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  1. I stand in Dereliction of Duty. Yet, this place was so hard to find again. I think the best clue (apart from "on the Russian steppes" and under a (possibly badly-skewed) equatorial orbit), would be its precise maximum depth (more precise than "shallow"), but I would need just an excellent submarine vessel for that... And then the Intrepid Explorer would have to go sample every such lake -- with a very Intrepid Submarine...
  2. A couple of years ago, I had a capsule with a lone female Kerbal make a fiery re-entry and then approach a touch-down under chutes somewhere over those long Easterly plains. Fascinated, I watched the trajectory stay glued to the middle of a very small lake. And, quite amazed, I witnessed a safe splash-down in the middle of that lake. in the middle of nowhere. The Kerbonaut (let's call her Sandra Kerman) had to go EVA under water and then swim for the shore. Quite an unexpected and harrowing experience, I'm sure. Mission Control (me) was not astute enough to get a fix on what we now call "Lake Gravity" -- and we have been searching for it ever since. Well, tonight, we are happy to announce: we think this is it. (Champagne? Yes, we think this is reason enough...) (Coincidentally, I live near a place called "Gravity Lakes" that is real.)
  3. First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!! Now it seems you have your first Munar Rescue Mission to look forward to. Exactly the same except you'll need to make a pinpoint landing this next time (within walking distance, any way). Unless... Unless you have a quicksave that predates the mishap. Even if it's in orbit before the landing: practice makes perfect. Finally, some good news. leave Jebediah (oh no) there as long you like until you're ready to come back for him. He'll wait patiently. Well done!!
  4. The following picture depicts a Jansen Omnidock: It consists of a Papa Dock, Mama Dock and Baby Dock, in one assembly, such that it can participate in docking with any other kind of dock, including another Jansen Omnidock. It is a very useful choice of equipment for e.g. a space station. Please NOTE that it is NOT possible to exactly construct the Jansen Omnidock in the SPH or VAB, due to the following, highly-technical detail: For ease, downloading the Jansen Omnidock sub-assembly for merging with your target craft (e.g. space station) may be the simplest procedure. With Precise Editor (pictured) however, an alternative, direct approach is feasible. In the picture, the Papa Dock (Senior) has a Y-axis displacement of 10. The Mama Dock (Ordinary) has a displacement of 9.9953 (-0.0047 relative) and the Baby Dock (Junior, shown in Precise Editor) has Y=10.1346 (+0.1346 relative). When, therefore, the Papa Dock is placed in connection with a 2.5m tank, for example, it is possible to radially attach the minor docks to the same tank (part) and then use Precise Editor to move them to the desired displacement/orientation, vis-a-vis the Papa Dock. This works easily when the Papa Dock is aligned in any plane orthogonal to either X, Y or Z: one can then simply adjust one co-ordinate (X, Y or Z) to effect the desired offset. To finish off, it is strongly recommended to: null out the port Docking Acquire Force as undocking sometimes otherwise leaves craft magnetically-bound (use the Thrust, Luke!) if staging, set them all to stage toegether; if using a key-binding for separation, similarly: "all together" Final note. The picky constructor will often desire a combination of two docks, not three. Entirely possible! (Lessee (improvising)... in the case of Mama + Baby, the relative offset would be 10.1346 - 9.9953, which is +0.1393.) (Or, you could just download Jansen Omnidock, the "Swiss port" of space stations.)
  5. Going through the dusty, old junk, hidden under the tarpaulins at the back of the SPH, I found an old "drone" prototype. I'm working on a v2 that will extend its speed/range AND... it will be deployed on the runway as a "wing of three", departing in formation, capable of mid-flight detachment, providing a training platform for remote controllers in 1. formation flying and 2. aerial combat. It sports variable-incidence wings. v2 prototype just hit M2 climbing through 11.7 km... looking forward to seeing the final numbers, including range.
  6. I read this as meaning that it is 'video game graphics' that makes KSP2 (and all other video games) possible and, hence, any revolution in video game graphics, such as 'concurrent binary trees', has tremendously interesting potential impact for video game players (us). (Just my interpretation and Vl3d can elaborate...) But therefore, thank you very much, @Vl3d, for linking these videos and paper. I'll watch the videos with interest.
