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  1. Hi all! I'm experiencing the same thing happened to Tg626. When I attach something to a vassel via KIS: 1-everything explodes and/or 2-the game crashs. Is a known bug? there is something that I can do myself before the new release? Thank you!
  2. Carlo


    Grazie mille! molto chiaro, sono riuscito a usare il programma alla perfezione. A questo punto l'unico vero impiccio è il fatto che KSP non ti permetta di visualizzare i nodi oltre un tot di cambiamenti di SOI, rendendo i fly-by multipli molto molto difficili da eseguire, anche avendo giàdelle date pronte T_T
  3. it's not a bug. Now there are parts called "avionics control" (in the pods page). They allow you to control a certain weight, and they cumulate their power with each other. So if u have a 900 tons craft, you will need 3 big(early) avionics controllers to be able to control it. If u don't put them in your craft (or if their cumulative power is under the actual weight of your craft) your ship will not be controllable. Sorry for my english, I hope you understood.
  4. Hi all! I'm having quite a lot of troubles in the first part of the carrier, the turbojet engines that I have to use just blow up everything they are attached to, and there are no radiators et similia to use, to keep everything cool. It is supposed to be so? is a bug? I have done something wrong? THank you!
  5. Hi all, the dark side of the planets is pitch black, and the illuminated side is too bright, i tried a mod that change the luminosity, but it seems to work only on the illuminated side of the planets. There is a way that you guys know to fix this? I also would like to eliminate the city texture on the ground (I already deleted the lights), and the first clouds layer (it appears to be very buggy and memory using), is this possible? Thank you! edit: oh and the Sun appears very very big, covering half of my view if i have it on the screen, even in map mode, any fix for that?
  6. Hi all! Is possible ATM to download this mod? if yes, where do I get this? TY! EDIT: found^^
  7. Sorry for my poor english ^^ I did not explain myself clearly, it is not an actual physical wall, I tried multiple times with different approaches to dive deeper than 500km, and at that altitude "limit" my probes just explode. It can be a bug possibly related with a lot of different things, or it can be somekind of "wall" intended to be there to stop people from diving deeper.
  8. hi all! I'm having this problem: when i open the action groups page and try to modify the parameters for the chutes all goess fine, but when i push the buttons for the planets (duna, eve etc) what happens is that the dedicated window just become unintellegible, all the text run out of the window and the only thing that i can read is the total mass and total case part costs. I'm using RSS-RO, maybe is some other mod that is conflicting? Thank you for your efforts here!
  9. Carlo


    Grazie mille delle dritte! ma i valori per search period e earliest search date da cosa li deduci? a cosa corrispondono? pensavo fossero rispettivamente la prima data impostata per la ricerca e la durata della ricerca stessa espressa in giorni, non è così?
  10. Ok, Ty! I'll try that .dll right now with the original Rss.cfg (i have a backup copy since I'm not a programmer and I don't thrust my abilities in modding ^^) P.S. on the Venus-Jupiter difference, i didn't knew that Jupiter's atmosphere was so light on the upper levels, seen that, your curve make much more sense. P.S.2 i found somekind of "wall" standing at about 500km from the "surface" of Jupiter (any ship that can get there just explode, even if the temperatures and the pressure are not that high), is this intended to prevent people from diving to deep? it is intended in general?
  11. I started putting "strage datas" because my probes were exploding, they started exploding before i had ever touched them. I may be wrong, but the values for Venus's atmosphere are much higher then the jupiter's ones, i think this is not very plausible in RL (but I'm absolutly not a scientist, i could perfectly be wrong)
  12. I changed a few things in the .cfg file for Jupiter and his moons, I lowered a bit the temperature indicated for the highest part of the atmosphere (ok, could be radio-action, but not to 800-900 degrees) and I changed drastically the datas for the atmospheric pressure (I think they are just wrong, Jupiter low atmosphere can't have a lower pressure than the one of Venus). Now it seems possible to dive into Jupiter's atmosphere for something like 300 km before beeing crushed. Other than this i noticed that Jupiter is not reconnaised as a Gas Giant in the .cfg files, there is a specific file into
  13. It s possible to aerobrake on a Gas-Giant? I'm trying to orbitate Jupiter and I need an aerobrake (12km/s Dv needed to circularize). The problem is that all my probes just explode as they enter Jupiter's atmosphere (800km circa), because of the extreme high temperatures (those probes segnalate "ambient temperature" over 900 degrees). Do I have to aerobrake on one of the moons? wich one is the best? Or there is a way to aerobrake on the Giant himself? Ty! EDIT: is a bug maybe? or just my install bugged?
  14. I tried with exagerated numbers also, but nothing, it seems to find only flybys for venus as the 1st encounter, if i choose any other celestial body, or a 3rd encounter, it shows no results
  15. Man! I feel that your tool is amazing, and could be resolutive for my problem! But even reading the instruction I'm not able to use it LOL (yes i feel very dumb for this) PS. it seems that the neptune patch do not work neither (no new planets, and event he textures for old ones get busted)
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