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  1. @THX-1138 You are better off using a joystick for rotation or any other movement. There, all done.
  2. Would've taken forever to find those post you linked, will read through those too Thanks Edit: Maybe that's the problem, too many "wish lists" threads, it's difficult to follow every single one. I'd be happy if Squad launched a poll where we voted for features. Even if the list of features, parts or systems were not part of my own. I just want to be a part of the customer voice that shares ideas.
  3. @sal_vager Looked at your common suggestions post here: There were too many but did not find these that I will mention. Some are already part of mods, but I think they are worthy to be in stock. I will keep this simple as possible: - Inflatable balloons that rise to the high atmosphere to do science. (or maybe you just want to replicate the Red Bull Stratos with Jeb or Val ) - Propellers - Building planes in the SPH is cool, but how about helicopters? Or this same concept for drones in planets like Duna or Eve? This could make science contracts even more extensive and fun. Using a rocket or plane to land on a steep mountain is fun and a challenge, but how about landing the aircraft on plain terrain and then launching your drone to the science site in the mountains? - Extend the SAS to include an autopilot system (atltitude/speed/heading hold) to make mid-air refueling possible between two aircraft in Kerbin or any planet with an atmosphere. An SSTO would benefit from this as a mid-air refuel at high altitude can help you recover that lost Dv at takeoff. I know this may be a part of MechJeb, but it's realistic enough to be a part of the stock game. - Joints that rotate 360° - This would further open the game to building VTOL aircraft. I was going to include more things, but they are too open to debate. These are the ones I think could extend the game to futher practical applications.
  4. Will this patch also go into a public beta after experimentals, like 1.1? @KasperVld and for today's spanish phrase: "Tecate!! todo con exceso, nada con medida.. AHH NO!! es al reves!! JA!" (send this to mexico and have them explain it to you... )
  5. Guys! This game is far from done to be hashing a #SaveSquad. An idea that turns into a real finaliized and released product will stay for a looonnnngg time! Having key members or even founders leave is not a sign for panic or armaggedon for something like KSP. If these people would've left prior to the 0.23 version, then YES! by all means we start wondering "well, guess KSP did not work, that's as far as it'll go, maybe unless someone else takes it". But we are way beyond that! Once KSP 1.0 released this game is now too big for one or even all key persons leaving to stop it. You can sell the licence to another publisher or development house and it would still go on, there's way too much market and money to be made out of this product. This is just the end of the beggining. Did TAC fuel balancer mod die when @TaranisElsu stooped supporting it?? NO! Someone else took over @Z-Key Aerospace Jobs is long gone from apple, and the Iphone is still going. Getting boring now after the new version, but still going LoL!! (don't compare this one to KSP! LoL!!) Need more KSP!! Now!! I'm ditching work and going home to play now!! It's friday!!
  6. Hmmm.... ummmm ... yes, so have I (trying hard not to LoL)... guess who ?? (hint, it's in this very same quote) ... @regex *sigh* this internet, it's so ... full of surprises..
  7. @Badie Did you post this on the spanish forum? You may want to try there also.
  8. @Badie Does different state in Mexico count?? (Ejemplo: de la tierra de los Rayados y Tigres) ???
  9. @DasValdez will be there for the stream! I'll figure out a way during work, LoL!!
  10. @TimKerbin We need to see what you bulit, how you are flying it, staging, ascent profile, design, etc. Been playing since KSP went live on steam (0.24?). The only explanation for your problems is that you are comming from a previous version before 1.0 when the aerodynamics changed, all the way to 1.1.1. This is the only conclusion I can see here. Radial decouplers require A LOT OF TWEAKING (yes, the bold and underline expresses the amount of work needed to get them just right for your design during ascent), you will explode or mess up multiple times, GUARANTEED!! The new aerodynamics for the vast mayority make the game more fun, not annoying or to the point of rage. If this is a problem, you can tweak the config files to remove the aeroddynamics and physics a bit or a lot if you wish. It's just a matter of reading, viewing videos and learning in the process. This is about all I can say, we cannot fix everything in the game or make the experience better for you. Mortal and insignificant players like me can only comment and help you make this experience better. That's why we have this forum
  11. Don't forget to share your exprencie the first time you land on Mun !!
  12. @Ultimate Steve Agree with what's been said so far. My take is to have an ISRU converter tanker in low Vall orbit, that way your Vall miner would need very little dV to get into orbit and deliver this ore and fuel to the tanker. From the tanker you can pick up the fuel you need and take it to the station. OR!! Put your station on low Vall orbit and use this as the tanker. Divide the responsibility of you mining operation by using various ships and give them specific roles. The more you do in orbit, the less dV you'll need. So you can focus on your main concern which is the mining rig for Vall. Example: For Mun, I have a huge stationary tanker with an ISRU, fuel and ore tanks at 10km orbit (the lower the better). If you're in orbit and will not be required to move, dV is not a factor neither weight. You're not going to move, so the storage part is complete in orbit. The mining rig's objective is to deliver ore to the tanker at 10km. The Mun's gravity was giving me a hard time on ascent, so instead of making the mining rig with parts to refuel itself which in turn would make it very heavy, I divided this into two more ships and roles. Made a ground mining rig and an ascent vehicle. Since the ground mining rig will not be required to go to orbit now, you can make this a huge trailer mining truck and overload it with all the refueling parts, wheels and drills may you need, and have this monster resupply the ascent/descent vehicle when landed on the ground with fuel and ore by using a Claw. I only use stations for science and housing kerbals that need pickup to go home, arrival from kerbin or land at Mun. This is like your airport or train station hub. If you want fuel and ore at your station, have it tranfered from the 10km orbit up the station, dV and weight here are not huge factors, so hauling materials should not be a challenge. That's about all I can spare for this. Any other questions or comments, fire away.
  13. @katateochi I'd go with #2, pushing the limits of the jet engines as much as you can until you get as close as you can to the +70km Ap. Nukes engines are heavy, so it's a challenge to get a decent TWR and ascent profile using only liquid fuel. So as long as you make it and have enough to compleat your objective, you can throw efficiency out the window.