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  1. A fascinating aircraft. I ran it in stock 1.11.2 (no FAR) and it clocked M2.22 @ 7km altitude. Pretty thirsty like that, though. (I guess you meant dry...)
  2. https://kerbalx.com/Hotel26/Hyperkube
  3. More Fun with STOL as Jerke Kerman (pronounced 'Her-kay' por favor) tests a new Hexapen variant. (OK, look, I'll get bored with STOL too, soon enough, OK.)
  4. Too kind! I am revisiting Hexapen to attempt a massive drag reduction program, but check it out. Also my VTOL hangar as these are all V/STOL. And Boojum, which was a step on the way to swjr-swis' magnificent (but as yet, unpublished) Mujoob... Don't be afraid of the JV-6 'Vito' part that Boojum employs: it's merely a config from Snark (and see the original post) and very easy and unobtrusive to install...
  5. Exploring the STOL envelope in the fabulous, yet-to-be-published Mujoob[1]... [1] not my work
  6. I was going to +1-or-even-more your always-humorous entry in Shower Thoughts (although I deeply suspect you are having Shower Thoughts at all times (are you a sauna attendant, perchance? or just the world's cleanest guy?)), but you left me hanging on which were those much-maligned cities, skipped to be polite -- now I can't sleep... Is my city one of THOSE? I could be living knee-deep in filth and not even know!! <Sleepless in <Snipton>>
  7. I learned something today. "What does 'The Hunt for Red October' have in common with 'Fawlty Towers'?"
  8. Terrain setting on High; Texture Quality on Half Res; but I just set Full Res up to max and no difference here. R9 is only 400m long before it climbs a hill in its third segment. The threshold slopes slightly down until meeting the middle segment which is level. I'm on 1.11.2, of course. Are you flying in 1.3 or 1.11.2? (OK, I will try this in 1.3.1... Oh, boy: that jet 'whistle' makes me nostalgic for 1.3.1.) If this fails to show any difference, I will start a new world... UPDATE: OK, I think it is a bit flatter in 1.11.2.
  9. This is Donsted-Frobrett AFB (DFB). It occupies one whole island. It is 106 km SSW of KSC and has two runways, both short and both grassy. (All you need is a building, right?) Great for a Sunday morning flight or a prototype test flight. Come on down sometime? Donsted R9 7.01S / 82.17W / 84m Frobrett R36 6.99S / 82.11W / 119m
  10. Airport: Kathmandu (KAT) Download: Kathmandu.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Kathmandu.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 62.18N Long: 40.91E Elev: 101m Description: Picturesque medium-scale airport on the shores of Mt Keverest. Notes: Connector for Lukla (LUK), at Mt Keverest. Airport: Lukla (LUK) Download: Lukla.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Lukla.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 61.63N Long: 46.24E Elev: 6628m Description: Tiny airport with 510m, inclined dirt strip, R10 (with run-off ramp), very near the summit of Mt Keverest. Notes: Very challenging! Beware the density altitude. With a single-engine Juno aircraft, I line up the flags for R10 and maintain 6,615m altitude and 70 m/s speed. Next: don't panic. (Get the touch-down right and don't worry about the end of the runway because every accident is a touch-down bounce rather than a runway end accident. There is a very steep "runaway truck ramp" at the far end.) CAUTION: here is the view of short final at the dirt strip intended for landing:
  11. Using a Bonanza to practice going in and out of Lukla, very near the summit of Mt Keverest: I wanted to create a challenging field. Getting out is hard, let alone getting in -- at a density altitude at which the single Juno is putting out only half its sea-level rating. There's a very short "runway" (actually a taxiway) here for true STOL and helos to use as an aiming point. The natural dirt strip (510m), with a steep run-up at the end, has been preserved, as it is flat enough, albeit,sloping. This place has everything! Topped off with a short walk to the highest point on Kerbin.
