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  1. Wow. I found an update that actually corresponds to the most recent version! IT'S A MIRACLE!
  2. may be wrong, but is there a Futurama reference in the OP thread?
  3. I see you like Space.

    But there can only be one space core.


    1. The Space Core

      The Space Core

      I was here first you heretic!

  4. Well I'm not giving up Diverse Kerbal Heads,so I'll just deal with it.
  5. I don't use ATM,but I'm getting the black square glitch...
  6. In the beginning of space exploration,there were two superpowers.The Kerbal States of Amerika and The Koviet Union battled for control of the cosmos with their programs KASA-Kerbal Aeronautics and Space Administration,and Galactech.Here is their story... This is a small story I cooked up after having fun with many,MANY mods.It will become image heavy in the future.For now,it isn't. INTRO Jeb:WHEEEEEEEE BOOM! Wherner:And....zat's the fifth time zis veek. Gene:Jeb...... Jeb:My head...LET"S DO IT AGAIN! Bob:You're such an idiot... Gene:So,fifth test of RT-5 strapped to a capsule is a fail...alright Jeb,hit the showers. Bill:Why did we hire him in the first place? Jeb:Hey!You two came with me! Bob:Because we wanted to prevent the death of millions,and the possibility that you would fire twenty SRBs at Kussia.We want to stay in good standings with them. Gene:Speak of the devil.We're getting a call. Admin:Hello Gene. Gene:Admin.Calling to surrender in the space race? Admin:No.I just wanted to say we landed a probe on the Mun yesterday. Gene:So,it finally happened... click! Gene:Men,we have a new objective! Jeb,Bill,and Bob:Hm? Gene:The Koviets have landed their Muna 9 landed.Our race has officially begun!
  7. For the most part,yes.I seem to have a bug where most of the cockpits are solid black without texture though.Some other texture glitches are there too,some parts are missing description,etc.
  8. I'm hoping this gets fixed soon so I can get 1.0.2...
  9. Wow,nice!Once I can get things done(Update is being pushed back)this will be ready for 1.0!
  10. Um,no matter what I try,when I try to make a server,my computer rejects log in access...
  11. As in the .9 patch on Windows 8.1.And I do install it correctly.It started doing this randomly,with every piece of info becoming Not a Number.
  12. Um,I have the 0.90 version,and I'm getting a bug.Specifically,NaN everywhere.Every variable,the resources,the crew roster,the navigation,etc.Help?