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  1. I'm even more amazed that such a simple bug wasn't hot-fixed the next day by Squad
  2. Disappointed with the new 5m fairings

    be sure to add that to the community configs! Job well done, mate!
  3. Disappointed with the new 5m fairings

    how? nope, Squad simply made a clone of the 3.75m fairing model and scaled it up 1.33% - it's EXACTLY the same model as the 3.75m fairing, trusses and all.
  4. I was hoping to carry a wider payload to orbit, but it's truss structure is the same as the 3.75m fairing, an unexpected drawback :(
  5. Purebasic Client for kOS !

    I'm not sure which is more impressive; the fact that PureBasic still exists the fact that people still use PureBasic, the fact that PureBasic is being integrated in kOS the fact kOS still exists the fact that people still use kOS instead of kRPC in any case, kudos!
  6. Okay. I just reported myself, as instructed.
  7. I want to check if the vessel's current orbit would change SOI but I'm not sure how to do that? EDIT: I just noticed I posted in the wrong forum, sorry. I need add-on development help. darn, I wish I could moderate myself and move it..
  8. nvm, I think I found the cause; a runaway closing brace is causing the method to return prematurely
  9. When my mod adds a maneuver node to the vessel's orbit, the DV indicator next to the NavBall shows up, but when I execute the burn, it doesn't decrement at all, it just stays there. any ideas why?
  10. Allows the player to manipulate Maneuver Nodes in Map View using the number pad on their keyboards, or create and execute Maneuver Nodes if MechJeb is also installed. Please read the WIKI for instructions. DOWNLOAD from SpaceDock or DOWNLOAD from GitHub CKAN release is pending. SOURCE CODE on GitHub. Change log: 02-FEB-2018 :: v1.0 full release, includes seamless MechJeb integration. 24-JAN-2018 :: v0.1 beta testing