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  1. I just finished updating all my mods for .90 after a while out of the game - about half of the crewed Tantares command / utility modules seem to have an IVA, and about half of them don't. That is, there's not even an IVA window on the bottom right, and pressing C does nothing, even though there are Kerbals inside. I also have RPM installed and working with stock command modules and most other mods, but for some reason, none of the working modules have RPM. I think they may be related? Is this a known issue? (Disappearing IVA with some sort of RPM incompatibility issue?) I tried deleting Tantares_Extra_RasterIVA and renaming internal_basic to internal (and removing the original internal) in all the spaces, thinking if I got rid of the RPM internals they might work again, but that doesn't seem to have had any effect.
  2. Long time lurker, long time config editor, first time poster here. I found that this mod wasn't compatible with the new file system of OPM and OPM+ so I went ahead and shuffled the files and configs around myself. It's basically a hackjob, and you'll have to go in and manually delete Plock.cfg from OPM/KopernicusConfigs/OuterPlanets/Configs yourself, but my version now works fine with both OPM and OPM+ installed. http://www./download/s3ch6qeqrnyhfqh/PlockPlusCompatibilityFix.zip