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  1. OK, I see I have never had runways for NyeIsland, Polar_Alpha, HazardShallows, Harvester or SandyIsland. tl;dr Thanks for the help! EDIT: I wonder if this is because there is of some kind of renaming of KK_1700m_runway to KK_1700m_C_runway, or vice versa? Yes, renaming the 'pointername' from 'KK_1700m_runway' to 'KK_1700m_C_runway' fixes it. I may have gotten unlucky in the far past with the timing of the KSR download...? Problem Solved.
  2. Hopefully, I have the right topic for this... Is it my imagination or is the runway missing from this airport? (If anyone has a suggestion for which kind of runway was here originally, I can add it back myself.)
  3. This hits either a chord or a nerve with me. ("Easy, boy, easy!") (You are completely right (and a gentleman besides).) "If you can see their headlights pointed at you -- no matter what the distance -- they can see your headlights[1]. I am now quite clearly referring only to the 97% of cases in which the road between you is straight and you are head-on. So, now the question becomes: at what distance do your headlights become uncomfortable for the other driver? And the answer is, "you can never know what only s/he can know". (Road laws generally stipulate a distance, but how well can you judge that distance, and at night, and given the distinct possibility that the regulations are out-of-date with advanced lighting technology?) I would further argue, you do not need your high beams on at this point, since your low beams will show you enough about the surface of the oncoming road and the lights of the opposing car will show you where the general direction of the road is. Therefore: it's highly preferable to dip one's headlights, immediately another car is directly oncoming -- at any distance. Obviously, personal prudence may override any general rule of thumb and specific terrain/surface/driving conditions impose their own dictates in less usual circumstances.. Drive safely. [1] i.e. your headlights are now in their eyes!
  4. Snippets from the Mad Scientist Journal Back in January (2022), I posted Batwing Mk2, an aerial Mars Duna exploration vehicle, to KerbalX. Very pleased to be able to announce that the first (long-forgotten) Batwing Mk2 has finally arrived at Mars Duna and is preparing for LDO circularization to occur in 15m. That's a Mule nuclear transfer tug preparing for the retro burn. And, yes, now that you're wondering why it's taken 8 months to get here: I do play in "real time" (a regulatory limit: "no warp longer than 30m; find something better to do"). And, yes, I do play KSP something like 6h per day. Mad scientist that I am... Those who have been following the highly-sporadic Mad Scientist Journal will recall that I've started an independent space initiative based on a very southerly island nation (about the size of Tasmania), necessitating 60-degree inclined orbits. I made some remarks recently about synchronization of launches to assemble a space station; so here's one more observation, for those also inclined to attempt such a thing: make your first launch during full daylight note the UT (Universal Time), e.g. 04:00:00 your launch site (on Kerbin's surface in rotational motion) will be positioned again, under the established orbit, every 6h, at 04:00:00 every day. Easy. KSC High Command has announced Rule Changes for ASR operations. The current rules: any vessel/debris de-orbiting over Kerbin must be followed to the surface and/or destruction. Marked with approximate coordinates in the craft name: e.g. 'SOS 157E PFA-366 Hunter' for recovery (unless within the precincts of the KSC 'green'), a manned ASR operation must be despatched to the crash site and landed within target-switch ('[', ']') range for sunken debris, a submarine ASR operation must be despatched and likewise positioned within target-switch range once all sunken debris has fallen to the ocean (lake) floor. have been amended to additionally require (since the adoption of Targetron, which gives a 1Hz proximity update), target selection of the stricken vehicle is not permitted. ASR pilots must find and locate the target strictly by homing on the target-distance read-out. Here's another (real) example: 'SOS 87/49 SE X-97'. It gives the map grid indices which gets you in the direction to within 10 or so km. Then the homing commences... (Ah yeah: now you're asking "whyyyyy??!") It's actually a fun little game!
  5. The Terkestani Space Force out on display: Just a pair of harmless KISS-II Asterisk space station starter kits (102 tons) loaded on my new Slingshot mobile launchers. OK, here's another one:
  6. Good point. I'm an old-timer playing 1.11.2 (who may never convert to 1.12, since there is no more reason now to "keep up with versions"). So I mentioned it only because it's the vanilla mechanism. And, also, the free choice of your exact launch location. I do enjoy -60.5/39.2 because it's an island nation. Reminds me of Tasmania.
