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  1. I'll update it soon. Edit: updated:
  2. How about say "gear up" once after take off? Thanks for advice again.
  3. This mod is mainly for aircrafts, it would be strange if I add alarm a or b. I'll think about alarm c. Thanks for you advice.
  4. Hi, I made an update for 1.1.2 here:
  5. sorry for the late update.. How about edit "LightRadius" from lights.cfg?
  6. You can reload from the changed cfg file with the newest pre-release version on github. Just click "Reload All". (This button don't work as desired in older versions)
  7. It's not hard coded. If it don't work well, you can edit lights.cfg to add/move lights to other places.
  8. I will check it when I have some time. Maybe after KSP 1.0 release. I will try to work with FAR. (If failed, I think I can check AoA to tell if you are stalling)
  9. Hi! Didn't know you're writing it. I think I can learn from your code too. I am currently getting speed/altitude values from graphs in . I didn't find accurrate real values, and different aircrafts may use different values. it's not easy to find a good value for all planes, especially in Kerbin.
  10. PAPIPlugin Continued PAPI (precision approach path indicator) is a light array helping pilots approaching to the runway. The array will show two red and two white lights when following correct glide slope(currently 3°). This is a continue work of asarium's PAPIPlugin at Screenshots: (glide slope set to 3°) Version History version 0.4.10 - Recompile for KSP 1.5.1 version 0.4.9 - Recompile for KSP 1.4.4 (fix configuration dialog) version 0.4.8 - Recompile for KSP 1.2 version 0.4.7 - Fix compatibility issues version 0.4.6 - Recompile for KSP 1.1.2 version 0.4.5 - Fix "Reload All" button version 0.4.4 - Recompile for KSP 1.0.2 - Fix another bug with Application Launch button - Add KSP-AVC support - Add CKAN support version 0.4 beta 3 - Recompile for KSP 1.0, fix bug that ApplicationLaunch button do not appear version 0.4 beta 2 - Fix a null reference error when loading crafts version 0.4 beta 1 - Can use both vessel position and camera position (By default, use vessel position when flying, use camera position when IVA or in space center) - Allow saving config in flight. - Fix bug that HeightAboutTerrain do not work version 0.4 beta 0 - Use vessel position instead of camera position in flight - Support blizzy78's toolbar - Support stock toolbar (by angavrilov) - Recompile for KSP 0.90 Download or PAPIPluginContinued from CKAN. Install Just copy the contents of the archive to KSP's root folder. Source License MIT (same as asarium's PAPIPlugin) Credits - TaranisElsu for TacLib library - asarium & angavrilov for origin work of PAPIPlugin - blizzy78 for Toolbar - cybutek for KSP-AVC - CKAN Please let me know if you find any bugs or have some suggestion. Fly safe
  11. Not yet. This mod only works for planes with landing gears now. I will add altitude callouts for landers in next version. And I have no idea about slope detection. I will try.
  12. GPWS This mod was inspired from by SolarLiner, and!-or-crash! by Cryphonus. This mod adds warning sounds for KSP. GPWS means "ground proximity warning system", a terrain awareness and alerting system. I also add TCAS ("traffic collision avoidance system") warning. How to Use * For planes: Fly an aircraft with landing gear(s). (It should have a ModuleWheelDeployment && ModuleWheelBrakes, or FSwheel module.) If you enabled system in GPWS Settings, You should hear sounds when you are landing/crashing. You can edit GPWS.cfg to add more types of landing gear. * For Landers: It will warn you if it thinks you are crashing. This mod adds a button on blizzy78's toolbar / applaunch toolbar. Click it to open GUI to edit settings or view current warning status. You are free to turn off warnings you don't want to hear. You can edit settings.cfg for more accurate adjustment. P.S.1. This mod uses feet for plane altitude. P.S.2. Change "Descent Rate Factor" to allow faster/slower sink rate. (Set to 2 means you are allowed to sink 2 times faster than default.) Supported Warning List *Plane: - sink rate - sink rate, whoop whoop pull up - terrain, terrain - terrain, terrain, whoop whoop pull up - don't sink - too low gear - too low terrain - bank angle - altitude callout (1000, 500, approaching minimus, minimus, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10)(use feet by default) - (reduce thrust) - traffic - v1, rotate - gear up - (stall) (joystick vibration tested on x1 controller) (I don't think it will work on linux or osx) *Lander - sink rate - horiontal speed - altitude callout (1000, 500, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10)(use meter by default) - (reduce thrust) Download Installation Just copy the contents of the archive to KSP's root folder. XInputInterface.dll is needed for joystick shake. You can get it from addon "Advanced Fly-By-Wire". You need ModuleManager to make it work. Source ChangeList *v0.3.9 - Recompile for KSP v1.4.4 - fix joystick shake's bug - improve TOO_LOW_TERRAIN warning (more at github release page) TODO List (maybe) - Add warnings for overspeed, windshear - Not shake joystick when using keyboard - Draw curves in game License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (CC-NC-SA 4) Credits - sarbian for ModuleManager - cybutek for KSP-AVC - blizzy78 for Toolbar Please let me know if you find any bugs or have some suggestion. Fly safe