  7. Had you considered refueling from the fuel tanks at most KSR bases? If the facility to do so is opened, it's a matter of clicking on the fuel tank. (If you think that might be what you want, but have trouble with it, I can help. (I am no KK expert, though!) I personally use a mod called Telemagic that allows you to refuel from a fuel tanker (when both vehicles are parked within 30m of each other). It requires you build the infrastructure to ship fuel to key airports which just gives you one more reason to fly missions.
  8. I have a project on the drawing boards to make a part that produces Xenon (from ore). As far as I've gone, I think I have to make a part .cfg for this. Converters (consuming ore) can make MP (monopropellant) for RCS. You're right about Solid Fuel except that solid boosters effectively contain Solid Fuel in a tank and you can transfer solid fuel from a huge unused booster (e.g. buried into an aircraft carrier), from which landing aircraft with spent retro-solids can "refuel" once docked (I've done this). If my Xenon technique works for xenon, it can be made to work for solid fuel and thereby fill a reservoir from which to refuel other things. Solid fuel may be simpler to produce than xenon but I haven't made any study of this yet. I'm being vague (intentionally) at this point, I know, but I think it is doable in KSP 1 and without code.
  9. And its native bird is the Ostrich, which is on the coat of arms. But not of Austria. Or maybe I'm getting confused with another national bird. And another southern country. What I'd really like to know is which country, or principality, more likely, has oysters octopi on its coat of arms... (Atlantis, maybe...?)
  10. Hello, @Rakete and thanks for the interest. Yes, they are self-contained (one for each airport) and they should each unload[1] into GameData/Hotel26/Airports/<airport-name>/ independently of each other. I've organized them this way so that you can pick-and-choose but I may soon add a compendium zip that includes all (and delete what you don't want). That would be convenient for the first-time down loader. I don't think they are currently but I've had this request before and also the suggestion of adding spawn points at each airport. I'll make this happen if I can do it unobtrusively. One thing about the way my latest versions are set up is to not list a marker on the Map View. I find those markers get in the way of maneuver nodes. I think this is an independent issue, though, and they could still be openable. (All the more reason in fact to have them on an accessible menu.) I'll ping you when I've done any/all of the above. [1] may need work, as this is the intended location in GameData but the zips may not be structured this way. If not, unzip them into a temporary directory and move them, but I will amend this to make it clearer and easier to install.
  11. Building a new military airbase on Canary Island (21/125 SW) but the environmental impact study required our engineering team to limit the base footprint ("some kind of blasted civilian penguin..."). The design team is pioneering a computer-generated decal technique to auto-map decals of the specified size, aligned in the appropriate direction and spacing to sit flush with a 1,700m runway. Hand-generated at the moment (4 decals shown with 5 required in total), but will be Config file edited numerically at close of design. [click + arrow = slideshow] Autonomous earthmovers, yea.
  12. Well, thank you. The big problem with this little insect is that the only fuel it has is way aft in that NCS Adapter. I did just fly it to Gilligans, changed course to the Cape (42W) and from there back to KSC, though, and that is not a bad effort.
  13. Drosophila or Fruit Fly. Very annoying. [I detest solo-kerbal airplanes, unless perhaps they're hypersonic.] M 0.95 @ 8.8km, so far.
  14. I spent a pleasant evening this evening, debugging the occasional hang-ups in release of two Jansen Omnidocks bound to each other. I believe the problem was simply the magnetic acquisition force. (It's true, I thought, that this is supposed to be suspended after undock and until reaching 1m distant before re-activating, but the new version does seem to work better. To test it, I built a ship: ( Omnidock ( Mk3-capsule ( 4x RCS-thruster ) ) FL-R120-MP-tank Mama-dock Baby-Dock ) (In case you don't know it, you may have just read your first line of Lisp[1] above. Congratulations!) Then Alt-F12'ed one into orbit and another into close rendez-vous to perform a test of 1. a Baby-dock (then jettison it), 2. a Mama-dock and 3. an Omnidock on one ship with the Omnidock on the other ship. Pretty quick to do. If you repeat this and find problems or get a hang-up in production, please let me know. "I intend to follow this airplane down until I see it hit the ground." [1] colleagues ask me about the constant notes I am writing in a pad during meetings at work, and I say "Lisp". (I know I'd run into flak and a possible reprimand if I said "KSP".)
