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  1. How To Maintain Your Airports Independently as Self-Contained Assets (Posting your airport as a self-contained download permits down-loaders to choose only what they wish to introduce.) Caerfinon's Starter Guide recommends saving your own statics outside of the GameData/KerbalKonstructs/NewInstances subdirectory. This is a good recommendation. I've extended that as follows: work on one airport at a time. KK should find and modify an existing port's statics wherever it finds them within GameData. KK adds brand new statics into its own NewInstances subdirectory. when finished with an edit, simply move the contents of ./NewInstances/, if any, into your own subdirectory for that airport. An example structure: GameData/Hotel26[1]/Airports/<airport-name>/, with all airports stored separately in their own subdirectory. This allows any airport directory to be zipped up and distributed independently. It also facilitates source control by preventing admixing within any one file of statics from varying ports. Keep all this outside of KK's own hierarchy because KK is a third-party distributable and can get updated. If you've already collected a library of your own ports, separating them from each other might be quite a big job as you will likely have to pull apart a number of files, based on the 'Group =' key within assets. I would suggest breaking this task up such that you simply just tackle one airport as a time, as you wish to post each. [1] use your own name/choice that doesn't clash with any known mod Airport Index (updated periodically): BOM 2.54N / 74.81W Bombing Range CAP 0.54N / 42.03W Capetown END 8.51S / 83.20W Lands End GIL 5.94N / 62.80W Gilligans Island HVN 18.82S / 70.16E Heavenly Valley LUK 61.63N / 46.24E Lukla KAT 62.18N / 40.91E Kathmandu KYT 2.42N / 72.79W Kykuit NRT 47.57S / 127.85W Narita REM 3.20S / 77.64W Rembrandt SMZ 15.88S / 72.18E St Moritz TBK 0.13N / 107.38W Tobruk Suggested "celestial body" prefix, if you desire to prefix a fourth letter: S Kerbol K Kerbin M Mun N Minmus H Moho E Eve D Duna R Dres J Jool L Laythe V Vall T Tylo P Pol B Bop O Eeloo
  2. Kerbal Konstructs Airport Exchange This topic is opened to allow Airport Constructors (you?) to exchange Kerbal Konstructs airport creations and/or ideas. You require at least one or two mods to participate effectively: Kerbal Konstructs which is licensed under The MIT License. optionally/most desirably Kerbinside Revisited which is licensed under Creative Commons: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In addition, this guide, Getting Started With Kerbal Konstructs, is invaluable. The term "airports" includes "spaceports" and their locations are NOT limited to Kerbin. Like & use Kerbal Konstructs but dislike "fiddling" with it?? This topic is still for You! Instant download of exciting new airports from this smorgasbord...! (Just think: somebody else has already done all the work for you!) No airport to post but questions, comments, tips, suggestions (not gripes): Welcome to this topic! (No doubt eager constructors would welcome suggestions for new locations at which to provide airport services!) Suggested Guidelines for Posting: Everyone is welcome to post here, particularly beginners (like me!) seeking encouragement/constructive advice. airports should be a self-contained set of config files in one (airport) directory containing no elements from other KK "groups". (No 'packages'; see next post.) good form to mark your post if its lat/lon is going to clash with a pre-existing airport. photos are helpful to potential down-loaders! these are only guidelines: use your good judgement. Suggestions welcome! Everyone else is welcome to post airports to this topic or start topics of their own (here in Spacecraft Exchange) dedicated solely to their own creations. Upon request, I will be happy to create an index here in this OP, linking to such topics. Credits, of course, to the creators/maintainers of the mods mentioned above, Kerbal Konstructs and Kerbinside Remastered; and to @Caerfinonand @James Kermanfor their invaluable assistance. Have fun!
  3. A stock version is very appealing! (About to test.) Boojum started as a JV-6 'Vito' experiment but I think we should take advantage of it, as defense contracts usually do, getting out-of-control. I think the unarmed 'Vito' Boojum as a trainer, in "pulse hover" operations, and the stock Boojum with Sidewinders might make a nice pair. (At this point, somebody has to express appreciation to @Snarkfor all the fun with Vito: hat tip, bud.)
  4. Sidewinder test (Coney Island responds to recent Doodlebug aggression with a warning shot): Then tests a Boojum loaded with twin Sidewinders... (I've found a way now to deal with how annoying I find 'trees' in these later versions of KSP.)