  7. Two items: 1. a new airport under development: Wadi Haifa; still indulging a "minimalist' style... this one has a little more evolution to do. (I hadn't been able to figure out how to get the Krita color picker to report the desert tundra color, but was moderately pleased to mix it by hand/eye/slider coordination and get it that close.) 2. Two, new, Terkestani launches from Olympia, 60S, both shown moments before circularization into orbits aligned with the new KISS-II space station being assembled (in a 60-degree incline):: I mention this subject again because I've gleaned a new perspective from this experience, so far: while I had thought that timing the launch window for synchronizing with a 60-degree orbit would be quite difficult (or beyond my own knack, anyway), it's become apparent that any 60-degree orbit spends more time quite close to 60S (and 60N), meaning the launch window on the ground (which is moving along a 60S track is quite long in proximity to the desired orbit. What seems to be important is -- not to insist on a 90E heading upon launch but -- to use approximately the course the target would be using IF it were overhead. And to make that simpler, and capitalizing on the flexible launch window, one may simply wait until the target HAS passed overhead and is now tracking down-range, but still in a very visible position on the navball. While it is also true that the target moves very quickly through the most southerly part of its orbit, conversely, the launchpad (on a different trajectory) moves through it quite slowly. Here's a take-away, then, for anyone feeling bored with KSP 1 (and desperate waiting for KSP2!)! Do a play-through, however you like, but restrict your launches to one launchpad, choosing from, say, Dessert Strip (6.5S), Baikerbanur, (20.6N) or Woomerang 45.3N. (I'm using TSA15 in KerbinsideRemastered.) I recommend becoming proficient with Alt-F12: Cheats: Set Position to move your vehicles from the KSC VAB to your launchpad. If you're playing for funds, and attempting vehicle recovery, target the KSC as usual; it's just gonna be harder! You are also going to have to solve the conundrum of how to get into the ecliptic, which is actually pretty easy: And remember the Golden Rule: have fun!
  8. My thanks also. Just installed and instantly warming to it. Haystack has always been in my top-3 "goto" mods but its interface has screamed skyward for improvement and, when on screen, it can really bog down camera manipulation. So, thank you!
  9. KISS-II transplants itself to a new orbit under its own power, thus fulfilling the stipulations of its Acceptance Tests.
  10. It can't be a Club without Membership, but membership is open to everybody (which is also Forum rules!). To become a member you just have to agree to abide by the rules, principally 'don't talk about Kayak Club' (which is a rule I am right now flagrantly violating -- it's kind of more of a joke on 'Fight Club', I suppose: secret clubs are just more attractive to join, don't you think?) And, technically, make one trip, either Exploration (discover new place) or Visit (find a location posted by someone else). And the 5 visitors is just a scoring limit. It doesn't stop anyone going there and posting a trip report. At that point, the location is no longer even secret and its coordinates can be published to help others. The scoring is totally not-the-point of Kayak Club, of course; just the fun[1] -- and promotion of our beautiful planet! (Did I mention you get a badge?)
  11. Just concluded an intensive 10-day project to post KISS-II to KerbalX. It is a redux of the original Kerbal Interplanetary Space Station[1], refactored to include launchers for each component and for simpler assembly. It was a lot of work, combined with a lot of fun, and lots of testing. The component launches are: Asterisk Observatory Cupola Orangutan (not orange, though) Lab/Hab Solar As I progressed, I found that the Minimus launcher (pictured top-left, docked with Asterisk payload), could be used to launch all components, and that became a fun theme. Also featured, is Finch (pictured top-middle under the Asterisk and Observatory (already assembled). Finch acts as the Fetch & Assemble tug for the operation. And Puffing Billy (seen in top and bottom right) which acts as second-stage for the Cupola and Solar launches. I did a "take 2" on this project because I am about to launch a KISS into a 60-degree inclined orbit from my new Olympian launch base, located at a secret location, 60.5S, somewhere. "That's all I can say right now about that because I am reading from a teleprompter". OK then.
  12. Check your screenshot over Uberdam above: seems suspiciously sunlit to me... Well, you said "occupied", so OK, but this seems like a very familiar 'tic' to me.
