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  1. P.S. Whether one version or another takes 30s longer or not to get to orbit, is not really the issue either, I should state. One is going to burn more fuel getting to space and that may mean less fuel available once in orbit. That may make or break a desired destination (dV). And it may necessitate orbital refueling, which now gets into mission controller time & wages (i.e. your time) . I have payloads that are going to the Kerbin environment only and will operate there indefinitely, periodically refueling; in those cases, I care less about drag/efficiency on the way up. So, consider this also.
  2. I think f12 opens the aerodynamics overlay and this might be the fastest way to bring home the drag penalty for nodes mismatched in size. Launch your rocket and use f12 to take a look where the significant drag is: maybe in your case it is not so bad. (Make your own conclusion.) Then, if you like, put a fairing around it and compare. In my case, I run KER and I have Acceleration displayed in the HUD. Probably too much effort to do this, but I'd be looking at it, comparing. An easier way is to do a couple of launches to orbit with and without a fairing and compare the time it takes to raise AP above 70km. That's an easy comparison. It's also the bottom line that will show which is worse for you: a little more weight or (a lot) more drag.
  3. progress: there does seem to be a Toggle Hinge control on the G-12L available (only to the KAL-1000) and I'm hopeful now I can have a single button push that will raise/lower the hinges. I'm flying by the seat of my pants at the moment, but if a) success occurs, I'll outline the procedure better b) if I understand it that well. (Expect this post to be updated with that information; I won't be adding an extra post to this.)
  4. Your question is an implication that some knowledge might better be forbidden. By which omniscient knowledge should this judgement be made?
  5. I have the Target Angles of two G-12L Alligator Hinges linked to a KAL-1000 controller. Custom1 and Custom2 are set for Absolute Control and one for Normal Control and the other for Reverse Control. When I use incremental control, the keys progressively open or close the hinges as desired. Movement stops when you release the custom key. When I use absolute control, I am expecting (hoping) to be able to tap the key to get full opening or full closing under the control of the KAL-1000 controller. What happens is that the hinges both go to about 45 degrees (in the permissible range 0-90), as if the custom key inputs would be fighting each other (although neither depressed). If you hold one key down, movement in the desired direction is seen but only manages about 22.5 degrees. When the custom key is released, the hinges return to the median position (~45 degrees). Something simple is wrong. Please do tell what this might be.
  6. It was dead at inception. (A small number of people knew that at the start, too, which simply means that it was 'knowable'.) Wrongthink[1]. I bought Factorio (thanks to @Bej Kermaninadvertently plugging it) The ('gaming') community there is probably just as bad a set of self-entitled children consumers (some of them complaining about the future expansion pack) as you can find but... I'm not interested in its forum anyway except for solving problems. (I posted once and got good response.) I am not and will never be done with KSP1 but I have had it forever with the KSP2 whining. Self-inflicted wound of unrealistic expectations and get over it or suffer mentally forever. (And I direct this to the whole "KSP2 crowd"; not anyone in particular who has posted here.) [1] video game junkies are serial fanatics : 50$ for 3-6 months -- so just move on and stop expecting sympathy.
  7. Yes, any basic training on IP for engineers will cover not only patents but also Trade Secrets. It's a tool in the corporate toolbox. Nothing to see here.
  8. Yet it works on Kerbin... Does having SAS disengaged make any improvement? Are you driving it exactly the same way on the Mun? Lo-grav & maybe different effective friction on the Mun are the only real difference I can see between the Kerbin & Mun environments. Getting out of my depth on rovers. I think you're going to need a rover expert to help you...
  9. こんにちは。 フォーラムへようこそ。 そのMODは「Better Burn Time」のようです。このMODは本当にお勧めです! 多機能なので、必ずドキュメントページを読んでください。
  10. Is it crewed? If not, does it have probe and antenna? If so, does your world have Commnet running? If so, are you in range of a suitable relay satellite If so, can you provide more information? (Hmm, I see you say MechJeb can run the rover on the Mun... Curious.)
  11. You didn't mention KAC (Kerbal Alarm Clock) but that is an essential mod. (I have verified it will give you the launch time for a vehicle sitting on the launch pad.) If you can determine that the stock alarm clock has the same functionality, all that much better for you.
  12. This is something!! I had a boss 'JR' (still a close friend) who was born in 1940. His father was 50 years old when JR was born. And in turn, the grandfather was also 50 when his son was born. So, circa 1840. So he had a couple of stories he told that were just eerie after-echoes from the past. An Oregonian, his grandfather had lived somewhere like Omaha and was a cattle rancher. He would drive cattle to Taxes for sale. His bride, Katie, was 'mail-order' from Ireland. They met for the first time at the train station when she arrived (not long after the Civil War had concluded). (Someone attempted to 'make her acquaintance' as she alighted and found a six-gun positioned under his nostrils.) They eventually moved further west because their middle state was getting 'crowded'. Then a decade or so later, the grandfather came home and said, 'Katie, let's start packing the wagon in the morning.' When she asked why he said, 'I saw smoke on the other side of the valley' (meaning a new settler). Which is how they came to Oregon. I was at a Black Angus in Phoenix in 1988 on a business trip, having lunch with JR and I said, "you know, I'm going to get married again and start a new family". Well that crazy plan took until 2004 and my youngest son was born a month before my 50th birthday. By the way, all of the story-telling now in progress in this thread is "On Topic, Houston" because it is what Old People do, apparently. (My wife says I am showing my age because I'm happy to go up to strangers and have an extended (unnecessary) conversation with them now.)
