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  1. idk how to write the tiny two, lol edit: ASCII 253
  2. I'm trying to display the Gravity constant of each celestial body, but it's not displayed as m/s so how do I convert?
  3. I'm trying to create a scrolling options panel but the options won't scroll for some reason. I was wondering if anyone knew the "sanitary" useage for it? UPDATE: I figured it out by accident. my scroll list content didn't have a sizer so the scroll list didn't know how to scroll. here's a sample for everyone to learn from: var partsList = new DialogGUIVerticalLayout(); partsList.AddChild(child: new DialogGUIContentSizer(widthMode: ContentSizeFitter.FitMode.Unconstrained, heightMode: ContentSizeFitter.FitMode.MinSize)); partsList.AddChild(child: new DialogGUIHorizontalLayout(new DialogGUILabel("Row 1"))); partsList.AddChild(child: new DialogGUIHorizontalLayout(new DialogGUILabel("Row 2"))); partsList.AddChild(child: new DialogGUIHorizontalLayout(new DialogGUILabel("Row 3"))); var scrollList = new DialogGUIScrollList( size: listSize, /* this is a pre-defined Vector2 */ hScroll: false, vScroll: true, layout: partsList );
  4. I have a dictionary of key/values I want to save/load to/from a cfg file, attempting to save as object is throwing exception, not sure how to load either. EDIT: I found out from another post
  5. // get the system core, credit to KER var CBody = PSystemManager.Instance.localBodies.Find(CB => CB.referenceBody == null || CB.referenceBody == CB); // find all orbiting bodies var Children = CBody.orbitingBodies; // optionally, recursively search each child for .orbitingBodies
  6. thanks! that saves me from having to write a ton of [de]serialzation code!
  7. I want to save different settings into multiple cfg files in the plugin directory, but I've no clue how?
  8. I want to use the default UI skin for the dialog-based modal, but I also want the window to be completely opaque. currently, it's transparent and multiple windows collide and make it look ugly and hard to see.
  9. I have an idea for a new mod, but I have no idea how to implement it. from inside either vessel editor, I want to dynamically obtain a list of all celestial bodies, including mod celestial bodies, and obtain their basic information such as gravity and atmosphere. edit: I'll take a peek at KER for this also I want to be able to spawn a dynamically generated subassembly when a button is clicked, I know UI so the button callback is easy to implement, just don't know how to spawn [connected] parts. edit: I need help with this one!
  10. I like having a small NavBall but I hate having to squint to read the Extended Burn Indicator. Because the Extended Burn Indicator scales with the NavBall, I suggest either adding a scale slider setting in the Settings Menu or move the burn information to a new tab in the new Mode Panel. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. from that thread, I've gathered the info required: new DialogGUIImage( new Vector2(0.0f, 0.0f), // image size, in pixels; (-1, -1) would stretch to fit, (0,0) would be a zero-pixel size (hidden) new Vector2(0.0f, 0.0f), // image location in pixel coordinates Color.red, // color mask loadedImage) thanks!
  12. I want to display a quick-reference guide for one of my mods when the user toggles the toolbar, I know toolbar code, but I don't know how to display an image
  13. UPDATE: found what I was looking for, thanks. Specifically, the first and last lines in the following highlight block. https://github.com/MOARdV/AvionicsSystems/blob/master/Source/MASVesselComputerControl.cs#L237-L258
  14. Yeah, I already know about SAS AutoPilot, I'm the Author of SASAG on CKAN :p I wanted to rotate a vessel to point a specific direction (East, zero pitch, zero yaw) so I could automate gravity turns and circulation burns, and that's not possible with stock SAS unless it's pointing to a maneuver node. I'll look over your code, and see if I can find anything useful. thanks