  12. Airport: Gilligans Island (GIL) Download: Gilligan Is.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Gilligan Is.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 5.94N Long: 62.80W Elev: 604m Description: The large island 115km ENE of KSC. Who hasn't been there?! Notes: Great run for testing performance of new aircraft. I actually have a grass strip at the other end of the island and -- get this -- I run an occasional Vitesse express train service between the two extremities of the island.
  13. A work in progress: this is Kathmandu 62 14N 40 57E: I am planning a nearby high-elevation airport to be called Lukla that will present some unique aeronautical challenges along with commensurate mountaineering rewards.
  14. Anything for a plug! Now, @ZinkBot
  15. @chadgaskerman I don't think you're hosed. You have two options: download some of the ports here just to add some flavor and get some enjoyment from KK when you add newly-constructed ports to a vanilla world (save) in a lower version of KSP (e.g. 1.11.2 is fully functional for KK), you can copy the assets to your 1.12 GameData and they will appear/work in all your 1.12 saves. I think #2 would allow you (with some extra work) to get started on your own ports. Caerfinon's Starter Guide recommends saving your own statics outside of the GameData/KerbalKonstructs/NewInstances subdirectory. This is a good recommendation. I've extended that as follows: I work on one airport at a time. I believe KK will find and modify an existing port's statics wherever it finds them within GameData. It adds brand new statics into its own NewInstances subdirectory. when you are finished with an edit, simply move the contents of ./NewInstances/, if any, to your own airport's directory. I use the following structure: GameData/Hotel26/Airports/, with all airports stored separately in their own subdirectory. This allows any airport directory to be zipped up and distributed independently. It also facilitates source control by preventing admixing within any one file of statics from varying ports. I deliberately keep all this outside of KK's own hierarchy because KK is a third-party distributable and can get updated. Hope this is of some use to you now.
  16. Wait a minute! When you say "planes", is that some kind of code for... "cranes"? ['p' = 'c'; 'l' = 'r'?]
  17. Airport: Kraken Eyrie (EYR) Download: Kraken Eyrie.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Kraken Eyrie.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 0.16S Long: 79.84W Elev: 4726m Description: secret listening post, 55km W of KSC. Notes: challenging, high-altitude with short, unfinished runway. Updated: 2021-07-11: added tracking station atop the summit
  18. Airport: Kykuit (KYT) Download: Kykuit.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Kykuit.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 2.42N Long: 72.79W Elev: 294m Description: serves a small township 30km NE of KSC. Notes: has helipad for executive heli-commuters Airport: Rembrandt (REM) Download: Rembrandt.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Rembrandt.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 3.20S Long: 77.64W Elev: 16m Description: fishing village with large enclave of artists. Notes: 45km SW of KSC.
  19. Oh, take a look at Caerfinon's guide, Getting Started With Kerbal Konstructs, because I think there is some sequence in order to make the other buttons appear. (Update: sorry, Caerfinon, I did a 'ninja' on this post, coz I think I was barking up the wrong tree, originally.)
  20. MechJeb does this and much, much more. If you watch it work carefully, it is also a good teacher. Welcome to the forum!
  21. Celebrating my very first aerial combat kill!
  22. Airport: St Moritz (SMZ) Download: St Moritz.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/St Moritz.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 15.88S Long: 72.18E Elev: 4910m Description: Alpine ski resort served by HVN Regional. Notes: Short, high-elevation runway will test your aircraft and your skill! Enjoy the snow and ensure you apply a good UV blocker.
  23. Airport: Heavenly Valley (HVN) Download: Heavenly.zip to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Heavenly.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 18.82S Long: 70.16E Elev: 656m Description: Tourist resort area and connector to St Moritz alpine ski field. Notes: This is a very basic port and no reason for other constructors to not build and post better versions in same or nearby locations (but do mark your post if you know your airport location will clash with that of anyone's earlier post.) No reason also for constructors not to collaborate as this can be very fun! (Provisional entry: I would be very glad to receive feedback from testers about the ease and method of installation.)
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