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  1. Oh man, how to land at the same spot without engine relites...
  2. 1969 Second Half new infrastructure and a cool new landing
  3. Patch of the day AlternateApollo is a great mod, but not all is supported in RP1. Here is a better Skylab if you are running Kerbalism it will give you some comfort which seems fair since it is a lot bigger than a hitchhiker, surely there is a tredmill. And while we are at it, this adds the missing part to flesh out the tech tree after your moon landing Finally, I want to mix and match my early apollo with my late apollo. So here is a patch to allow docking them
  4. Here is an interesting crash: This only happens when I try to launch the sea dragon, yet from the code it should just pick the launch site. It works for other craft
  5. Thanks @Starhelperdude Alexander Rees is on the roster for the next flight ;-) RP1 patch of the day Pico Ports by SHED could go in the RP1 tree And in RO This will help your tiny rovers to dock
  6. RP1 patch of the day I love RP1 but the second half of the tech tree is really empty. There is some mod support but not easy to find. I find myself creating RO and RP1 configs for various mods that may help other players, thus I'll post some of these patches here in the hope that they may help someone. Kerbal Renamer - Human Stuff added European Names Technically it is not a patch but a pull request that lives in github: https://github.com/Tubbz-alt/KerbalRenamer/pull/1/files Here is what happend to GameData/KerbalRenamer/KerbalRenamer.cfg Apart from American and Russian space travelers you can now pick names from most European countries based on (1) their most popular names or (2) actual ESA astronauts.
  7. RP1 patch of the day I love RP1 but the second half of the tech tree is really empty. There is some mod support but not easy to find. I find myself creating RO and RP1 configs for various mods that may help other players, thus I'll post some of these patches here in the hope that they may help someone. KerbalFoundries - great wheels filling the advanced landing slots
  8. A Vega Block B derived vessel could launch on a 0C and resupply the station
  9. 1969 first half The first half of 1969 is marked by new launcher development. This has slowed production considerably and we will need another few moon landings to have the funds to speed up again. Science is increasing due to some great missions this year. Following the moon landing the head of the space agency announces an ambition to put boots on mars within the decade.
  10. Some more tinkering, I know these formulas are not very precise. But based on auronautix numbers I cant see how this should work. With 7400 m/s yes, but close to 9,400 only if we forget the payload. Everything is in tons. It would be a payload fraction of 2,53 which feels a bit high for steel tanks and unsophisticated engines.
  11. I still struggle to get this right: The volume aligns sort of, but when made of steel it just doesn't hold the delta v. I've added a 500t payload and played with ro tanks to get an idea of the settings. Grateful for any help on this.
  12. 1968 second half
  13. Hi, is it possible to a "bulk" delete? in RO we have a whole category of unsupported parts and it is really taking up a lot of memory. However clicking on them one by one seems like a lot of work I did see an import/export function, perhaps a script is possible
  14. Alright, so the parts are in research so I can at least see them in the VAB. 7,200,000 funds seems excessive indeed. I see some more problems: - no avionics (5000000t needed) - tank pressure - deltav is too low (3200 with a 100t payload - it explodes on the pad I'll continue the investigation, if someone has working configs I would be grateful1
  15. 1968 second quarter The time has come that we can try for that most important of mission, perhaps not with that hardware we wanted, but it can be done and we will do so.
  16. 1968 First Quarter I noticed there were already a lot of screen shots and since some of them were really exciting I decided to do an early report:
  17. Here is a bit more: https://www.quora.com/How-much-would-it-cost-to-develop-and-build-the-Sea-Dragon-rocket-today And this: http://neverworld.net/truax/Sea_Dragon_Concept_Volume_1.pdf
  18. Thanks! I changed them to default. As for the price. The cost multipliers were technical debt ;-) as I had not unlocked it yet, I hadn't noticed. So I did some deep research (well, I entered "seadragon+cost in google) I noticed that astonautix puts it at: "LEO Payload: 450,000 kg (990,000 lb) to a 185 km orbit at 90.00 degrees. Launch Price $: 300.000 million in 1962 dollars." Should I read that as 300 billion? And: "Costs to low earth orbit were estimated to be between $60/kg and $600/kg - eg one fourth that of the Saturn V or less." Which would be about 300 million? You would want to get it on par with the 400k you mentioned, does that make sense?
  19. Ah thanks! I can see them in the tree, but haven't unlocked them yet. I made them balloon because the cfg spoke of LH2 and LOX, I assumed they were balloon, but switching it to default should make it a normal tank. Also, I've not set the engines to pressure fed. What would be "realistic" settings for those engines anyway? I presume it were simple pressure fed engines indeed?
  20. Thanks for trying. I think I may have picked the dev version from Alternate Apollo too, since it included the lab. Here is the folder: https://we.tl/t-x5o24TcS1T There is a bit of magic in the patches folder too: https://we.tl/t-ZErkuKrn3r I dont think you need it but still
  21. Here you go: https://we.tl/t-MOqBsfRy1q I've included a script that should reproduce my mods using CKAN and github links. Apart from the latest update to RP1 master it should be complete
  22. Hi, Sorry if I didn't explain myself clearly, perhaps this helps: For my next mision I want Chloe who is trained And Valentina And Alexander When I press launch it selects another crew (They are trained as well but I don't want these) so i press clear and then "add" Where did they go? now no-one is qualified anymore.... I did update to the current dev branch and the problem persists. I also looked at the code but its kind of hard to follow. What I can see it that is works for the first kerbals that have a matching flight roster, but i cant find how the second screen is populated. Editing the savefile and moving the desired kerbals to the top of the roster is a work around... I have a save file, the logfile has no entries that will help. I can also log an issue if that helps.
  23. Sure, this is the list: I use this script to create a fresh install: 1967 second half This year would see its fair share of failure and setbacks, however we are hopeful for the next year when the mature versions of the Vega class will dominate the launches. We are also starting to train crew for a new capsule, but it will take them 300 days in class...
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