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  1. Banned for having a shorter sentence
  2. Banned for discontinuation until 1.0
  3. The last few posters are banned because the correct way to spell it would be "Crisy" not "Cracy"
  4. Banned for putting a period at the end of France
  5. 0/10 I'm sorry I don't, however seeing as you live in Gallifrey I want to ask how that pocket universe is doing.
  6. 11/10 I've seen you in all the places, friend ^^
  7. 10/10 I've seen you alot friend ^^
  8. 0/10 Haven't seen you around, good to meet you though ^^
  9. I use the euros for stocks on Google The next poster gets these stocks
  10. I add medium-sized, multi-axis vernier engines for better stability
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