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  1. @Aleksey Pschenichnikov it works but causes this terrifying bug: And yes, it will be updated to 1.3 in the future.
  2. @TheRagingIrishman thank you very much!
  3. @pizzaoverhead It turns out it was another mod that I hadn't updated causing issues- sorry!
  4. This crashes the game upon launching a vessel w/ a control surface in 1.3. Are there plans for an update?
  5. @Rocket In My Pocket ...so it does. Thanks.
  6. @HaArLiNsH thank you so much you're the best
  7. are there plans to update this to 1.3?
  8. are there plans to update this to 1.3?
  9. Craft download please!
  10. What? Where can I read these rumors and whispers?
  11. Finalized the designs for the ships for my next mission. I'm planning to make a video of it.
  12. @basic.syntax I hope not. I love love love the look of porkjet's parts.
  13. @SpannerMonkey(smce) what's that little island behind you?
  14. Any possibility you could throw it on spacedock so I can get emails about updates?
  15. @TheRagingIrishman thank you so much! I'll give it a go when you make the full release. As far as a name goes, how about "Necessary Control"? Since it removes unnecessary control.