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  1. This, EasyBoard and PortraitStats are just a perfect combination. Well done!
  2. Why have I found this so late, so useful! It does, even in 1.3.1 Small observation though. In order for it to find all the buttons, you must visit all the screens, so that the buttons load at least once.
  3. Btw, do we still post bugs and such in the dev topic? Because the airlock of the PPD-24 "Panorama" is at different sides when viewed IVA. And did you remove the stack attachment node from the top of the PXL-9 "Vista" or was there none at the first place? Apart from these, the IVA-s are flawless, and I especially love the hologram kerbin, and the discount lenovo thinkpads.
  4. Weird, the clean install didn't do that. Must investigate further...
  5. Hello! This is going to sound weird but bear with me: Your .mu files in NearFutureSpacecraft\Spaces are lagging the hell out of the Tracking Station. I've tested it, it only drops FPS when these files are present, and goes back to regular when removed. Any idea? Mandatory log file is here. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I was wondering if there's a way (or an existing mod already) that makes it possible for Engineer kerbals on EVA to change some settings on parts that only can be set in the editor for now. For example: Thrust level on SRBs, your engineer walks up to it, and is able to set the thrust level slider. Is there any way of accomplishing this? A smart MM patch perhaps? Any idea or addition is welcome! Cheers
  7. Hi! Are the Valves supposed to empty the whole vessel (not just the part they're attached to) of the resource that's in the part they're attached to? Do I have to manually block the flow between the drained part and the rest of the ship? Log, test rig: Any advice is appreciated
  8. Hi! I've made an MM patch for Community Category Kit support Cheers!
  9. Hi! I've made a little mod support MM patch for Community Category Kit Cheers!
  10. Hi! If anyone's interested, I've made a few MM patches for some mod support. First, just as itself, convert every crewed part into a survey station Second, some sweet Community Category Kit support (that doubles up for EL too) Cheers
  11. Hi! I'd like to propose a small addition to the KIS Kontainer parts in this mod. Could you add a cck-containers tag to those parts in a future update for some sweet CCK support? Thank you!
  12. I've just discovered this, and it's awesome, but where did the X button that closes the windows go? I'm not using any kind of toolbar mods.
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