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  1. I don't get any of the new parts when I install it, just all the old stuff.
  2. I just posted a couple images there and will continue to do so... if I have anything worth posting that is.
  3. Sparrow class light exploration cruiser. Carries a scientific lander which is capable of Kerbin reentry and landing. Driven by Open cycle Gas Core reactor and Thermal nozzle. Kestral class medium exploration cruiser. Carries a skycrane lander and 4 scientific packages. Allows 4 bodies/biomes to be explored with all materials returned. Scientific packages and lander are capable of Kerbin reentry and landing. Driven by Open Cycle Gas core reactor and thermal nozzle.
  4. I've been trying this over and over and it just does nothing. Can anyone help? I can not get either type of ISRU to reprocess nuclear fuel to remove actinides. Nothing happens at all. I've asked this a few times and never got a response. If it doesn't work, someone please let me know that.
  5. For the life of me, I can't get nuclear fuel reprocessing to work. It just says "no target". I was trying to do it on the same reactor that powers the ISRU. Can anyone help?
  6. FreeThinker, do you maintain any kind of gallery for showcasing designs made utilizing Interstellar Extended?
  7. Oh ok. Thanks for letting me know. I have another question which arose while testing the craft on a trip to Dres. I'm a little unclear on the core temperature and Thermal P mechanics for the open cycle gas core. I understand that it drops in a gravity well and under acceleration and I did notice a slow steady drop while the thermal nozzle was running. I expected that but I shut down the reactor to save on nuclear fuel for the long transit and when I restarted it a couple days before Dres, the thermal P was really low. Instead of .75 (as it was at the beginning of the trip), it was listed as something like .21 out of .23 with really low thrust and never improved. I wasn't in a gravity well. What could cause that?
  8. I've encountered an odd behaviour which may be a bug using the open cycle gas core reactor with a thermal nozzle. I designed a vessel using this in sandbox before I had the requisite technology in my career game. In sandbox I had the maximum upgraded version of course. In my career game I have finally unlocked all required technologies including experimental rocketry and fusion rocketry for the reactor upgrades but in career, the same craft still has significantly less DV. It never improved with upgraded tech. It's not an existing craft. These are values in the VAB, verified by launching. It's the same craft file with the same amount and type of all resources. I've even removed the reactor in the vab and replaced with a new one in case it was an update problem with an existing part but that wasn't the case. I'm just not getting upgraded reactor values in career. Here is the vessel in Sandbox mode with maximum upgrade. Here is the same craft file pasted into the career game followed by a screenshot of the techtree for that career. It should be fully upgraded according to the information here.
  9. Ok I was just wondering since the thrust values weren't listed in the chart and this reactor behaved quite a bit differently with a thermal nozzle the last time I had tried an earlier version of the mod. I hit a sweet spot with this. The thrust is fine since I manged to design a small light interplanetary vessel using this. Only 55 tons (including lander) and gets over 23k DV.
  10. I was testing the new version using an upgraded 2.5m gas core reactor with a thermal nozzle using hydrazine and liquid fuel. In both cases there was really high isp but quite a low thrust. I think around 135 kn for the liquid fuel and a little higher for the hydrazine. Is it supposed to be that low now?
  11. Thanks! It seems to work perfectly! - - - Updated - - - I just want all of you to know, FreeThinker, ABZB and Trollception that you're all great. I didn't expect to get this much help this fast.
  12. Thanks ABZB! This will help quite a bit but I'm stumped as to why my previous interstellar build (on KSP 1.02) allowed all tanks to work with IFS and not now in the new build (All versions KSP, Interstellar, IFS up to date). I need to find a way to get that functionality back as among my designs I'm pretty much using all tank types. - - - Updated - - - It allowed me to make really neat things like this: A nuclear, hydrazine fueled ship and lander for a mission to Moho.
  13. I'll see what I can find out. I've spent the last couple hrs going through part configs trying to figure out what the difference may be. Do you have future plane to allow interstellar fuels in stock parts? It would be a shame if not. It's a great mod and being limited to only a few tanks would greatly reduce design choices and the effectiveness of the mod as a whole.
  14. What information from me would help? A craft file where stock tanks contain Hydrazine? Something else? I don't really understand the config files.