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  1. Here are some images with the updated booster assembly
  2. You are absolutely correct the download doesnt work for some reason https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kc3viono5g2sjq/Space Shuttle 2.craft?dl=0 here is a working version, with an updated, closer to scale booster.
  3. Sometimes looking good is more important than looking where you're going. This space shuttle allows you to do just that. Its not the most functional - but then again the space shuttle never was. This space barge can be downloaded here ------> https://www.dropbox.com/s/1kc3viono5g2sjq/Space Shuttle 2.craft?dl=0. This shuttle is capable of taking a full orange tank to orbit with about 1000m/s delta-v to spare. Features a full RCS system and many parts.
  4. space shuttle reentry on Duna station departure
  5. I have no idea how to make a gif so just image the two circles at the ends spinning I have learned how to make gifs! Imagine no longer, the wonders of assorted time warp capable rotating elements!
  6. Guys I really appreciate all of this, and the process with this craft has given me new perspective on this spacecraft exchange but ultimately I built this for myself. I chose to use full oscar b's for center of mass, solar panels for cockpit and kerbal joint reinforcement instead of struts. If you think that these choices are wrong and that there are better ones feel free to explore them yourself. However for me this plane is finished and I have moved on from it and as such will not be revising it further. This plane also represents the end of my more active time on this forum as I feel there is really no demand or interest in what I do.
  7. Yes. My replicas though stock craft pretty much all require kerbal joint reinforcement or additional struts particularly the large ones
  8. We did it Guys !!! 1 whole star............... woo.......... yeah as with all my replicas Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is highly recommended.
  9. I tried it once with a station I was working on but it kept messing up the rotation and clipping, haven't gone back since ): Why thank you (: RiP computer Indeed !
  10. I would've done the b 17 but someone did it already. In terms of additional guns and turrets I was considering them but my part count was so high the game was crashing a bunch so I decided not to tempt the kraken further.
  11. Do YOU want to roam imposingly around the skies at the speed of 2 frames per second. Though this latest replica has no functioning bombs the sight of its 1000 parts is enough to melt the brains of your opponents. Presenting the Consolidated B-24 Liberator which can be downloaded (at your own risk) here
  12. I thought the same thing with a few of my planes: they have the exact same layout as the real thing and the real thing flies fine so they should fly in ferram. Unfortunately they didn't work and I don't know enough about Ferram to change that ): I mean 90 m/s isn't too bad for a bomber. KSP's drag works fine for most planes and I think its fine that exceptions like this thing fly like bricks Thank you (:
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