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  1. I'll update it soon. Edit: updated:
  2. How about say "gear up" once after take off? Thanks for advice again.
  3. This mod is mainly for aircrafts, it would be strange if I add alarm a or b. I'll think about alarm c. Thanks for you advice.
  4. Hi, I made an update for 1.1.2 here:
  5. sorry for the late update.. How about edit "LightRadius" from lights.cfg?
  6. You can reload from the changed cfg file with the newest pre-release version on github. Just click "Reload All". (This button don't work as desired in older versions)
  7. It's not hard coded. If it don't work well, you can edit lights.cfg to add/move lights to other places.
  8. I will check it when I have some time. Maybe after KSP 1.0 release. I will try to work with FAR. (If failed, I think I can check AoA to tell if you are stalling)