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  1. I finished LKO construction of my first ever Dres mission. This will be an unmanned mission. Construction was a four step process: 1. Launch the core, including the two lander probes. 2. Launch and dock the Nuclear Tug 1 3. Launch and dock the Nuclear Tug 2 4. Refuel mission to fill all tanks. The core includes an orbital science package and will remain in Dres orbit. The two lander probes each have approximately 660m/s of DV and have been successfully test landed on the Mun. I'm *hoping* I'll get a biome hop out of each probe as the Dres landing DV requirement is slightly lower than the Mun. This would be a bonus though. The two tugs will also remain in Dres orbit until I have unlocked IRSU technology. At that point I'll send a new mission with new science landers/satellites and a ISRU/refinery/refueller and use that as a stepping stone to Jool. I expect that I'll do that next phase as a manned mission (and return the Kerbals to Kerbin at the same time as I depart the main ship to Jool.) Waiting for a nice transfer window now. Thanks to those who helped with the planning of this mission in my earlier thread. Edit: I forgot to mention that this is also my first ever "constructed in LKO" ship. I've done docking before, but never assembled a ship like this.
  2. It's an American tyre, just don't ask me Y....
  3. I tend to launch one big rocket. But am trying to use SSTO's more and am probably going to do a 3 part assemble in orbit for my upcoming Dres mission.
  4. Fins + earlier, but slower pitching. If your rocket is stable enough (ideally), you should be able to launch, get a bit of speed (50-100m/s as others have said) pitch over 5 degrees, wait a second or three to stabilize then turn off SAS and let gravity and drag turn you over. Use the throttle to keep under 300m/s below 5km and then to control your AP.
  5. Bookmarked. It's about time I try to learn how to use this transfer window thing. As for the Duna thing, I had a look and found the thread you talk about, but that sounds tricky. I might go direct for my first attempt to keep it simpler. Thanks, that gives me confidence in that I'll be able to pull this off. I'm going to take my old Mun lander, bolt on the new science things I have and do an Apollo style CM/LM thing I think. If I do a crew-supply using a SSTO spaceplane I won't even need heatshields and chutes. (To coin a phrase, Warzouz - I am smart - most helpful thread, thanks) I might install KER, so I can compare DV's.
  6. Hello, I've reached a bit of a plateau in my career game again. I've unlocked about half of the 550 science nodes. Recently replaced my LKO space station and that's got a nice supply of fuel (and a mobile lab) waiting. Previously I've done a manned landing on Duna and return. I've also sent some one way probes to Eve/Gilly and Ike. I've a 0.9 save, I've been to Jool and some of it's moons, but am waiting for a few more unlocks for the resource mining before trying that this time as I'm now using TAC-LS. I've never been to Moho or Dres and so I thought I'd try one of those. On impulse and thinking "hmm it'll be like Duna but a little bit more fuel and no Atmosphere to slow me down", I've decided to try a manned mission to Dres. I was wondering how much longer a round trip to Dres is compared to Duna? (as I use TAC-LS, so time is a factor). Also, how much more fuel/ DeltaV is required compared to Duna? Any other tips for a manned mission to Dres is highly welcomed. Thanks, - Ceq.
  7. Hello, A little while back I saw a mod for showing you when you was in a situation where you could harvest new science. A on-the-fly "hey you can gather science now". Having started a new science game (with TAC and high re-entry heat to try something new from my 100% un-modded normal career mode) this would be really useful. I cannot remember what it was called though. Names or links greatly appreciated. Thanks, - Ceq.
  8. Here's my ship, "The Lead Balloon Project": Full album: https://imgur.com/a/Eviei 100% stock, requested achievements: 1. Advanced pilot precision award 2. Utilitarial Commendation I'll be taking the ship up again some time soon to do a orbital dock since there was some spare fuel and plenty of RCS mono-propellant leftover. This was my first challenge attempt and it's taken me some time. Credit to many others in this thread for ideas and tips which have been invaluable. I did take screenshots inside the SPH showing stats if people are interested. I also did get full funds back, and Lemwell was promoted to level 2 but I didn't remember to take screenshots of the recovery pages.
  9. Thanks all for the tips and suggestions. I do now. I've never done a docking before - off to the in game tutorial I think before attempting on my career. Yes I just needed room for 5 for the mission objective. In hindsight It's probably better to have used a second 2 seat command pod for weight, but I think the two lab's looked cooler at the time. One final thing of note, the station's orbit around Minmus is at almost 45 degrees - it is mostly circular though. For future usability if I went with keeping it there (and for docking?) I think i'll move it to an equatorial orbit.
  10. Hello fellow Kerbals! I'm doing the career mode and have just managed to unlock the R&D upgrade. During an earlier mission, I had to launch a Minmus orbital station. I achieved this, but now have 5 rookie Kerbals just hanging out. There's quite a bit of fuel left and I'm pretty sure I could return to Kerbal (or at least get it to a parking orbit). However, it's reasonably large (2x mobile labs), and has no chutes attached. It does however have a docking port. Can scientists inside mobile labs EVA? Idea 1: Return the station to kerbal orbit, fly a ship with a docking port which has several parachutes attached and dock. use the station to decay the orbit, switch to the ship mid-way down and active chutes. Idea 2: Fly up to Minmus, EVA all kerbals into docked transport ship and return leaving the station around Minmus with it's fuel and labs for later missions to Minmus. Thoughts/other ideas welcomed.
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