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  1. from that thread, I've gathered the info required: new DialogGUIImage( new Vector2(0.0f, 0.0f), // image size, in pixels; (-1, -1) would stretch to fit, (0,0) would be a zero-pixel size (hidden) new Vector2(0.0f, 0.0f), // image location in pixel coordinates Color.red, // color mask loadedImage) thanks!
  2. I want to display a quick-reference guide for one of my mods when the user toggles the toolbar, I know toolbar code, but I don't know how to display an image
  3. UPDATE: found what I was looking for, thanks. Specifically, the first and last lines in the following highlight block. https://github.com/MOARdV/AvionicsSystems/blob/master/Source/MASVesselComputerControl.cs#L237-L258
  4. Yeah, I already know about SAS AutoPilot, I'm the Author of SASAG on CKAN :p I wanted to rotate a vessel to point a specific direction (East, zero pitch, zero yaw) so I could automate gravity turns and circulation burns, and that's not possible with stock SAS unless it's pointing to a maneuver node. I'll look over your code, and see if I can find anything useful. thanks
  5. I want to make a simple mod that will hold 90,0,0 degrees but I don't know how to get/set the vessel's rotation orientation in space
  6. okay, now I have a new problem; I want to list the bodies in order by distance from the Sun, but each FlightGlobals.Bodies has a NULL CelestialBody.Orbit property. how can I get body distance/radius from inside the vessel editor?
  7. weird. now it works again and I didn't touch any of the settings
  8. I can't access the cheat/debug menu with the ALT+F12 combination since I updated to 1.5
  9. I want to get a list of all Solar Systems, including Mod Systems and their Celestial Bodies contained, and all the Gravity Constants for each body. yes, I know about the foreach loop, just don't know where to iterate
  10. Xyphos

    Buoyancy Mod

    @Redshift OTF Speak of the mod maker, and s/he shall appear. (...eventually.) Your idea of adding GUI support for every part, reminds me of the problem FullAutoStrut faced before I added a GUI to that, and so I got to thinking, maybe I could add a similar GUI and functionality to Buoyancy Control too. I'll work on it, but understand it might not happen anytime soon, I'm mostly involved with my career and only play/mod in my spare time, if any.
  11. Thanks, you're awesome
  12. so I shouldn't use "v" at all?
  13. This has been released for over a year, and I just recently updated it, but it's been missing from CKAN since day 1 https://spacedock.info/mod/1380/SASAG Additionally, FullAutoStrut has been updated to v2.3.0.0 and CKAN hasn't updated it for the past 3 days, normally it only takes a few hours. https://spacedock.info/mod/1479/FullAutoStrut
  14. is there a tutorial on how to directly submit CKAN metadata? I've been using SpaceDock for all my mods and it has CKAN support, however some of my mods are missing, I suspect due to a NetKan issue, but I don't see the issues in the NetKan tracking system when I update them, am I missing something here?
  15. Thanks, that worked if I use -1f as the DialogGUISpace parameter