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  1. You sir are a saint. I had stopped playing because I was worried about the load on my computer. Without this my load was about 45 to 50% which doesn't sound like much but i'm over clocked to 4.7GHz on a 4970k and the load drove my temps up to 70-75c on a swifttech H240X cooler(water cooled) while in the editor. Before fix KSC: 5-8% 35-40c VAB :45-50% 60-70C After fix KSC: 5-7% 34c VAB : 11-12% 35-40C
  2. I've got a H240X liquid cooler, in a H440, 3 120mm fans in and 1 140mm out for static case flow plus the 2 140s on the cooler it's fine in anything from GTAV to rendering system idles at 28c. The temps are not dangerous, I just find it odd that the editor would put that much load on the CPU. I just never noticed it before 1.1
  3. Same issue here, now and before the patch, it's not the usage that concerns me (its only 45-50% in the editor for me on a 4970k) it's the heat that's being generated while under a relatively low load.
  4. I played around in sandbox, checked out some mods (SSTULabs), and birthed this Saturn V-Soyuz style mega rocket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tepLxUVyBL4
  5. Thanks, so upon examining the config files I see that LH and LHO are already included as resources , the fuel tanks were just not mapped to those resources(if thats the proper terminology) And also in the FuelTypes config, LH and LHO were preceded with forwarded slashes on each line, I know little about code so I can only presume that was to keep it hidden from the selection options. Then of course there is the problem of balancing everything to work with Nertea cryo engines (so now I have not understanding C# and not being a rocket scientist working against me)I know LH2 is more effici
  6. I'v become a fan of the Cryogenic engine mod, any plans to support real fuels or Interstellar Fuel Switch?
  7. My humble opinion is that both the vector and the mammoth are overpowered,not game play wise , but in relation to their real life counter part. On shuttle and SLS the SRBs provide the majority of the thrust at sea level in KSP this seems to be the opposite, the SRBs in ksp are pretty underpowered in relation to the core stage mammoth or SSMEs.
  8. in sandbox I built a small station then sent some crew to it. A minor mishap with debris took out one of my solar arrays. screenshot1 Docked
  9. I got a pretty good long exposure shot of it from my back yard. Gotta love living on the space coast.
  10. Yeah I was lucky enough to get into the world of EMI/EMC (electromagnetic interference/compliance) testing a few years ago. the new ESC contracted needed techs for the EMI lab, and an engineer I worked with previously was nice enough to recommend me after she got hired on. So far other than the work environment its been kinda boring. I'v only worked on 3 payloads in the year, the rest are just various sensors for ground systems, but since the lab also does RF monitoring for the site I get accesses to all the pads and the roof of the VAB because we have equipment we have to maintain up ther
  11. old setup dell inspiron 560s with a gtx750ti and q8400 cor 2 quad core. new setup CPU: i7 4790k 4.7G OC (swiftech H240X cooler) GPU: gigabyte nvidia GTX 750ti (1300MHz oc) RAM: 8GB Hyperx savage SSD: corsair force GS 120 (os) and 240GB HDD: NA for now MB: gigabyte z97-UDH5-BK OS: Windows 8.1
  12. Hello all, I' been playing and lurking the forums for about a year now, thought id introduce myself. I actually started playing because a career change that lead to me getting a job at KSC re-sparked my interest in this sort of thing.
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