  15. What KSP version are you in? If you ever see this again, try an immediate quick save followed by a reload. It may also be related to a problem in which you warp and see a target jump position. (I have seen this in 1.11.2.)
  16. Well, I understand you on that perfectly well. I hope someone else will give you a more direct response to your question. I want to add: "welcome to the forum!"
  17. I think this is a stimulating question. Although I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your intended question. I play "Air-Sea Rescue rules", which means I do not allow myself to simply recover unattended debris on Kerbin. I have to send a manned craft to land/splash within close physics range. Any personnel in the downed craft have to be ferried back by my ASR craft (cannot be recovered with the downed vessel). I have toyed with the idea of requiring a submarine deployed to the bottom of the ocean to pick up any bits that sink to the floor. So my question would be: if you have the gift of your own imagination, why do you need a mod to play whatever rules you want? KSP, for me, is all about imagination. Another example, very minor. I use a maximum gear extension speed of 150 m/s (very generous!). Not permitted to extend gear at higher speeds to use their drag to rescue a botched approach. Or my Divine Intervention program. I don't like to leave kerbals and other failed debris out in Kerbolar orbit, lost in space, (cluttering memory). So I allow myself to "beam" such back into a geosync orbit -- strictly to be retired from the game -- under well-defined rules. (See Mercy.) It's not lazy because it's actually quite a lot of work. And it presents interesting challenges, similar to the Go-Fetch Contract rescue missions, but more a propos: "you made the mess, you clean it up". Playing Sandbox, I don't get any pecuniary benefit from it. And it makes me feel good. Or another: Hyperkube. Or Anion. Or Subnautica., which is a buoyancy part used in e.g. Limpet. So my return question is: why do you need a mod to do what your imagination can do for you? Go ahead, let your inner child loose. Make up your own rules. Sense how KSP responds with seemingly infinite possibilities.
  18. Very good. So I have a question for you: what were you hoping to achieve/see? 15d is not bad. You know you have to do station-keeping, right?
  19. Someone will give you a more erudite answer shortly, but Lagrange points are a result of N-body forces, i.e. the action of more than one other heavy body (in this case Kerbin and the Mun). Meanwhile, KSP does not simulate N-body physics, instead using a simplification called "patched conics"[1]. This basically means you are either under the influence of Kerbin, or of the Mun, (or something else if outside that system), but not both. There are no L1 points in KSP. [1] the patched conic term refers to the idea that the "sphere of influence" of the Mun punches a hole through the sphere of influence of Kerbin. And the Kerbin system punches its own hole through that of Kerbol. This is how KSP determines which sphere of influence you are in -- and only that one, at any one time. You might go look for an appropriate mod -- maybe Principia. I'm no expert here, though. (And apologies if you've already found it or are using it! If that's the case, also investigate R-click on your engines and reducing the Thrust Limiter: it will go down as low as 0.5%.) Welcome to the forum.
  20. And I call that an excellent first try. Unfortunately however, your spoiler makes your location too obvious.
  21. No, my problem was I simply didn't punch the button that says "drain MP or not" . I don't recall you needed this for LF/OX, so why for MP? Anyway, I got past this soon after writing the note. The advantage of a drain valve for ore is that you can bleed some of it, for ballast control. Rather than Jettison [Entire] Contents. Thanks for weighing in with your solution! So, let me ask a practical question. I've avoided Module Manager as if it's Black Magic. Whereas, if it were documented somewhere... Do you have a pointer? I'd also like to see definitive doc on config files, as those are definitely useful.
  22. @antipro I have done this kind of attachment (with docks) via craft file editing and simply placing an appropriate 'link =' directive. I came across your note while trying to determine whether drain valves work at all with MP. Let me know if you still want to proceed with this. I'll make a subassembly for you.
  23. First things, first. Welcome to the forum, Thaddeus_135! You might be thinking of attitudinal/translational control, in which case it can be toggled on/off with CAPS LOCK. The lower left-hand Staging control will show orange/brown at normal strength and light blue at reduced strength. I hope that helps but, if not, go ahead and describe more about what you are trying to use.
  24. Nope, you won't find it on the equator.
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