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  1. I'm updating now... I'd have done it earlier but I had 4 job interviews in 5 days this week and I'm still freaking out.
  2. You can't add mods to Spacedock until the new KSP version is supported by that website. Spacedock has only just added 1.4 [x] Science! and TAC Fuel Balancer are now on Spacedock and CKAN. Are you saying that you can get splashed science at Mountain and Highlands again? Where? Do tell.
  3. I was having editor problems with this forum. I was having to refresh my browser like crazy before the editor would work. Now I'm waiting for spacedock to allow me to upload a KSP 1.4.0 mod. Then it'll be on spacedock and CKAN.
  4. Forum has loads of 404 error for scripts. It is making editing posts really difficult
  5. So I have [x] Science! and TAC Fuel Balancer compiled and working. They didn't throw any exceptions. I'll get them published tomorrow.
  6. People are telling me about issues with ScienceUtil.GetExperimentBiome() and a new update to Kopernicus. ScienceUtil.GetExperimentBiome() is used to find which biome the current ship is in and something may be causing problems with [x] Science! and also Contract Configurator. If you do get an empty [x] Science! window let me know. You could try rolling back recent Kopernicus updates and see if it helps. I've asked Thomas P if there is anything I can do.
  7. Hi Thomas, I have people complaining that [x] Science! is failing. It seems to be KSP's function ScienceUtil.GetExperimentBiome() that is bombing with "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range." However Kopernicus does seem to be a common factor. Actually I have yet to reproduce the issue but I only use Kopernicus for Asclepius. It does only seem to be bothering people with a massive number of mods. It seems to be effecting Contract Configurator too. Check out https://github.com/thewebbooth/KSP-X-Science/issues/22 One guy has uploaded a log file. PM me
  8. I am releasing 5.10 so I can concentrate on Protractor. Only change is that I am only popping the UI if experiments are runnable, as requested once or twice in carefully considered debate here and on GitHub. I am excluding all Kerbal experiments from this check. They always screen pop. Otherwise you would never get notified of an EVA report. Given that EVA reports and crew reports transmit well and can be stored easily I don't think this is a problem. Soil samples maybe but hey - you're landed right? So I'm prepared to accept feedback on this but I'm considering the issue re
  9. Try editing science.cfg. You will probably need to add a text filter, so edit this section. TextFilters { // --- Text Filters - Stock System----------------- // In the stock system these combinations are not possible TEXT_FILTER = Kerbin Splashed Mountains|Highlands // [x] Science! is assuming this is in Shores not Grasslands // probly need a special case in code, banning it for now. TEXT_FILTER = Baikerbanur } You can add any text to this section as a filter. The idea is that if you can type it into the
  10. Because I was fed up with my rebuilds of Protractor festering at the bottom of someone else's thread and decided that I wanted to do something with them. It's kinda hard when someone just disappears 'cos it feels kinda rude to just yank the rug out from under them, even if they are not actually around to notice. Anyway, I was always a bit dubious about taking this one over given the complicated nature of the calculations, so I just kinda let it fester for the past 3 versions. A week ago I got around to prevent the log spamming when you are on a flyby and I was going to package it up in
  11. I am trying to get this thing modernised. I hope to have a whole new version. I've started a thread here
  12. Protractor Protracted There are beings in the universe billions of years older than us. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants...vast and timeless. They did it like this... Rewrite Progress Still to do Downloads I recompiled some versions of Protractor Continued, they are on my downloads page. http://themoose.co.uk/ksp/downloads.html The latest version for KSP1.3 is Protractor V2.11 These releases are mostly rebuilds of Addle's code with minimal changes, but please don't pester him about any bugs you may find. License, Etc
  13. If an experiment doesn't respect standard biomes then add it to science.cfg. If that is something everyone might want then post your changes to my thread and I'll add it next time I do an update.
