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  1. Someone will give you a more erudite answer shortly, but Lagrange points are a result of N-body forces, i.e. the action of more than one other heavy body (in this case Kerbin and the Mun).

    Meanwhile, KSP does not simulate N-body physics, instead using a simplification called "patched conics"[1].  This basically means you are either under the influence of Kerbin, or of the Mun, (or something else if outside that system), but not both.

    There are no L1 points in KSP.

    [1] the patched conic term refers to the idea that the "sphere of influence" of the Mun punches a hole through the sphere of influence of Kerbin.  And the Kerbin system punches its own hole through that of Kerbol.  This is how KSP determines which sphere of influence you are in -- and only that one, at any one time.

    You might go look for an appropriate mod -- maybe Principia.  I'm no expert here, though.

    (And apologies if you've already found it or are using it!  If that's the case, also investigate R-click on your engines and reducing the Thrust Limiter: it will go down as low as 0.5%.)

    Welcome to the forum.  :)

  2. 1 hour ago, Watermel00n said:

    I call it Lake Pathetic.

    And I call that an excellent first try.

    Unfortunately however, your spoiler makes your location too obvious.


    (And yes, devious Kayak Club members make it a rule to open all spoilers, envelopes, drawers and wallets before embarking upon any momentous mission; and when I say "devious", I mean all of us.  We explorers, you see.)

    You opened this, didn't you?  :)  You're well on your way then to being a first-class, tip-top explorer!


  3. 2 minutes ago, Geonovast said:

    any weirdness

    No, my problem was I simply didn't punch the button that says "drain MP or not" .  I don't recall you needed this for LF/OX, so why for MP?  Anyway, I got past this soon after writing the note.

    The advantage of a drain valve for ore is that you can bleed some of it, for ballast control.  Rather than Jettison [Entire] Contents.

    Thanks for weighing in with your solution!

    So, let me ask a practical question.  I've avoided Module Manager as if it's Black Magic.  Whereas, if it were documented somewhere...  :)  Do you have a pointer?  I'd also like to see definitive doc on config files, as those are definitely useful.

  4. 2 hours ago, Thaddeus_135 said:

    i cant figure out

    First things, first.  Welcome to the forum, Thaddeus_135!

    You might be thinking of attitudinal/translational control, in which case it can be toggled on/off with CAPS LOCK.  The lower left-hand Staging control will show orange/brown at normal strength and light blue at reduced strength.

    I hope that helps but, if not, go ahead and describe more about what you are trying to use.

  5. On 5/13/2022 at 4:37 PM, swjr-swis said:

    they stayed within physics range all the way

    I bumped my physics range up to 5km some time ago and have a) experienced no problems and b) do like that I can see vessels approaching/receding from/to a dot without that uncanny materialization/dematerialization effect.

    Settings are in ./Physics.cfg:


            load = 5000
            unload = 6000
            pack = 350
            unpack = 200
            load = 5000
            unload = 6000
            pack = 350
            unpack = 200
            load = 5000
            unload = 6000
            pack = 350
            unpack = 200
            load = 5000
            unload = 50000
            pack = 25000
            unpack = 2000
            load = 5000
            unload = 6000
            pack = 350
            unpack = 200
            load = 5000
            unload = 50000
            pack = 10000
            unpack = 200
            load = 5000
            unload = 6000
            pack = 350
            unpack = 200


  6. Testing a new lifter to boost a "Tourist Hut" into a 51-deg inclined orbit and saw an opportunity to land back on the first turn.  Wasn't going to work for the KSC (of course) but then I spotted Cape Kerman.

    After an overshoot and fuel exhaustion, this lifter turns itself into an amazing glider (not my design).  And I was able to manage a very long glide to an outlanding just before Cape Kerman "green" and then roll all the way to the R15 threshold.

    Cape Kerman is a Kerbinside Remastered airport located at 25/83 NW.

    Quite naturally, Nedger called the fuel truck for a partial refuel and then attempted the short flight to KSC.  Well, that flight worked out to be even shorter than KSC but Nedger landed safely under silk with a very useful report on flat spin recovery for this machine.  Thanks, Ned.



    A first glimpse of the Tourist Hut.  It's maneuverable in space and also 're-entrant'.

    7t1wJue.jpg       zE1U3aF.jpg


  7. 19 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

    actually, the most effective way would be to have a land base to take care of mining, and landing a ship to only carry fuel. that, however, requires more micromanaging.

    My Gremlin lands with a mining rig but then separates into an ascending shuttle, carrying just the fuel.  Coming back for the next load, it does require a slightly tricky "top-dock".

