was gone. Every time. Flight log said that every part of base had overheated just before explosion. Starting form core unit. The station consisted of several smaller modules and one spaceship all conn
  3. Hi, I have recently updated my KSP version to 1.05 (form 1.02), and all installed mods as well. After loading save from 1.02, I got message "part kas.pipe1 is missing" (or something like that), and my most of my ships are deleted. (also most of ma crew perishes and most of my designs). I believe that with KAS update, parts got changed ( I think that what was 1 pipe in older version, now is split in two new parts). What can I do to prevent this from happening ?
  4. I think that I found a solution or workaroudnd to this bug. 1. Set throttle to 0 2. Activate engine manually 3. Separate stage after engine is activated I tried it couple times and it worked every time. I have couple vehicles that I know for sure that they get "engine stowed thing" if I separate stages regular way and they work if I use method I have described above.
  5. I find this music perfect for this game, I have played for hundreds of hours and still cant get enough of it. And if I got cut off from KSP for couple days I start to listen to track 03
  6. What is your speed when you lose control ? And what alt ? How many reaction wheels do you have ? Also have you checked what torque do you have at each stage ?
  7. I had my tourist land their craft on they own once, due to design/pilot fault. The reentry capsule stack got broken in two due to stress and lack of struts. Luckily both parts had their chutes activated and they deployed properly. Despite no fatalities have occurred, the "fly real spaceship by yourself" option have been withdrawn from offer for untrained civilian tourists for safety reasons.
  8. I usually land almost dry, can't resist temptation of bringing some more stuff instead of securing some extra fuel reserve for safe landing.
  9. I use landing gears in almost every craft I build. During landing I have my craft stop just over surface in vertical position and then flip to the side, using vernors (with help of ant engines pointed downwards in case of most heavy crafts). This way I don't have to bother landing exactly where I aimed, I just turn in desired direction and roll towards. I use this both at Mun and Minmus, to brake more efficient I pull up and down or turn sideways if needed. Also its even easier to land at hillsides
  10. I finally have landed my well overpaid ship on Minmus mining site
  11. Those are pipes available via KAS mod : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92514-0-24-2-Kerbal-Attachment-System-%28KAS%29-0-4-8-Fixed-for-0-24-2-x86-x64-%29
  12. I have successfully brought my flag mining ship/base back into Munar orbit. After long refueling operation and minor tasks it is time to go for Minmus and after refueling there I hope to bring that whale to other planet.
  13. I don't even overwrite saves, I keep them all just in case. Hopefully I won't have to use them yet.
  14. Thanks for answer. So if I have some kerbals on eva, and I'd bring another ship and put those kerbals inside would they get cloned ? If I would dissconnect all vehicles will kerbals get cloned when entering them ? If I would transfer crew between every ship, and then disconnect them and connect again, would that fix the problem ?
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