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  1. Part 7: Onwards and Upwards Where we build a network of science siphoning satellites around the moon and our astronauts finally see action.
  2. I can't believe I never saw this before, downloading as we speak. Looks awesome
  3. Part 6: successful orbits, one far, one closer to home That brings us to 21 launches. Will we get the first human in orbit before the 25th?
  4. Part 5: In the satellite business Grinding my way through the satellite contracts we make some great strides forward. With the upgraded VAB we are finally significantly faster in churning our rockets. Next up is Luna 6C where the C stands for "Circulum". It looks okay in the tests, lets see what it brings. At the very least we should see the first launch of the Aries E class
  5. Really cool. I was planning on using Raidernicks Soyuz for the early game, but can upgrade to TMA later.
  6. Perhaps its my setup (RSS/RO/RP-1) that is messing with the projectmanager but my vessels are not getting renamed. I can see the data in the persist file, just the names don't change
  7. Part 4: beep beep can you hear me? of course not, my antenna level is 1! Safe return, no science.
  8. Hi, thats pretty cool! So, forking it under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license would be okay? You'd still be attributed but materials can be freely copied and adapted.
  9. What I did is put a decoupler between the lv avionics and the payload. It will suck the battery dry in a couple of hours but that is enough to use rcs to trim the orbit, then dump it and the rcs leaving the science node in orbit. use a decoupler set to zero impulse or it still gets messed up
  10. @Carnasa's videos have been a great help. I had to slow some down to 1/8th to dissect his build process. Manned flight has been delayed in favor of moon impacters (I need the cash) To the Moon! for Science, all of mankind, and boatloads of money Running low on cash I picked up another moon contract, and delaying the manned flights we try to keep our astronauts happy with another flight.
  11. I fixed the Mir stuff a long time ago, but was unable to release it due to the license. If you have Bobcats permission you could pull in the patches. (though I may need to go through them again...)
  12. 1960 I lost a lot of time figuring things out. Catching up though. Already running sims on Mercury capsule, though I need at least another year of research to unlock it.
  13. Part III: Product Line Launchers After the discovery of balloon tanks we came up with Aries-0C, less than half the weight and 30% more payload. Expected to lift 300-350kg to orbit under 60t. Hurray!
  14. Round 2: Orbital After reaching orbit the next objective is a reliable launcher. Which means controlled delivery of a payload in orbit.
  15. Here's a graphical recording of my first RSS/RO/RP-1 play through, mainly as a record of my mistakes so I won't repeat them. Phase one: "I love the smell of RP-1 in the morning" Early sounding rockets. The Stratos Series was initially launched from Lelystad, the Netherlands until I discovered that it has no radio coverage. At Madrid it worked a bit better but only from 3km up. I decided to start over in Kourou.
  16. Hi, running on 1.8.1 with RSS/RO and getting ghost ships. Haven't confirmed that KSTS is the culprit, but will investigate
  17. Looks neat! can we also get a mac version or is this Windows only?
  18. Hmm, Kerbalism does not like it when my people take their helmet off on the runway. Perhaps I did something wrong installing?
  19. I love this mod. Recently started playing RSS/RO/RP1 but my people can't live on their home planet without their helmet due to lack of oxygen. That can't be right ;-)
  20. This looks nice! RP-1 uses the materials bay as a photocam, perhaps I can write a patch that uses this model
  21. Ah thanks! yes that was it. It means I should either write more condensed or write a "compiler" that simplifies the script
  22. I am having some problems with COPYPATH. Is there a way to debug this? SET startupScript TO SHIP:NAME + ".ks". SET remoteCopy TO "0:/" + startupScript. SET localCopy TO "1:/" + startupScript. COPYPATH (remoteCopy, localCopy). RUNPATH (localCopy). As you can see I have a file "Hammer-D0-06.ks" on volume 0 that i want to copy to volume 1. The command does not result in an error, but no file gets copied. I've also checked the logfile and can't find a clue. Any idea? I am on KOS
  23. Oh yes, that works! Bummer that I lost the delta-v stuff, but I'll see if I can port that through kerboscript. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!
  24. Hi. can i find the old docs somewhere? i am on ro/rss and using an older version of kos, lacking deltav info i discovered
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