  5. This is Boojum: (I know: what a strange name) It has rather surprised me because its range looks like 1,500+ km on only 150 kals of JET-A and it's fast/maneuverable. Its ventral surface harbors 10x JV-6 'Vito' thrusters for vertical landings... It is, in fact, technically, a carrier hover-jet looking for a mission (Hello, @chadgaskerman). I'm thinking about adding some armament for target practice... (I know it's wrong...) Pterosoar under development... "no known peaceful uses".
  6. Might be a good thing to have it all (all agencies) out in the open for review by the world's people? Freedom For Information.
  7. I have encountered the same and wish to use this No experience specialization override to turn off the need for the "Repair Skill". I don't see anything appropriate in the Advanced Game Difficulty settings except for Kerbal Level Up Immediately, which is greyed out (Sandbox). So, two questions: How to override Skills (good for all) In Sandbox, what controls Kerbals Level Up Immediately being available or is it only relevant to Science/Contract? can you preload a kerbal's inventory in the VAB? If the need for Repair Skill (and Kits, preferably) can't be overridden, what must a Kerbal do to get it? (I have, for the time being, worked around this (and one of the Kerbal not being able to climb more than two steps up the ladder) by directly editing the .sfs file.)
  8. Elly Kerman, latest in a long, long line of Illustrious Chief Test Pilot appointments at Truman Craftyard, demonstrates the 20-21 model of the new, updated Rodeo Sports... Rodeo is supremely navigable under chute or without. Spot landings: a breeze... Chute is a drogue until you dip under 100m AGL. Just barrel on in, guys. Elly's leading the charge!
  9. My esteemed colleague, @swjr-swis, spent some time reverse-engineering my latest creation, Bee, with which I had encountered some obstructed hatch problems. Test-flying his results. And I must say... what a delight! So, for your entertainment: This, is how I want to go to work every day!!
  10. A standard Kerbal day in the SPH. Tell the guys to build this: which was shaping up very nicely... particularly the VERT-LAND feature. And come back next morning to see this: Guys. What's your problem!??" "Hatch obstructed, boss". Sheesh. It's called Bee. I liked my first Nissen Break-Apart plane so much (for depositing a Mk-3 cabin at remote sites) that I had to do a sequel: Nissen XL. It transports an Mk-3 cabin, with storage for 5,000 kals of fuel, plus full communications with a relay antenna to operate a Probe Control Point. Oh, yeah. And a run-about for the base. Not a bad Kerbal day, anyway.
  11. (from Geonovast's signature) My own method: drag an image into your Imgur 'Images' page. Click the image after it has uploaded. On the right-hand sidebar, click Copy on the Direct Link. Paste the link now on your clipboard directly into your Forum post-under-construction. Same link works for KerbalX. Looking forward to seeing your ships!
  12. This is Vitesse undergoing initial speed trials: She is inspired by my current (but long-running) Pacemaker round-Kerbin rover trip (which began in about March 2019, inspired by the illustrious @Triop). I have discovered that I can run fast with Pacemaker when the refuel tanker is out ahead and I set SAS to Target the tanker. If and when Pacemaker goes airborne, the RW paraphernalia will attempt to track the target ahead (maybe up to 150 km distant) and that seems sufficient to land a high-speed jump. My plan, therefore, is to set up a high-speed overland route with legs marked by flags. Vitesse will go fast on each leg until it approaches the next flag; then slow and turn to target the next flag. With experience, the engineer will learn what the fastest permissible speed on each leg is (and those can be marked into each flag). I've actually attempted this in the past with my Kannonball, but I think this craft, Vitesse, is. and looks. much less cumbersome. (My Victor II looks like an efficient machine to lay out a proposed route from the air...) In addition, I've found that driving jet-powered locomotives over hilly terrain is challenging because speed control is quite inexact. As a result, terrain knowledge guides the engineer, in advance, to how much power to apply in anticipation of what will be required to maintain a safe and expedient momentum. The chutes are for reserve and the rear brakeman is responsible for quickly repacking the chutes after an incident (which may have to be done "on the fly", as we like to say in the railroad business). But why? "Market surveys reveal that a surprising number of Kerbals are 'uncomfortable' with air travel."
