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  1. That's actually not the worst idea. I'm in grad school now, so I have very little time, but I too find the lack of practical VTOL dedicated parts disturbing
  2. Oh, I get those messages all the time from several mods, just because the stated version in the .cgf files or in spacedock/CKAN is a different one, but they work anyway. Would you mind checking if you can use the parts or there's something else other than the message? I'd greatly appreciate that
  3. Hmmm interesting, I'll work on it. What was the issue, so I know what I'm working with here. Were the parts not appearing, crashes, error messages?
  4. Have you tried it and it doesn't work? I haven't tried it on 1.3.1, since I'm still using 1.3.0, but there's basically just .mu files, so I thought it might work anyway
  5. What's happening exactly? At what time does the plane blow up?
  6. Put together this video experimenting with Camera Tools. I'm quite happy with the result, although it has a few weird glitches here and there
  7. I've been working on this mod which is basically just cockpits. I've been trying to add IVAs, which I've done for another mod, but since unity and/or PartTools updated, I'm unable to get the exported .mu files to work properly. KSP won't recognise them, and even though Unity reads the internal configs, I always get an error message saying "cannot create space" whenever I try to spawn the IVA model to add props. I've tried everything I can possibly think of with no luck whatsoever, so I have decided to look for help. If anyone would be willing to work with me on this, please message me or reply to this topic, you'd obviously be credited as a co-author. I already have the basic IVA models in blender which might be helpful, but you can change them if you want. I only have very few specific things I'd like. Thanks in advance!
  8. UPDATE: Textures and shaders have been re-made for better-looking glass. Also, please someone help with IVAs, I don't even understand what's wrong with my unity exports
  9. I'm certain there are none... I have a dedicated modding copy of KSP to use with unity where I only have the squad folder and two of my mods, and I doubt there are empty cfgs inside squad. But I actually can spawn the IVA from my other mods... when I try to spawn the IVAs for this one out gives me a "Cannot create space" error, and when I try to spawn the stock ones, unity crashes
  10. It's true, and that's actually what I did in the original version of this mod. My issue right now is that I can't do anything to fix the internal geometry. There must vivre something that's not working with the import out export scripts in unity or parttools, because, even though unity reads the internal config it can't spawn the actual mesh so I can't populate it with props and I couldn't use any pre-existing internal and adapt it for the same reason. I can't actually import any of the stock IVAs, unity just crashes, the only IVA I can't currently import for some reason is one I made a while ago for a Mk3 mod
  11. I remade my inline cockpits mod. Some of the cockpits have been completely remade from scratch, but all haven been retextured and the shaders have been recompiled. The new shaders are meant to emulate the metallic coating that gives an orange/gold tint to some fighter cockpits like the F-22 or the EA-6B Prowler. So, while the glass is actually blue, you'll see nice shades of orange/gold when iluminated. I doubt the external view will change, but I'm having a hell of a lot of trouble with the IVAs in unity, which are not even importing correctly for some reason I can't determine. So IVAs will be added hopefully in the near future, but since I'm kind of stuck for now, I'm releasing it as it is now into the wild. However, I'm open to new part suggestions as long as they fit with the general purpose of the mod. That being said, I'm on the verge of giving up on the IVAs, so anyone who's open to doing them, be my guest. I have some base models for them, they just won't load properly in unity. The parts contained in the mod are what you see in the gif below. They're meant to be generic (duh) enough to be useful for a wide variety of purposes. Have fun! DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK
  12. I'm trying to create an IVA view for a cockpit. I have already created the .mu file, the texture, and the internal.cgf. At this moment, the internal.cfg, only has the lines to bring up the .mu mesh, onto which I would spawn the props and then write onto the .cgf, so my cfg currently looks like this: INTERNAL { name = Mk2ShortIVA MODEL { model = GenericInlineCockpits/Spaces/Mk2Short/Mk2ShortIVA } } Every time I click on the "Spawn" button, I get an error that says "Cannot create space". I have made IVAs in the past and I don't remember having this issue. For context and clarification: - I've tried using the old and new version of PartTools and I get the same results - If I try to spawn other IVA models, like the stock ones, it doesn't work either, but instead of giving me an error message, Unity freezes and sometimes all of Windows freezes. - I've tried adding .mu to the model line in the cfg, and also putting the files into different folder structures (I know this probably doesn't make much sense, but at this point I'm trying to change any little detail to see if it makes a difference) Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Ah thanks a lot! that's exactly what I needed! So just one more question. When I export the part as a .mu and then paste it in the respective gamedata subfolder, will I need two separate texture files or will it work with just one as usual?
  14. I'm trying to get the canopy of a cockpit to have a specular shader, but having the rest of the model keep its normal bumped shader. This has to be possible because that's how stock cockpits are without windowshine or any visual add-ons. I already tried exporting the canopy as a separate mesh into Unity, but for some reason Unity doesn't let me add a diferent kind of shader to the two separate meshes. Does anyone have any guidance on this?
  15. In all likelihood it will work with 1.2.x and even 1.1.x. I built it using the same parttools plugin I've used since I began modding more than a year ago, so I imagine you'll have no issues