  14. I found this and fixed it... * Bug fix - Checklist window didn't open on KSC screen after loading saved game. Calling GameSceneSwitch event after mod becomes "_active=true" to enforce visibility Not sure when that turned up. Maybe it was a 1.3.0 thing, maybe it never worked and I only just noticed. I have also turned off a load of logging. Anyone using DMagic should have a smaller logfile now. I left that stuff in because DMagic support was new but I guess it's stable now. I'll give it another test and then release V5.9 in the next day or two. Code is on GitHub alre
  15. Hoping to get V5.9 out before the school holidays. I have work and invoicing piling up but I do have some time to spend on KSP. We also already have 4 kids in the house because a friend has gone on holiday and left their children with us. Mrs Z-Key said "yes" faster than I could say "no." Should have this lot done for V5.9 * Rewrote window settings * Added selected object information window to tracking station scene * Added body information to selected object window * Added vehicle information to selected object window - based on "Resource Details in Tracking Center" by aviv
  16. I assure you [x] Science! isn't doing anything it doesn't need to do.
  17. Get a faster box! I removed the coroutines that were making the system _seem_ smoother. I kept getting people complain about the occasional exception that would be thrown up. Most often it would be when exiting KSP. Like almost the last line in the logfile. It seemed to me that if the last [x] Science! update took too long then its coroutine just got killed because Unity didn't want to wait for it any longer. Now that we have the Here&Now window it seems to me that it is a good thing that we aren't on a separate thread because otherwise we could zoom through loads of biomes b
  18. OK, I'm planning on releasing a new version. Gonna start testing tonight. I've done... Saving settings more often. When you type a filter When you change the selected filter When you minimise the window Added visibility and position settings to Here and Now Added buttons to Here and Now Added mouse-over pop-up to Here and Now with body information New single icon mode. Right click opens Here and Now. If using both icons then right-click mutes music. Setting - Start with muted music
  19. How on earth did I miss that? Oh well I coded it now. Actually I like mine - don't need to open a whole new window just to find one value. Now this... Actually this causes me a problem. What I really want to do is close the window and have it pop-up when something needs doing. That means running in the background when the window is closed which we don't do. I think for the moment I'll leave it as it is. Apart from anything else, as people have mentioned, having both windows open and the fact that everything is running in the main thread means that [x] Science! does cau
  20. Fun with HyperEdit Note to self - add warning for "No Surface" eg Jool+Sun
  21. Hmmmm. In addition to people posting about when Here&Now should pop, I'm also getting emails. Guys - chill. What I am actually working on is this So once there was this add-on called VOID but the developer went. I tried to take it over but MS Visual Studio didn't like the code and I wasn't installing Xamarin. Any how I've got used to KER's HUD but the one thing I really miss is the "Body Information" panels VOID used to have. In the next [x] Science! release, if you hover the mouse over the Here&Now window as shown in the picture, you get Space High, Flying High and
  22. Sounds like SCANsat to me. Have you tried that one? Pretty sure there is beta version for KSP1.3.0. It will install from CKAN if you are running KSP1.2.2 Any how, I love SCANsat. Bring a load of electricity and a good transmitter. If you are going past Duna take nukes, not solar panels; solar panels don't work so well, further out. I frequently use SCANsat before I risk sending actual Kerbals. Just seems the right thing to do, and you can use the map to pick your landing spot. Once you have your map finished, leave the satellite in orbit to extend your communications n
  23. If you don't have either window open no checks should take place. I generally run without any science mods, just the stock experiments, and I don't really get any slow down on an Intel i3. How many experiments have you unlocked? How would you describe your total launched part count? What sort of box are you running on? How many bodies have you visited? Do you have any science mods (DMagic) or non stock bodies (Kopernicus) or just a massive number of parts? Try turning off the debris check and the "All" filter button. That may help.
  24. The Here and Now icon looks like a google map pin. If you have Blizzy's toolbar then check that the icon is added to a toolbar. The sounding rockets were restricted to Kerbin after discussions on this thread. They are sounding rockets after all. Just remove the section from science.cfg if you want.
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