  13. We have to go with what the introducer of the word intended. (The "other rule" is local pronunciation, like the correct way to say, "Pier, South Dakota".) The real problem is Steve Whylight has misspelled the name he chose (would recommend a spell checker in future, Stephy.) So. "JIF". It is JIF. Pronounced like JIF. All GIF files should be renamed. And there might be some work to do in some applications. (Maybe more than Y2K, but this is an important problem to solve.) [Or we could all just jet along and say GIF to save the trouble. ]
  14. "Let them think 'CAKE'!" Cogito cake, ergo sum.
  15. A baobab tree, introduced with Breaking Ground.
  16. Well, what a lot of fun!! St Moritz, my new ski chalet nestled in the Heavenly Alps. My first approach had to be a go-around. [click + arrows = slideshow] But the second pulled up to a full-stop with a little runway left. The runway is only just long enough for the Twin Otter to get out, descending into a ravine. It's also elevated just enough such that the Otter's props cannot clear the berm. The pilot must therefore reverse the craft back down the runway before the run-up and departure. I love it. I can't wait to go skiing! (Yes, there will be heli-skiing at St Moritz, too!)
  17. (Hope your wife makes a good recovery and is out of the hospital soon, @Cavscout74) I wanted to put my new turboprops to use, so I built this, this evening: It's modeled on the Twin Otter. It does about 215 m/s at 3.5 km but it's VSTOL performance is utterly outstanding, particularly when you nudge the props into reverse just as it touches down. It has a full rack of independent flaps, just like the Real McCoy. The turbo-props are 3-bladed with a 400-kallon tank, a nacelle and a Juno (for the racket as it doesn't add very much thrust.) I added the 400-kallon tanks for better range, but it's only about 500km.
  18. Septimus Operation Guide Controls [1] Junos [2] R121 turboshaft [3] rotor brake [4] VERT ref [5] ladder [6] RW boost (15% -> 115%) [T/F] HORZ ref [H/N] rotor thrust [K/I] collective Vertical Departure engage brakes start Junos [1] engage rotors [2] disengage rotor brake [3] engage SAS [T] select VERT ref [4] retract ladder [5] run up rotor to 460 rpm [H] reduce rotor thrust to 15% [N] ladder up? ready to lift-off? add collective [K] to begin a slow but steady ascent [WASD] for joystick controls with [EQ] providing opposite yaw retract gear [G] tap SAS Hold [F] to reselect HORZ ref (revert to normal QWASDE control) lower the nose and fly away lower the collective as flying speed builds "wing" lift >40 m/s, use [N] to zero the rotor thrust and hit [3] to brake the rotors when rotor speed stops (0), you may engage autopilot [P] if you have Atmospheric Autopilot You may elect to fly without SAS below about 38 m/s, but you will certainly require it exceeding that speed. Note: if you wish to fly Septimus well, please consider that adverse roll is applied to the aircraft whenever the rotor is being torqued to accelerate the rotor speed. Therefore, applying heavy power to the R121 is standard when a) the aircraft is parked on the ground, or b) the aircraft has flying speed >= 70 m/s. Risky at all other times. The trick (and test of pilot with true grit) comes when approaching the vertical landing. You must time the approach such that you attain at least 100-150 rpm whilst still moving faster than 70 m/s. This will likely require 100% torque due to drag. As you decelerate below this speed, you will be obliged to reduce thrust as close as you can to 15%, understanding that 15% is nominal and not sufficient to keep accelerating the rotor speed while moving quickly through the air. If you do this right, you will slow through a threshold with a goodly number of turns and be able to still lower rote thrust (to the nominal 15%) and enjoy still steady increasing revolutions due to decreased drag. Expect to use plenty of port roll input and some assiduous jockeying of pitch, roll & yaw (yup, all three)to precipitously slow the aircraft to take enter into full advantage of still air. You shouldn't have to use [6] RW boost (15% -> 115%) but it's there to bail you out if you do need it... Vertical Landing Well, the note above covers the tricky part. Assuming you've nailed all that finalizing the initial approach: engage SAS [T] disengage autopilot [P] if Atmospheric Autopilot you'll have the Junos idled; rotations >= 200 rpm and heading for 460; rotor thrust at ~15% use the collective [K] to take up the lift deficit as your flying speed diminishes raise the nose above the horizon to bleed off forward speed, controlling your approach over the target it's good to increase the collective as you bring the nose up to "brake" and be ready to let it off as you quickly lower the nose pro-actively expect to be a full three-fingered busy on the left-hand side of the keyboard controlling the final approach to the hover point if your nerves are fraying, hit [4] for VERT ref and then punch the SAS Radial Out button to let the auto help you settle once over the target and close to stationary, patience and a very gentle touch with QWASDE will be your guide to a sweet touch-down with Mother Terra Firma Good luck and enjoy!! Note to designers: I found that a terrible "wobble" incurred during hover was due to having Pitch, Yaw & Roll set on the blades. Canceling that magically smoothed the hover. (This doesn't seem to be a problem with contra-rotating blades which must cancel each other out...) Enquiries welcome and advice freely given. Please use this topic to post questions or experiences, if you so desire!
