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  1. Is asteroid mining proficient?

    proficiency is dependent on the asteroid class. Class A: Don't bother. These novelty trinkets are too small to make any real use of. You could probably sell one to a tourist as a souvenir. ... Class B: You can push these into Kerbin orbit relatively easy, but their limited amount of ore makes them good for a single use before needing to be disposed of. don't refuel your tug while pushing it or there won't be any ore left by the time you get it back to Kerbin. in fact, leave the mining equipment behind and just use a normal rocket, then send up the mining equipment once you get it in orbit. ... Class C: Bigger than B, more ore. ... Class D: This is where things get interesting. pushing one of these is going to require a considerable amount of force, and a good deal of fuel. you might want to consider bringing mining equipment with you to refuel the tug. ... Class E: I've noticed that these behemoths vary between 1500 tonnes and 3000 tonnes, very hard to push and control, but still possible. they're also 18 meters in diameter or larger so you'll need several heat shields if you're planning on aerobraking. if anything, I recommend that you avoid redirection missions and just use them as interplanetary refueling stations; they'll pass by Kerbin every so often so if your vessel has just enough to launch eject, and rendezvous, do so. ... Class G: There's only one of these in the Kerbol system, and it's named "Gilly" - you cannot redirect this asteroid either, because it's "on rails." but you can use Hyperedit to move it to Kerbin's orbit, should you wish to do so, but pointless since we have Minmus already available. Once in a while, you'll encounter a strange asteroid with glowing colored veins of an unknown element, these are the "Magic Boulder" that used to be a bug back in version 0.18 and then lost until they've been re-introduced as asteroids with a 1 in 20 chance of spawning. Also, landing an ore-depleted asteroid is easier than landing a loaded one, so if you wish to do something with that expended rock, some ground-bound scientists at KSC would love to research them.
  2. Space station?

    main engines push vessel prograde mount docking port on side of vessel <-- very important (if you're using the Mk2 shielded docking port, then it's already "sideways") reduce engine thrust limiter below 5 and above 0. (strongly recommended, this will help you gently guide your vessel better.) find your desired docking port and "set as target" burn towards your target, 1 m/s is good enough velocity, you don't want to go too fast, patience is key here. control your vessel from the side-mounted docking port, but only after step 5. if you do this before step 5, you're not likely to succeed. orient your vessel so the docking port faces your target, SAS can automatically do this for you, but remember to turn it off afterwards. (SAS targeting is buggy) now simply roll your vessel with Q or E and execute minor translation burns with the main engine as needed. HINT: if you burn in the wrong direction, just roll 180 degrees and try again. PRO-TIP: if you keep the navball prograde marker centered with the navball target marker, you're sure to hit the docking port, guaranteed. no mods required. use the docking port's magnetic properties to dock, they'll kiss each other if you follow steps 7 and 8 correctly. don't forget to reset your engine's thrust limiter after docking! don't forget to control your vessel from the command pod or probe core after undocking! if you want to watch how I do it, please watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDipQ0OIT9M&t=8m15s
  3. Space station?

    there is no right or wrong way to build a station in KSP. all you need is to put it in orbit and have plenty of docking ports available for future modules and/or expansion(s). But I will point out, if you keep your modules low-mass, you shouldn't have any trouble getting them up there. also, building a station is a great way to get some orbital rendezvous practice and docking practice. one day, you'll have it down so well, you'll be able to do it without RCS thrusters or monopropellant.
  4. Minmus is the "travel center" for the whole Kerbol system. it is rich with ore, low gravity and no atmosphere makes it a very attractive place to setup a mining outpost. However, if you were to put a mining outpost anywhere else, I highly recommend having a refuel depot around Eve and hauling fuel or ore to it from Gilly. Eve's 8k delta-v requirement to get to orbit (of which, 3400 is orbital speed IIRC) is very taxing, and if you manage to make an SSTO for Eve return, it's likely to run out of fuel by the time you get to full orbit. Setting up an Eve fuel station would be an ideal preparation measure for the Grand Tour mission/challenge
  5. Concurrent Missions

    one, until it circularizes Jool and breaks apart into six probes; one for each moon and Jool itself, at which point, I'll juggle them around as they hohmann transfer to their moons. other than that, I rarely ever juggle, because time is an illusion.
  6. [ANY] LongStrut - Struts reach super-far

