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  1. Thanks for the correct terminology, bud!
  2. It came to my attention that RAPIERs could still breathe (at certain speeds) at altitudes upto 28-29 km. But not that I could sustain in level flight however. So my experiments moved to suborbital speed hops. Then my focus turned to 'skip gliders': My current version uses two RAPIERs and a small amount of LOX to boost speed at AP one time only. (That center RAPIER pictured is now a drogue. No sense loitering in the pattern when time is of the essence!) Current testing is pole-to-pole with fuel tankers parked at each pole for refueling.
  3. Since I can use gravity assists, encounter at periapsis is always better. It's not intuitive (hence the disagreements) but I think it is now clear-cut. See: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/197273-moho-periapsis-for-return-trip-to-kerbin/&do=findComment&comment=3872499 Borrowing the table from that citation: "I have been able to determine the orbital speed at Apoapsis and Periapsis of a) Moho and b) an HETV with apoapsis at 13.318 Gm (Kerbin altitude):" alt: 3.949 Gm alt: 6.054 Gm Moho 18
  4. Correct. If you can plot the transit well enough to get a Moho encounter, without any en route adjustments, that would qualify as a CAT II mission. Good luck, Brave Sir! (Don't forget to load your 4 kerbals. )
  5. Good idea! Put a power grid above the roads and charge a fee for cars to raise a contact device up to the cable.
  6. Leg 15 [prev] [progress] [click & arrows] Departed: -20.713/67.441 @ Airborne: 68m Heading: 205 Distance: 471.9 km Altitude: 4.0 km Arrival: -59.210/31.415 Dick is happy today to finally fly what he calls "the Great Circle route". (Instead of going directly toward the ultimate destination, the "great circle" route is a more leisurely meandering toward any point of more proximate interest.) In this case, he has packed his fly fishing tackle and will be heading to a gorge at the foot of a prominent mountain on a lonely, southern is
  7. Ehm, that's the early Mendeleev keyboard...? It's expanded to hundreds of keys now...
  8. Including tweaking the Spring and Dampener settings, yes?? I set Spring:1 and Damping:1.5 by default on all craft as a starting point and then tune as required from there. There can be aerodynamic causes for 'bucking' but the above addresses the common causes. Tho this does sound like one of the aerodynamic causes... Another ritual of mine is to set Snap in the Hangar and then Absolute Rotate the landing gear to ensure it is true in all 3 axes. After that, I'd take a look at which point makes contact first. (E.g. if you're landing on the nose gear first, problemo.)
  9. Good idea. I think a single Ant+Oscar would do it. And dump the extensible solar panels. 2,860 kg with 220 m/s dV. (You can be sure you'd find me in the line at the space port to purchase a CAT 1 ticket, however!!)
  10. Here's my formal submission of the Pod IV mission. Pod IV weighed in at 3,076 kg after separation from its Escort Transit Injection Booster. See slides 3 and 4 in the following for Escort TIB burn back result and Pod IV initial mass after separation... The following sequence shows highlights of the "fox hunt" at Moho. Note slides 3 and 7, showing intercept distance and closing speed, arrest and capture with remaining dV of 4 km/s: I am submitting this mission under Category 2.
  11. Well, I believe I have qualified an entry, technically. It's initial mass, leaving Kerbin SOI solo, is 3,194 kg. I present Pod IV: Furthermore, the final version (shown above) will have only a single PB-X50 xenon tank, reducing its total mass to 3,101 kg for a dV of 968 m/s. I am not going to post this provisional, CAT 2 entry on the leader board at this time and you will see why, based on the following (click + arrows for slide show):
  12. Wonderful job and most illuminative! I'll certainly create a class also for transfers performed without gravity assists to encourage other entries. (My current prototype is a whopping 10.997t!)
  13. We didn't even have jet packs in my day. Splash down (if you could, but always welcome after the f.i.e.r.y re-entry) and swim for it. Lucky to get the occasional sachet of shark repellent, we were...
  14. No no. This is the new procedure for sending trainees to the KSS... They need to pilot themselves close enough on first launch to immediate rendez-vous and then jet-pack across. Or wash out... Standards have progressed so much since those "early pioneer days" of the Space Agency!
  15. Incidentally, I should point out that my strategy for the TIB is to use a super-over-powered Escort. Five (5) Rhinos and a TON of fuel: no need to finesse the return, particularly for such a light payload. It has plenty of capacity for a simple "burn back". [Note: old 4x Rhino model depicted] If you find this approach palatable(?), there will be no reason to expand the Stipulations in a complex manner. What do you think?
  16. Yes, as long as you do NOT use the booster to impart any further impetus to the payload after reaching SOI escape. The sticky detail is, of course, course corrections... (I've edited this response for brevity and in light of my next post.) Amended to include the word 'stable'.
  17. Leg 14 [prev] [next] [progress] [click & arrows] Departed: 0.063/104.400 @ Airborne: 62m Heading: 238 Distance: 426.9 km Altitude: 4.5 km Arrival: -20.713/67.441 Dick records his longest leg yet, landing on the beach at Heavenly Valley next to an Aquarius, which will provide fuel.
  18. (Right about now, I am wishing I had chosen e.g. Eve as the target for this exercise!)
  19. But it will be, tomorrow, in Hawaii.
  20. Concept: a lightweight capsule for 4 is a) hurled toward Moho from Kerbin by a recyclable injection booster and b) is caught in Moho SOI by a waiting receiver. This, in order to minimize the equipment/mass sent en route. Stipulations: The payload is required to be a Hitchhiker containing 4 kerbals. The origin is Kerbin and the destination is Moho. A recyclable interplanetary transit injection booster (TIB) may give an unlimited boost to the payload within the Kerbin SOI. The booster must detach before Kerbin escape and demonstrate its own recapture within the Kerb
  21. Leg 13 [prev] [next][progress] [click & arrows] Departed: -17.151/125.015 @ Airborne: 40m Heading: 308 Distance: 276.3 km Altitude: 3.5 km Arrival: 0.063/104.400 "Only those who continue to the end, ehm... will make it to the end." Famous last words since it has been nearly three months since Dick's last, Apocalyptic Ride of the Valkyries. Back in the saddle, though, and a couple of celebrations to be made! the trusty Chippewa has reached Netherania: the opposite point on the planet from the KSC departure point. Hooray!
  22. Yes, it does, above and beyond the call of duty, and a very impressive job, @xendelaar. Congratulations, you have joined the Honor Roll at position 2 and you have earned the badge, which you can find in the Original Post. If you wish, you are welcome to post it in your signature and encouraged to embed it with a link to this challenge (OP). Well done! P.S. and my apologies for taking so long to acknowledge your entry; I missed it some how.
  23. I've been watching this thread, quite fascinated. My chief impression is to wonder why people think there isn't enough challenge in KSP? It seems gravity assists and high-energy transfers are fertile ground for moah challenge. This has gotten me thinking about whether a slingshot via Mun on exit to get a 7-degree (Kerbol) plane change for Moho might not be a very effective tool and quite easy as gravity assists go??
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