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  1. Count me in... I have the steam version and have split off several copies to run different mods.
  2. I cant seem to find the download on github for the latest version?
  3. I have been wondering the same.. I like the idea of what this mod did
  4. Thanks for the help, I managed to get the carrier attached and mount and run the experiment (teaches me to RTFM next time). Loaded a quicksave and it worked this tme... sigh.. Rocko
  5. micha, When i mount the carrier plate with kis it seems to work, but its not really attached and after mounting the experiment and fast forwarding the plate drifts away from the craft. Any Ideas? rocko.
  6. I had 4 around the equator, but once the satellite got above a certain height i would loose connectivity with the comsats..
  7. whats the best structure to a constellation to provide coverage for satellites with a high polar orbit? Rocko
  8. I played with DRE on 0.9 which made re-entry fun.. Then 1.0 was pretty good as well.. But 1.0.2 heat did nothing, so I modded it back in. Have not done anything with SSTO's yet, but will be interesting when i do..
  9. + 1 to this.. Just unlocked this in my 1.0.2 career game since installing it.. Love it, its gone onto my must have mods list. I have to agree through it would be nicer to unlock it a tier or so earlier as its perfect for KEES contract which unlock earlier, but use kis and need an engineer to attach them as said.. Also perfect for the single tourist missions.. Rocko
  10. Yay the 1.0.2 release for RT is now officially out...
  11. You can edit the Part.cfg and put it in basic science to make it available earlier, but I don't really use it until the cupola is ready as core part of a station. Rocko
  12. Roverdude, just want to verify.. I have removed TAC_LS and moved it yours.. I put one of the small noms boxes in my service container. The engineer report says that I have supplies that are not connected to anything that uses it. Is that a problem? Rocko ps. I think you mods account for 30% of whats in my career game now
  13. +1 for Chatterer KIS + KAS, they work together... DMagic Orbital Science KSP Alternate Resource Panel RealChute Stock Bug Fix Also Station Science OKS/MKS Kermini Science Add On USI-LS ReEntry Head Mod (adds back real heat and a need for heatshields) I will update more when I get home and look at what im running in my 1.0.2 career currently Rocko
  14. I installed the mod under 1.0.2, but still get a warning when first launching that its not compatible with 1.0.2. Any idea what i did wrong?