  19. This is Septimus, a single-rotor express helicopter based on RuBisCO's eminent Compound Speed 2. First off: all credit to RuBisCO for the original, very beautiful Compound Speed 2, a stock helicopter in which RuBisCO invested countless hours tuning to be the perfect machine, incorporating a state-of-the-art KAL controller. The reasons for the "fork" are several but the notable quality of this work is that it can be flown with a single rotary wing plane and no counter-balancing agency other then airflow over the control surfaces and the Reaction Wheels (only 15% of one of those is required usually).
  20. Call me old-fashioned but electric props don't cut the mustard for me. That eery silence, apart from the whistling wind... and I find myself heading for the EXIT door, strapping my chute on... (I reckon it's the training from my service days, still kicking in.) I published Alpine 2 this evening. I loved the result: a black-and-white movie Grand Old Dame of the Skies relic but her climb performance is not great. So I won't be the first Kerbal to have invented this: The turbo-prop. An R121 turboshaft on the front (super-quiet) and a Wheesley on the back (racket!: just what the doctor ordered!!). Haven't tried this, but In cruise, the props can be feathered and then just enough electric power applied to keep them turning. Conversely, the props can be driven with the Whistles on idle for some good ole down-home barn-stormin'.
  21. I've explored this with spaceplanes Geist and Poltergeist pictured below. Geist features a center-line NERV with a low-slung Whiplash. Atmospheric flight control has to compensate for the Whip on the ascent. Poltergeist took the opposite approach by centering the Whiplash thrust and mounting a canted NERV underneath. The NERV is aimed directly in the general direction of the CoM and has its own aligned probe controller for control reference. (See the comments about its flight in vacuum resembling a crab 'scuttling'.) It's quite doable and the benefit was LETO ("less engines to orbit"). Take note of the RW count in each. It is true, though, that I made some effort to get the engine thrust centered through the CoM. (Fuel balance becomes important.) I recently collaborated with two others on an SSTO that had low-slung engines (mainly for appearance). First observation is that, for the price of some drag, the asymmetry can be managed. The resolution was to top-mount the engines on the wing, which is unconventional but looked even cooler. Still asymmetric (since wing incidence was a main driver in the design), but within limits. I guess the simple tl;dr is "yes, it's a factor and will cause rotation if unchecked". Don't let that stop you experimenting and do have fun!
  22. My feeling is that it is so utterly irrelevant.
  23. Team effort working under the Chief Architect, Caerfinon. (Fun was had by all.)
  24. This brings back memories of Christmas, 2014, when my son gave me KSP. He had been playing it with my grandson (Calvin) who was about 3 at the time, and Calvin's sole, gleeful duty was to hit the space bar at the end of the countdown. I bet the SPH & VAB could feel pretty much like Lego to a youngster! (Just need some guidance diagnosing what happens outside after leaving the runway or launchpad.) Well, I'm going to give the Dad a quick demo of KSP on a laptop sometime soon.
  25. Riddle: "What's the difference between a divorce and a house fire?" "A house fire doesn't take half your salary..." OK, OK, sorry. (And congratulations to all the January TOTM award members!) I'm here researching the new(?) Lego ISS because a non-KSP colleague (yes, we all are blighted with them), has presented his six year-old with this Lego kit (even though it's rated 16+) and I'm trying to engineer a way for aforesaid colleague to get aforesaid six year-old hooked on KSP. Hmm.... Too early?
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