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  1. Xyphos

    Buoyancy Mod

    @Redshift OTF Speak of the mod maker, and s/he shall appear. (...eventually.) Your idea of adding GUI support for every part, reminds me of the problem FullAutoStrut faced before I added a GUI to that, and so I got to thinking, maybe I could add a similar GUI and functionality to Buoyancy Control too. I'll work on it, but understand it might not happen anytime soon, I'm mostly involved with my career and only play/mod in my spare time, if any.
  2. Thanks, you're awesome
  3. so I shouldn't use "v" at all?
  4. This has been released for over a year, and I just recently updated it, but it's been missing from CKAN since day 1 https://spacedock.info/mod/1380/SASAG Additionally, FullAutoStrut has been updated to v2.3.0.0 and CKAN hasn't updated it for the past 3 days, normally it only takes a few hours. https://spacedock.info/mod/1479/FullAutoStrut
  5. is there a tutorial on how to directly submit CKAN metadata? I've been using SpaceDock for all my mods and it has CKAN support, however some of my mods are missing, I suspect due to a NetKan issue, but I don't see the issues in the NetKan tracking system when I update them, am I missing something here?
  6. Thanks, that worked if I use -1f as the DialogGUISpace parameter
  7. I've a button on a dialog and it's displayed left-justified, and I want to center it, any ideas?
  8. THANK YOU! how did you find this error? I've been looking all over
  9. I've been banging my head against the wall here for months, and I can't figure out why my plugin KeyNode ceases to work when the player reverts their launch. I've added debug code to the void Update and got no feedback, it's like the plugin was unloaded and never loaded again any ideas?
  10. Xyphos

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Before one can learn how to dock, one must master the rendezvous. once you're close to your target, set the camera to fixed mode by pressing V to cycle the camera modes, then you can use RCS to manuver your vessel into position. once you learned how to dock normally, you can mount a docking port on the SIDE of your vessel instead of top/bottom and learn how to dock using only the main engines and no RCS or monopropellant.
  11. Xyphos

    How to prevent collisions?

    if it makes you feel better, I once lost a ship during launch when an Asteroid that I failed to re-direct collided with it. Asteroid collisions are rare, but do happen.
  12. Just a heads up, I've updated FullAutoStrut to v2.1.0.0 which now includes a GUI that lets you pick AutoStrut modes AND rigid attachment, as you build your vessel, or stick to the classic "automatic" mode and forget about it. as a bonus feature, you can optionally set child parts by removing a parent part and replacing it, which will update all attached parts' autostrut modes and/or rigid attachment. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please manually remove any existing installations before updating to prevent conflicts. Download available on CKAN, GitHub or SpaceDock. https://github.com/Xyphos/KSP_FullAutoStrut/releases https://spacedock.info/mod/1479/FullAutoStrut Source Code: https://github.com/Xyphos/KSP_FullAutoStrut
  13. okay, now I have a new problem; whenever the dialog box is initially opened, it always opens in the far lower left corner, I want it centered. any ideas?
  14. I want to get and set the popup window position, so the next time the window is opened, it will be right where the user closed it.