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  1. I never knew about any other resource converters other than stock, but I'm glad you've taken initiative to extend it further. Happy Landings!
  2. same here, and usually I don't build such large vessels as this one, but I wanted to challenge myself anyway.
  3. check the full tank Tylo take-off then...
  4. it wasn't meant to VTOL on Kerbin tho... I was just testing it with hacked gravity 0.62
  5. and back to the drawing board... VTOL works now that I moved the wings, but I need more RAPIERS and yet another rebalance before I can take it to orbit
  6. I think I fixed it, here's the download: https://kerbalx.com/Xyphos/Mk3-VTOL-SSTA BUT - even if it's stock parts, it uses two mods for VTOL operation; "SASAG" and "Control From Here" - you can download those mods from my "useful mods" link in my signature below. SASAG is used to quickly set SAS to Radial-Out during VTOL flight and normal SAS during airplane mode. CFH changes the control point so the navball updates it's orientation, depending on the mode. IMPORTANT: before flight, set the brakes and stage the RotoKlaw's decoupler, then switch vessels to the RotoKlaw and hold Q until it stows away and locks in place. The RotoKlaw is used for refueling from asteroids, and docking with other vessels that won't fit the shielded docking port. it has enough delta-v and thrust to VTOL it's way to/from 10km Tylo orbit but if you're going to test it on Kerbin, either drain some fuel out of it or use the gravity hack, as it wasn't meant to VTOL on Kerbin. RCS is recommended for VTOL flight.
  7. I have a gaming laptop with nvidia, I use the application to keep the drivers up to date, but OBS is my recording software of choice.
  8. considering it's a plane, I should hope so.... but it's a Mk3 plane. is it really a CoL issue?
  9. well the drills and fairings are the only ones I've experienced, and the drills can be patched as I stated before. tho 1.3.1 is expected to release soon within a week or two, you can either wait till then or try it out now.
  10. I've been experimenting a bit with Stock VTOL planes. I'm using RCS Build Aid to display the WCoM, DCoM and Torque. I've managed to align both CoM's almost perfectly with only 0.326 difference in torque. I've added reaction wheels to counter the torque difference. darn thing still pitches up uncontrollably and flips upside-down no matter what I do. any advice? UPDATE: I think I fixed it. Craft file found here: https://kerbalx.com/Xyphos/Mk3-VTOL-SSTA
  11. "Xyphos" has been a long-standing "handle" or "alias" of mine dating all the way back to the days of UseNet, AOL and dial-up modems. it's only natural for me to coin "Xyphos Aerospace Industries" while learing about aerospace engineering and astrophysics.
  12. 1.3 is worth it, while there are new bugs introduced, the overall quality of life and game performance has increased. Tho the fairing bug isn't consistant, it does occur too frequently. my last vessel launched just fine when the last two didn't. however, if you do update, be sure to click the "useful mods" SpaceDock link in my signature and install the Drill Fix patch, or your mining drills will be missing their deploy/retract/toggle action groups. FullAutoStrut is also useful if you intend to use AutoStruts.
  13. The planet is flat and you ricochet off the firmament. (that's a joke people, lighten up)
  14. SnapDock on CKAN and SpaceDock, SpaceDock link in my signature.
  15. usually, my manned rovers will have two docking ports, one in the back and one underneath, when an expidition on one of the moons is complete, I redock it inside a Mk3 cargobay and ventrue off to the next.