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  1. yes and no; jet-tipped rotors can only go so fast before breaking so use only two jets on low thrust, install Editor Extentions mod and spam 20 radially-attached rotors everywhere to increase the lift. (don't use the built-in attach nodes when placing, leave at double config and place on the adjacent face) while the craft did work, it still wasn't suitable for an auto-gyro.
  2. FYI, I don't mind helping other mods make the necessary changes, but the last time I offered to release an "unofficial update" I got chewed TF out by @linuxgurugamer's fan club claiming that I was disrespecting their lord and savoir. in general, it's not a good idea to do such, but feel free to compile your own non-distributed version if you can. also, it's not generally acceptable to upload a binary without matching source code.
  3. The Orbit class has a bit of a confusing naming convention, I'm looking for the six orbital elements to be used in calculations. the official API docs have nothing documented besides the following: double ApA [get] double ApR [get] double PeA [get] double PeR [get] double semiLatusRectum [get] double semiMinorAxis [get] semiMinorAxis? I thought it was supposed to be semiMajorAxis? I see nothing mentioning Angular Momentum, Ascending Node, etc... update: I figured it out, the docs aren't very helpful at all. Angular Momentum is a Vector3d identified as Orbit.h and the remaining five classical elements are obviously named variables, not properties.
  4. not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but I'm in need of a custom staging icon for a new part, not sure how to get the game to render such a thing.
  5. @linuxgurugamer if you're going the mod route, then you should check the existing configuration upon loading the flight scene by generating a hash token for each of the three revertables, and before the flight scene is unloaded back to editor, generate another set of hash tokens and compare for changes, interrupt the scene change with a UI Dialog that has checkboxes next to the changed items, with OK and Cancel buttons. good luck! I was hoping for Stock support tho. "FlightEditSaver" works for me btw, but I'm not picky about names.
  6. UPDATE: Never mind, I figured it out; I was missing the ContentSizer thingy and stuck in some useless code that messed with everything. :embarrassed:
  7. AFAIK, the old GUI code still works, lots of modern mods still use it.
  8. Thanks, but I'm using the newer PopupDialog system instead of the old OnGui()
  9. I'm not using asset bundle UI creation, just pure code. I've notice that my UI doesn't scale well with different resolutions and/or game settings UI scale. eg, a fixed-width dialog of 200f has lots of unused space when viewed in high resolution but looks just fine in low resolution eg2, my scroll list is appears larger and is displayed OUTSIDE the popup dialog window that is supposed to contain it. are there any tips that would let the UI scale itself or any special code to consider?
  10. https://github.com/Xyphos/KSP_AutomaticFuelCells/blob/master/AutomaticFuelCell.cs#L125-L149
  11. The action/axis group editor while in-flight is a welcomed addition, and very useful for "test stand" scenarios, but I find myself making adjustments and taking notes of said adjustments because currently, there's no way to OPTIONALLY persist any changes made while in-flight. instead I'd have to review the notes and make the changes AGAIN while in editor mode, this is very frustrating. Thank you for your consideration.
  12. Higher thrust and operate at higher altitudes; normal fans usually don't go above 2km but I've seen a ducted fan vessel get up to 6km. still not as impressive as 18km or 23km like the turbojet and rapier engines, but still great performance.
  13. I'd like to ask for Min/Max Axis groups to be added to the robotic components, because I'd like to manually override their limits while a sequence is playing; the sequence would only move up to the new min/max settings, and it's not hard to clamp in the new values. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. Dumb question, but why not just make a Module Manager patch to add some EC and a very small RTG to the deployable science modules?
  15. I'd like to request an additional KAL-1000 (ModuleRoboticController) Sequence Play Mode to be added to the game; "Rewind" - This Loop Mode would play the sequence to the end like "Loop Mode: None" but will automatically rewind the Play Position to zero after the sequence completes; this will allow players to Loop the sequence as needed via Action Groups using only the "Play Sequence" Action. Currently, there's no known or easy way to repeat a sequence without using complex timing and sync'n multiple controllers together. EDIT: Alternatively, this can be achieved by allowing the "Stop Sequence" Action of the playing controller to stop itself while in "Repeat" mode, the controller could loop until it triggers it's own stop and await the player to continue playing the sequence. Currently, it's not possible for a controller to activate it's own Actions. Thank you for your consideration.