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  1. @KSK in real life, humans will be making interstellar journeys subluminally. I play KSP for the realistic futurism fantasy. If you really want science fantasy technology there will certainly be mods for it, just as there are in KSP 1.
  2. Except thanks to the incredible work of the people at Unity it literally is, assuming the game is built with DOTS. I know this because I have personally worked with multithreaded physics in Unity.
  3. To quote from that page: > Built on top of the Unity C# DOTS framework, it is network-ready, completely customizable, and built for performance out of the box. Whether you're building the next mobile hit or a new networked multiplayer console experience, Unity Physics leverages the Burst compiler and Job system to scale across a range of hardware. DOTS, the Burst compiler, and Job system all mean multi-threading. Also, I have personally programmed multi-threaded physics simulations using this tech, so yes it's multi-threaded.
  4. This is false. https://unity.com/unity/physics
  5. And one line below the text you quoted - "Stable release: August 14, 2019; 4 days ago" I work in Unity literally every day, so I can say with good authority that it will not hold back KSP 2. Yes it is? Ships are made of many (thousands of) parts, each of which is simulated individually in the physics engine. ECS/DOTS enables multi-threaded physics, which would drastically help the performance of the game.
  6. No offense but you have no idea what you're talking about
  7. One of my favorite features of KSP is that it is DRM-free. I really hope KSP2 is as well.
  8. Technical question: is KSP2 developed with the legacy GameObject Unity architecture, or with ECS/Jobs?
  9. Can someone share a screenshot of the UI for choosing your suit color?
  10. Looks absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to play with it. The changelog says you removed godrays. Is there any chance they'll come back? Godrays are one of my favourite effects in scatterer. Best of luck, friend.
  11. How did you get footprints?? I have wanted these (along with rover tracks) since I started playing!
  12. Something I've wanted in KSP since I started playing it is the option for map view to displayed on a separate monitor from ship view, rather than having to toggle between them. Unity 2017 has a really nice feature for this, Camera.targetDisplay. Is such a feature on the table?
  13. Today I landed an orbital rocket stage for the first time Hit me up if you need tips, SpaceX.
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