    play this in the background while continuing to read the rest of this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I-EZ7P53gk Oh... my... Kraken.... Becky Kerman, look at those Struts. It looks like one of those newbie engineer players. But, ya know, who understands those noob engineer guys? They only built it like that because, it looks like a total possibility, 'kay? I mean, the vessel, is just so big, I can't believe it's not even round, the concept is just like, out there, I mean, gross, look, it's just so... *bleech* I like big struts and I can not lie, You other Kerbals can't deny, That when a booster wiggles out of place, and your vessel is not going to space, you get hung... up in the air, and you can't help but stare, 'Cause you notice that rocket just RUD... Deep in the upper atmosphere, and you can't help but swear.... Oh baby, I want to fix ya, and take your picture... My colleague players tried to warn me, but that LongStrut you got makes (me so want-ty) Oooh, rockets-o'-smooth-fairings, You say you want to get to the Mun? well, use this, use this, 'Cause you ain't that average noobie... I've seen that part dancing, to heck with part welding, the fuel tanks are set, wet, got it goin' like a Kerbal Vet.... *(Vet = veteran, 5-star) I'm tire of stock limits, saying short struts are the thing, Take the average KSP player and ask him that, it's gotta reach all the way to the back, So, players (YEAH!) Players (YEAH!) Do you have LongStrut? (HECK YEAH!) Tell 'em to make it, (make it) make it, (make it) Make that giant rocket.... Part got struts (KSP fits with the Orange Booster) Part got struts (KSP fits with the Orange Booster) I like 'em round and big, and my system RAM is down to a gig, I just can't help myself, I'm actin' like Bill... *(Bill Kerman) You know the drill, I need to get them back home and (ugh) double-up (ugh, ugh) I ain't talkin' about girders, boy... 'cause stock parts are made for joy... I want 'em real wide and boosty, so find that boosty double, my Kerbals are in trouble, Beggin' for a rescue bubble... So I'm lookin' at Scott Manley videos, knock-kneed rockets flying like pros, Well, you can have those videos, I'll keep my rockets named like "Flo Jo" A word the thick rocket boosters, I want to use ya, I won't translate or rotate ya, but it's gotta be straight, cuz I'm gonna launch at dawn, so that part is goin' on... a lot of simps won't like this song, 'cause them punks like to crash it and quit it, and I'd rather stay and play, cuz my rocket's long, and strong, *(strong = high TWR) and I'm down to get the aero-friction on... So, engies, (YEAH!) engies, (YEAH!) if you want to roll in my Mercedes *(Mercedes is the rocket name) then turn it around, strut it up, even MaxQ can't pull it apart... Vessel's got struts Vessel's got struts Yeah, when it comes to rockets, Stock ain't got nothin' to do with my selection Thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty six? Ha, ha, only if it's five-three... *(five-three = 5.3 tonnes x 1000) So your rocket's name is Honda, playin' youtube videos by Fonda But Fonda ain't got a rocket motor in the back of her Honda. My anaconda rocket don't want none unless you got struts, son... It can do side-bends or push-ups, but please don't lose those struts, some players want to play that hard role, and tell you that the strut ain't golden, so they toss it and leave it, and I fly up quick to retrieve it... So the cosmos says it's fat, well I ain't down with that, cuz your delta-v is small and your engines are kickin' and I'm thinkin' about stickin' to the beanpole rockets in the guides and magazines, those ain't it, my thing. give me a booster, I can't refuse it, LiquidFuel and Oxidizer didn't miss it, Some knuckleheads tried to dis, cuz his Kerbals are on my passenger list, he had sent them to Duna but chose to crash 'em, and I Hohmann transferred, real quick to rescue 'em, So engies, if your payload is round, and you want a tripple SpaceX throw down, Dial 1-900-KSPALOT And launch those giant rockets Vessel's got struts
  7. Heaviest Rocket

    back when I first started playing, I would add more fuel, then more engines, then more fuel.... I think the biggest one launched was 4500 tonnes, but it RUD and never made it to orbit. some time there after, I discovered the wonders of keeping things small, haven't "go big or go home" since; because I went small, and gone across the system.
  8. [ANY] LongStrut - Struts reach super-far

    but if I did that way only, it wouldn't be as widely available. I find that CKAN and SpaceDock are excellent sources for mods and increase the chance of their discovery, rather than an old buried thread that one may not know of, to search for. I'll add the code to the thread you linked, but it'll still remain on CKAN and SpaceDock.
  9. A minor cfg tweak to extend strut length from 10 to 1000, so now your struts will reach just about anywhere, but "better engineering" is still recommended. https://spacedock.info/mod/1544/LongStrut
  10. What's the craziest mission you've ever pulled off?

    Jool 5 challenge completed on hard; no saves, no reverts, no regrets. full video can be viewed by clicking the Jool 5 challenge award in my signature below.
  11. Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    which is why I want to share the workload and help you. the both of us can get more work done faster. fine, I'll remove the links, but my offer still stands. if you ever grow past the 93+ current mods and need help, you'll know who to ask.
  12. Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    @Galileo I think you totally misunderstood. I'm not disrespecting anyone, and I understand that LGG is a maintainer for A LOT of mods, which is why I want to help him, he can't do everything all at once. I'm simply offering my help, and whether or not he needs or wants help, is not for you to decide. you're the disrespectful one here, having assumed that. besides, god forbid something should happen that would prevent LGG from maintaining all of those mods, what will you do then, hmm?
  13. Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    From what I understand, Sections 4 and 5 of the GPL v3 licence permits me to copy, modify and redistribute modified copies of the software under the conditions of sections 5a- notice of modification, which has been included in the zip files. section 6 allows the binaries to be redistributed under the same terms as sections 4 and 5. as the OP says, until the original authors and maintainers update their mods, I'll step in and do unofficial updates. when you do officially update your mod(s), just contact me and I'll remove the link and replace it with a link to the official forum thread for that mod. until then, this thread isn't a violation of any rules and I've done nothing wrong. However, I understand and will respect your wishes on the bug reports and so to supplement Section 5a, I have modified the OP with a big red clause about not filing bug reports. if you do not wish for people to do as I do, then you'll need to change your licence to something more restrictive, or add me as a maintainer on your works; you can find my github profile under the same name. I only wish to help the community, not harm it. Happy Landings!
  14. Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    I'll see what I can do. UPDATE: Confirmed working - something else is causing the crash.
  15. Unofficial Mod Updates for 1.3.1

    okay, that's it for my mod list, everything works. now taking requests.