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  1. Downloaded the mod files again today, deleted every file that also was contained in the zip folder (ofcourse from my GameData folder) and installed the mod files from the zip again. So no old files.
  2. Hi, I have searched through this thread but haven't seemed to find a fix for my issue. I have been using KAS for what seems like forever, but with the update to .90 the KAS inventory gui won't show up in VAB or SPH. I get the button to edit container, but when i press it nothing happens. I can after launch take KAS items and store them/bring them out using a kerbal to EVA and place them in the container. But I have lost the ability to preload items. Im waiting for KIS as many others, but this KAS problem for me is getting on my nerves. I have tried deleting all KAS mod directories and installi
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