  13. You've gotten a lot of air miles from that Latitude, Captain....
  14. (After a long and torturous week, when I need to relax, I either go kayaking or I build an airport.) This is Kotter Municipal Airport. It just sprung up in the middle of nowhere. (0/164.6 W, to be exact. 90 degrees before KSC...) [click + arrows => slideshow] Of course, I had to strap into the Seiza (Constellation) and take a quick spin in the pattern to test it (the airport)... What I favor about the layout of this airport is that you can land at the far end and finish your roll at the terminal; departing straight back onto and from the near end, to pour the kero... on a windless day, anyway. Kotter is another "slide rule" airport, in which I place 5x 300mx300m 'decals' along the runway bed (endpoints, a midpoint and two quarterpoints), causing the minimum environmental disturbance and minimizing earth-moving as well. Slotting pieces together and getting them level is always a tedious time-consumer, so I can see myself soon automating that, especially for this kind of "cookie-cutter" airport. "Your coordinates, please --and, of course, the check, if you will....." STAMP. "Your airport, sirs..." It's been a pleasure, as we say in the business world. There's, truthfully speaking, no municipality here in Kotter; not yet. (It's just a waypoint for returning space vehicles. (Space Agency paid for this one!)) Build the airport, though, and the people will come.
  15. Working on a stowable rover for a Mk3 cargo bay. (It might still be too wide.) Code-name is Insecticide.
  16. "You hang around jet engines all your working life... you start to whine, you know." It breaks the routine.
  17. "What did you do in the kerbal Space program today??" Flew. Pretty much. You know... the usual test pilot stuff. Comin' home after a long day in Space... Some of it pretty routine. (It's not easy being a Test Pilot. "No ladder"; I'm noting that in the Test Flight log. They won't change it though...)
  18. Thank you, Tater. I know. (Not the aliens, of course. Perhaps they're clearing the way for a new intergalactic wormhole. They do seem to be the authorities in this situation, too.)
  19. (Everything always dies.) Not my doing. And not my choice. I'd prefer there be no kidnapping, murder, corruption and deception, but I don't go around killing indiscriminately to prevent it... (I leave that to the authorities.) Philosophy is great only to make people think, I suppose. In the scenario, there are three choices, but one wasn't listed in the poll.
  20. "Sandbox Aerospace was the only mode available until career mode was introduced in version 0.22." "functions more as a pure exploration" "The Science game mode is one of the three modes available in Kerbal Space Program. It is an intermediate choice between "freestyle" Sandbox Aerospace mode, and the heavily resource dependent Career mode." I've stopped using the S-word. Try assuming for the moment the term was just a misnomer and that the original game was "Aerospace" (spirit and intention). "In exchange for total freedom, sandbox Aerospace will not deliver rewards, register progress, or acknowledge certain things the player does in general, such as collecting science from research modules." Even then, since the term aerospace encompasses a lot of ground (on planet Earth), one should reach a common comprehension on that original "spirit and intention" in KSP of the creators. Note that the Kerbolar system resembles a cleverly-graded series of puzzles in Orbital Mechanics (and Aerodynamics) and the original implementation seemed fairly clearly directed at that focus, and succeeded largely because that focus kept things simple, elegant (and provided a modular base for later expansion for a wider audience): allowing the most degrees of freedom (flexibility).
  21. Quite true. But in the face of giant evil, very often the only reasonable action is to state the evil and refuse to play. It's also necessary in my view to target the perpetrators, not innocent bystanders. In this scenario, no personal nuclear suicide vest (with a palm-held orange button) is mentioned, or else I'd happily press it.
  22. Neither. (Why? "Do no evil". Besides, I don't trust these guys.)
  23. I, as someone with an apparently significantly "different" view to most expressed in this and its companion thread, have to say that SunlitZelkova's response (cited above) is the one I have found notable for its cogency, informativeness and comprehension. Kudos, therefore, to SunlitZelkova. "Dux."
  24. That is very impressive, Sir Aziz!! Sincerely, congratulations.
  25. I revisited Reykjavik Is (70S 170E) recently and thought: "I should deploy a Vitesse here". One thing lead to another and Samsted Kerman attempted a max speed run in the single-engine Wheesley machine...
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