  13. My son turned 18 just 2 days ago.
  14. Seattle Times reports MRSA: methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus "Staphylococcal enterotoxin B is a toxin associated with incidences of massive food poisoning. The bacteria that produce this toxin (SEB) are universally associated with man and other warm blooded mammals and their spheres of environmental influence include sewage and plumes. Staphylococcus aureus can readily be isolated from nose, armpits or a.n.a.l. swabs and about 50% of clinical isolates produce this toxin. Staphylococcal enterotoxin B is one of the superantigens capable of massive nonspecific activation of the immune system including a massive release of cytokines, such as interferon-gamma, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha."
  15. Happy to announce the publication of Kryptonite. Complement of 7 Kerbals up/down to/fro LEO (Low Eve Orbit), assuming installation of the Old Smokey (Kerbal Konstructs) spaceport. This space-plane is certified: flies up, flies down, flies forward, flies backward! Fine print: turning requires some banking. Other terms/conditions may apply.
  16. Happy to announce the publication of Kryptonite. It may soon get an ECO[1] for RCS, but currently, it expects an LEO service craft to rendez-vous with it. So happy to finally get started with Eve! Development of this planet will take me years [past my life expectancy date]... [1] Engineering Change Order
  17. Very related. I (desperately) don't want to be the oldest KSP player! So please check out this link: The only catch is "do you play KSP every week?". If so, you are qualified to sport the "Respect Your Elders" badge (why would you want it?)!
  18. This is a fair criticism, I will readily admit. I hadn't intended it as such, but reflecting on it objectively, it was. I'm going to stand by my words, but don't take that personally. I have had enough of the KSP2 debacle. And, speaking of self-reflection, the wailing throng doesn't seem to understand nor care about the negative impact upon others, nor, more importantly, on T2 management. It very much looks like a lost cause (customer satisfaction), doesn't it? Live long and prosper.
  19. The problem is that you are upset about something. The most effective (only) solution is to make the internal change within yourself to not be upset about whatever you are upset about. Seriously. What might help you understand is that some people, just a few, knew in advance, from experience, that KSP2 was a very bad idea. So this is a self-inflicted wound. Also helpful might be the observation (opinion) that I just cannot think of any other industry that runs this way vis-a-vis the paying customer. Uusally, the protocol is that "we, the company, make our best guess as what might please the customer, then we make it and offer it for sale, and then they don't buy it if they don't want it"[1]. Couldn't be simpler. So, what is it exactly that is "wrong" with the games industry? Well, I will venture a guess: 'kidz'. They want what they want and they hold their breath waiting and then scream when they don't get it. Well, this can't be right. Most of the computer games clientele are over the age of 18. (Some are even 68 until next month.) And games, though perenially associated with 'kidz' (who are generally not 'serious' people) are, in actual fact, quite very serious intellectual components of human culture and have been since the first stones got chipped and polished into Go stones. So the conclusion I am making is that there seem to be now a preponderance of very maturity-stunted people in the games community: adultz who are still kidz. Normally, getting older is the conventional solution to this difficulty, but it must be something in the water now... Please yourself, but I've been hoping for years now KSP2 (a very bad idea) would die so the wailing would stop, but now it appears that we have to have 3 years of wailing about the demise of KSP2? A Demise Which Has Not Even Yet Been Announced. [1] remember too that "verbal contracts are not worth the paper they are written on". Caveat emptor.
  20. Spaceport: Old Smokey (OLD) Download: Old Smokey to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Old\ Smokey.zip and unzip. Body: Eve Lat: 0.7606S Long: 168.1730E Elev: 12,000m Description: High-altitude LEO launch point Spaceport. Notes: Currently, the Kryptonite[1] space plane is able to fly to LEO from and return to this spaceport. [1] certified but yet to be imminently published. It looks something like the below but is yet in a very provisional state. Needs a lot more work, but provides the basic test platform for first usage of Kryptonite.
  21. Yes, let's call it KSP3. Because that is how much better it is going to be. This time.
  22. Only if the fans[1] are ready to be quiet which won't happen until Sol goes nova red giant nova[1]... ^^^^^^^^ not what I typed [1] nova, as in "never" [2] fanatics, lunatics, spoiled brats [3] and hate to break it to today's "professional software engineers" but there is no such thing as "technical debt [wink wink]". That's just what you say to hoodwink your managers into letting you have your green field liquid dream
  23. Just completed testing on Kryptonite IIb and ready to certify. After the de-orbit deceleration, Kryptonite is more than happy to fly backwards to the target (Old Smokey, seen in the background) before the final "flip-around" maneuver. Acting upon advice from @Lt_Duckweed, all-up mass has been reduced from 230t to 192t. KerbalX is having conniptions at the moment, but I will publish this as soon as I can. Here is the very preliminary Old Smokey spaceport.
  24. "Moneypenny! Get me the chief of Acme Rocket Ejection Seat Corp on the blower! NOW!!!" SQUUAD!! HEAD COUNT. SOUNDDD OFF!! Well, on the bright side: at least I still haven't killed any kerbals today... Now fitting a new & improved version of the rocket ejection seat...
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