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  1. Hi. Have you changed the way to deploy Hab 2, Science and Greenhouse? I have upgraded since I last used your mod. Currently on 1.2 and 1.2.2 but right clicking doesn't give the option to deploy anymore. They all load ok and the greenhouse allows me to do plant growth studies. Also when adding thing to the action groups the option to deploy is not there either. Only running MechJeb and Docking Alignment. All files are up to date and running latest module manager. Thanks Space Monkey 117
  2. HI I am having issues with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. I can't get the Hab 2, Greenhouse or Science modules to deploy. I have used older versions of this with no issues. I can't even get the deploy option in the Action Groups in the VAB and SPH. Right click just gives me Autostrut and Rigid attachment. I am currently running KSP 1.2 and 1.2.2. Have the latest module manager and the latest version of other mods. Mechjeb and Docking Port Alignment Indicator. I have left a note for the developer, just wanted to know if anyone else has this issue? Thanks
  3. I have identified the part(s) that are causing the camera to change focus. Any "deployed" module, science, hab 2 or greenhouse. I made some very basic craft and then eliminated possibilities. They can be unmanned and un-mechjebbed, with or without any other modules. As soon as you deploy the module, the camera focus will shift from any new modules that come within 2.5km. I moved a module off the runway at ksp. Launched a new module. Toggled over to the first one, quickly deployed and toggled back. Once the module had fully deployed, camera focus changed. Toggle back to the deployed module, ret
  4. Hi there. Love the mod! Looks great, easy to use. I have had a little trouble with the K & K Planetary Central Hub. I'm running 1.05 with only this mod and Mechjeb. I have a base on Minmus. Whenever I have a Hub landed (even just off the runway at KSP) any new modules (Science, Hab or Greenhouse) that I get within 2.5km of the Hub lose focus. That is, the focus shifts to the Hub. I still have control of the new module, I just can't see it. When I'm landing a new module and the focus switches, I can not toggle back to the new module as it is moving. Generally makin
  5. Footnote. Starwasters comment: Turn off RCS balancing. I didn't know what this was. Just found it. It was on and now my problem is solved and I get to keep Mechjeb. Thank you!
  6. Thanks to all that responded. Its good to know there are some really intelligent people out there willing to help. Thanks Pecan for the heads up about the stack de-coupler. Was a remnant from an older craft (pre docking ports) and I use the RCS as a top up for a station I have for orbital based launches. Anyway looks like you guys nailed it. Mech Jeb. Disabled and it works fine. I will miss the data. I really liked having real time Apoapsis, orbital speed and actual height from ground on the main screen. Any suggestions for a replacement? SM
  7. HI there from OZ. I have only started playing recently. My download is version .90. I have add-ons Mechjeb2 and docking assist. My problem is this: I have a number of different craft I have developed. I use RCS on most of these. I have developed what I call an insertion module to help with orbital placement.. It is a rocket pack that consists of a Rockomax X200-32 fuel tank with a Rockomax Poodle Liquid engine attached. It has two FL-R1 RCS tanks atop of that and old style RV-105 Thruster Blocks Placed Top, Bottom, Left and Right (at centre of mass). Atop of that it has an advanced inline rea
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