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  1. i7 7700K Titan X Pascal 32GB RAM I cant zip my folder at the moment as im at work, but I do have access to my mods list. Link is HERE
  2. Sorry about the link, I just googled file hosting and used the first one. Tried installing again, and then manually installing click through blocker from the link you sent but the issue is still present. Output log is Here
  3. Sorry buddy, I replied to the other guy - who also gave zero information. You asked him to try pressing the 4 categories. Which I did and replied with that info. Anyway, I tried uninstalling it an deleting the entire JanitorsCloset directory. Restarted it, then closed it down and reinstalled. Same issue. All done via CKAN. KSP version 1.7, Win10. I dont have the log file. EDIT: I just installed manually and had the same issue, exactly - so its not cKAN. Output log is here: [snip]
  4. Same issue. Nothing fixes it, except removing the mod. In addition, trying to open the Mod Filter appears to do nothing, but the window is actually opened but off screen (top left). When I drag it back, no mods are shown and none of hte buttons work
  5. BTW When I build this in the SPH then move to the VAB to attach it to a rocket, the wings flip. The left side goes upside down. I also cant seem to correct this in the VAB EDIT - this actually seems to happen ONLY when I change teh orientation of the craft (i.e. point its nose upwards)
  6. Are there any craft files for this?
  7. Thats the problem, ive tried and failed! So many parts (which are awesome) but no really guide on how to assemble them.
  8. Are there any craft files for this?
  9. Image Here Dont know how to embed sorry. Its worth noting, all was fine when I had AVP installed. When I removed it, this is what happened to the KSC ground textures
  10. Hi, when I use this it seems to record fine, however I notice in the Tracked Mission details, it says under the ARRIVAL section, 239days. This a simple resupply to LKO. When I order this mission, my kerbals starve because it somehow thinks its taking 239days. Any ideas?
  11. This was it. Removed KS3P and the brightness was correct. Are there any recommended settings I should be using for KS3P so I can use it but get correct brightness?
  12. The brightness everywhere else is fine (tracking station, map screen all good). Its just very very dark when in the "real"view
  13. Hi, this mod looks great, however my game is SUPER dark. Midday looks like night time. Any idea what im doing wrong?