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  1. Can confirm it works. Just tested it. Unfortunately I'm in the forums because scatterer doesn't
  2. Ah fair enough, I'll try both of those options, thanks!
  3. Sorry, here is the error that blender is giving me. This is when I try to tick the box to activate the add-on from the user preferences window. I haven't yet tried any fixes for this, since I haven't been able to install it, and I can't find instances of people getting that same error. For @Dasoccerguy 's script, this is what I get. In that case it's letting me activate the add-on, so I get this error when I click import This is the fix I tried, but didn't work (getting the same error):
  4. Ok, so a few weeks ago I made a thread asking for help with 3D printing craft, since Eucl3D is sadly gone. People suggested I use @taniwha 's blender .craft importer. UNfortunately, Blender is giving me errors when I try to install it and I can't seem to find a fix either in the forums or Reddit. I also tried with @Dasoccerguy 's add-on, which I can actually install, but it gives me errors whenever I try to actually import a craft. I found one potential fix, but it didn't do anything (I have also tried with older versions of craft files and the same thing happens). I'm very committed to doing this, basically because I had a 3D print which was very dear to me and it got stolen. Given my recent failures--and I hope this isn't against forum rules--I'm willing to pay anyone who can just give me a blender, obj, or stl file of my craft. Can't promise it will be much, since I also need to order the print, which mean additional spending, but hey, it's something. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help!
  5. So I used the Eucl3D 3D printing service twice. I loved it, it was truly great. Unfortunately the company went broke and they no longer offer the service. One of my two models got stolen (long story), and I'd love to replace it. My intention is to use a service like shapeways or similar, but I can't figure out how to create a 3D file from a craft, I can't get blender plugins to work. Anyone know anything I could do, or better yet, help if you can get the plugins working? Thanks! any help much appreciated
  6. Kottabos review for one of the earlier versions
  7. After literal years of not updating because it seemed compatible with every next version, here is a new update for Mk3 Hypersonic Systems. No new parts, just recompiled shaders, since the new versions of KSP don't like the older ones. As the name implies, this mod is geared toward expading the possibilities for making sleeker spaceplanes using the Mk3 fuselage system DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK DOWNLOAD FROM CURSE
  8. Thanks! Turns out that wasn't just something to note, that actually completely fixed the issue
  9. I stopped working on my mods for some time, however I want to update them for 1.8. Thankfully the parts work just fine in terms of functionality, the problem is that the textures now look very strange. It looks as if half of one part has one shader while the other half has a different one. This doesn't happen with all parts, so I'm at a loss about what might be going on here. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Below are some images of the weird looking textures Strange dividing line: Another strange dividing line: Normal looking one, for comparison:
  10. That's actually not the worst idea. I'm in grad school now, so I have very little time, but I too find the lack of practical VTOL dedicated parts disturbing
  11. Oh, I get those messages all the time from several mods, just because the stated version in the .cgf files or in spacedock/CKAN is a different one, but they work anyway. Would you mind checking if you can use the parts or there's something else other than the message? I'd greatly appreciate that
  12. Hmmm interesting, I'll work on it. What was the issue, so I know what I'm working with here. Were the parts not appearing, crashes, error messages?
  13. Have you tried it and it doesn't work? I haven't tried it on 1.3.1, since I'm still using 1.3.0, but there's basically just .mu files, so I thought it might work anyway
  14. What's happening exactly? At what time does the plane blow up?
  15. Put together this video experimenting with Camera Tools. I'm quite happy with the result, although it has a few weird glitches here and there
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