    If you can pinpoint the landing and then maintain a slow descent to dock, it can be very effective to Ctl From the landing ship's stern dock with SAS Radial In selected, giving intuitive RCS controls for nailing the landing.  (An idea from @Atkara)


    You do  say "mother ship", however, which does imply you are "travelling with your own infrastructure".  So, as has been pointed out, bringing back just ore, assuming your mining lander can make the round trip on one set of full tanks seems more efficient.  But if you have to make more than one trip, your yield may be low.

    I personally, think it is always worth the investment to set up local infrastructure everywhere I go.  You know: "act like you mean to own the place".

  8. 17 hours ago, Akagi said:

    Found the Nile during an SSTO test

    That does look like 0/20E on the equator (near a place I call "Alexandria") and, if so, that would, most unhappily, not be the Nile.  (I will ensconce myself in the Kayak Club Map Room for a couple of enjoyable hours to make a determination.)  More in a day or two, as I am currently vacationing in Denmark.

  9. On 1/20/2022 at 1:21 AM, Akagi said:

    No one likes Gilly.

    Unless you happen to be short of fuel within the Eve SOI.

    And it has this very interesting property that you can easily park your Gilly orbital fuel dump in a geosynchronous orbit, just 41 km above your surface mining rig, and shuttle fuel directly overhead for an exceedingly simple ascent/descent.

    One just has to be wary at night that the yellow rectangular markers [f4] for targets on the other side of that moon will be visible and distant (seemingly not hazardous, e.g. 67 km) but because Gilly is so small,  it may still be between you and your target.  I've been caught napping more than once.

  10. 13 minutes ago, stephensmat said:

    Also, I've never tried to 'rename' a craft before. If I can do that, any suggestions?

    R-click on a cockpit or probe controller and see the Rename Vessel option.

    (Congratulations on your build!)

  11. Eve Jr Challenge Update

    • "The SSTAP loads 4 krew".  This has been amended to "3 krew minimum".
    • I can now confirm one (1) definite entry in this challenge.  I understand that vehicles are "on the drawing boards".
    • I am certain there will be a 'mental gestation' period by prospective entrants before things get underway in earnest.
    • Please stay tuned.
  12. 18 minutes ago, swjr-swis said:

    Thou art hereby anointed in the Holy Order of Antioch

    Well, congratulations to you also, King Solomon, as your 30 ducats are in the mail.  Talents?  Shekels?  Ah, yes, "points".

  13. Here we go then.

    ALOSbiS.jpg    AVOuwUU.jpg    w5xwtMD.jpg

    "I hereby certify I did this the honorable, correct way" [except for stealing about 1.5 mil kerbux to pay for it].  :)

    It took me 15 minutes just to find out how to upgrade a facility (R-click) and I knew I'd accidentally seen it before many times.  Sheesh.

  14. You had me at "First shalt thou...  granting thyself the maximum starting funds"

    not to mention that Holy Grenade of Antioch I see you are holding behind your back -- with the pin drawn.

    (This isn't going to get me hooked on "Contracts" or something, is it?  I wouldn't like that.)

  15. 11 minutes ago, swjr-swis said:

    Any chance those are a residue of Kerbal Constructs?


    I don't play Science/Contract.  So the only way to do this economically was to "construct a set", like Hollywood.  And, yes, Kerbal Konstructs.

    The "set" was 1-2 km West of the R9 threshold, on the same campus ("green").  It's now gone, packed up.

    Your verdict, PASS/FAIL, on this, respecting whatever you think others may feel about it.

    (I got caught because that Inner Imp couldn't help adding that third tower!  :) It was fun playing.)

  16. I do hereby, hand behind back, fingers crossed (rather ambiguously), dutifully submit  the following to His Honorable Magistrate, Dr Swis, for rulings.

    qOBwk8D.jpg    OUKm5GW.jpg    PwyvHZ1.jpg

    1. requires some further explanation.  As I drove the Invader onto what I (anyway) thought was the "Bank of Einstein-Rosen", the color kept changing (that's the funny thing about relativity), so I wasn't quite sure which end I was at.  I may have taken the snap at the wrong end.  Or, maybe it was Doppler Shift.  I think, in principle, therefore it is not possible to be certain.
    2. When you live far from a river system, you can never get enough, water towers.
    3. that is, admittedly, a suspiciously high-fangled conveyance, foreground mid-picture...

    Anyway, the above hereby purported to be Exhibit A (Bank of Einstein-Rosen), Exh. B (Trinormous Towers), Exh. C (Philadelphia Experi-truss)

    (All snaps taken in my 1.11.2 Lab sandbox)

  17. 6 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

    What does STRIKE stand for

    That's a great question and I'm embarrassed to say I don't have an answer!  :)

    "Orbit like a butterfly; STRIKE like a bee!"?

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