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  1. Challenge Rationale:

    (According to the (old fogeys) at KSC Mission Command:)

    • The only justifiable exports from Eve are Kerbals and, possibly, Science.  Science may be transmitted, so even that is dubious.
    • For much of its history, Eve has held the status of "prison colony" and the vast majority of visitors to the planet likely traveled there on a lifetime one-way visa.
    • Mission Command believes that an SSTAP vehicle, capable of transporting a small number of Kerbals to low Eve orbit is the snazziest way to open up round-trip travel.
    • Space navigation expertise will be honed.

    Therefore, we start with a warm-up exercise on Kerbin, but keeping an eye on the coming(?) Eve Sr challenge.  "We can do this, Space Cadets!"

    For the interception, time is of the essence.  Therefore, the SSTAP boosts its AP into space and, thereafter, coasts, leaving the STRIKE interceptor to perform the rest.

    The SSTAP will be aiming:

    1. to get to space
    2. spend the longest time possible in space (before re-entry)
    3. have the fastest orbital speed (horizontal component)

    This will maximize feasibility of interception.

    To be meaningful, it will do this with the least effort, measured by lower PE.  This may seem counter-intuitive but it represents The Eve Test.

    "We at Mission Command know there are other ways to attempt to 'solve' this conundrum, such as robotics (ptuh), propellers (ptuh), hot-air balloons (ptooie), but we are old-fashioned about the Good Old Way: Rocketry."

    Questions/issues are welcome.

  2. A KSP challenge to demonstrate an operational SSTAP and interceptor operating between LKO and the KSC Space Center.
    Definition: an SSTAP is a Single-Stage To APoapsis vehicle.
    Mission Elements:
    • Both an SSTAP and a STRIKE Interceptor are docked to a space station in LKO and fully-fueled from the space station fuel reserves.
    • The SSTAP loads 3 krew minimum. Then, under its own power, deorbits and makes a precision landing on the KSC Green.
    • A fuel truck refuels the SSTAP.  Krew is exchanged with surface personnel.  "Science" [TBD] is loaded into storage on the SSTAP.
    • Use of robotics for re-positioning the SSTAP for launch is NOT permitted.
    • The SSTAP relaunches to an apoapsis in space, as the orbiting STRIKE approaches, with the intention of rendez-vous.
    • The SSTAP may not raise its periapsis above 0 km; may not maneuver leaving the atmosphere or after ECO in space, whichever comes later; and may not relight engines once in space[1].
    • STRIKE maneuvers to execute the intercept and dock. Then circularizes both itself and the SSTAP using only its own engines but any fuel remaining onboard.
    • STRIKE/SSTAP need not redock with the space station but will be assumed capable of doing so, fuel permitting, since it can dock with the SSTAP.
    • The SSTAP must be intact and fully reusable: no shed/damaged parts.
    [1] use of trickle power to defeat the intention of the rules will be regarded with grim disfavor.
    Objective Metrics:
    • The SSTAP must land within 1 km of the surface fuel truck. Kudos for closest distance.
    • Key metric is "successful interception of the SSTAP with lowest maximum PE at final ECO"
    Evidentiary Metrics:
    • photo on the Green with a distance measurement to the fuel truck (or vice versa) would be helpful
    • STRIKE/SSTAP docked in space just after docking, with resources open plus altitude/speed would be nice
    • nothing onerous; just whatever you think tells the story; remember that this is a design challenge, not a flying challenge -- and the point of it is "transfer of knowledge".  Therefore:
    • in the case of a dispute, you should be prepared upon request to post your craft and to carefully describe the maneuvers/techniques you used to succeed
    "This is not about Eve and neither is it a challenge", discuss amongst yourselves!
  3. If the code to simulate a craft model is separated from the code to display/view/operate the craft, then running it on multiple craft simultaneously is neither hard nor expensive.  Given that there will be few craft in a recovery trajectory.  (Not counting suborbitals which can stay on rails until summoned, just as now.)

    Two arguments for doing this:

    1. not all recovery works;e.g. mountainous landings.  It would be interesting to replay the final moments for diagnosis/improvement;
    2. those who play by ASR (Air/Sea Rescue) rules are required to journey to the crash site to effect the recovery.  (Otherwise why have planes?  Helos.  Subs.  Etc.)
    3. 2b. Eve multi-stage to orbit benefits from stage recovery
  4. Thank you for that confirmation.  I had assumed that models were in ASET Props and the code that powers the avionics (e.g. glide slope computation) were in ASET Avionics.  That may be wrong.

    To explain my quest, the use case is that a client of Kerbal Konstructs Airport Exchange has requested new navaids for many of the airports posted there.

    I found this, https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116479-aset-avionics-pack-v-21-for-the-modders-who-create-iva/&do=findComment&comment=3008915, and was able to add an NDB.

    However, I concur with Ser in opinions expressed earlier in this thread, that a more convenient and general (not RPM-specific) abstract/standard definition for navaids should be realized.  Regarding using RPM variables to define many multiples of navaid components: well, "life is too short".  Too error-prone.  Consider also, dynamic in-game definition of markers, routes and approaches.

    MOARdV has kindly pointed me to the MAS method for defining such aids and I'll be investigating there.  Open to other ideas, particularly more general approaches.  But all FYI at this stage.  (And thanks also to @MOARdV.)


  5. On 4/20/2022 at 11:31 PM, Akagi said:

    Correction: plane

    I actually first wrote "in pain sight" and considered leaving it with '[sic]' because I found it funny/apt.  :)  My problem is that I thought the plane was on the ground and therefore, the lake was very small.  (It didn't occur to me that the plane was very big.)  :)

    Anyway, good job, Akagi!  The leaderboard will be getting updated today.

    UPDATE: it has been updated, 22-04-22.

  6. 8 minutes ago, swjr-swis said:

    I wish to nominate @Akagi to be added to the roster of intrepid explorers


    1 minute ago, Akagi said:

    just to confuse the Kerbals at the Kerbal Astronomical Society!

    That's the right attitude, old sport, and just what we're looking for in new blood!

    Oh dear.  In plain sight.


  7. All right.  I will go fly out to the location I thought it might be and take a shot and show it here.  You can confirm the location or not, but it won't count as a "find", since I am disqualified.  But it might encourage others to go look for it if it shows your landmark is indeed identifiable.  Expect that within the hour.

  8. On 1/24/2017 at 12:48 AM, linuxgurugamer said:

    Anyway, the real issue is Dropbox.  @alexustas it would be good if you could put this on Github or Spacedock.  I'd be happy to help if you need it. 

    Did the source code for this mod ever get placed somewhere (e.g. github) where a downloader can access it?

      (Perhaps it's been incorporated under the auspices/repository of some related mod?)

    Maybe here: https://spacedock.info/mod/1213/ASET Avionics?  This looks like only what downloads in GameData...

  9. On 4/16/2022 at 7:38 AM, Akagi said:

    Turn to HDG 032.

    Good to see you have the badge!  Welcome, Intrepid Kayaker.

    I'll ask a question you are within your rights to decline to answer.  I also note, for the record, and all members, that I have disqualified myself from this particular challenge.

    Here's the question: I interpreted that screenshot (with gear down) as "landed".  That makes a difference to locations that could and could not view the mountains in the background.  The question: "landed or not?".

    (I had the opportunity to run out there (wherever it is) in 1.12.3 tonight in a "green" save -- things look pretty much the same.)

  10. 12 minutes ago, Jack Joseph Kerman said:

    I found an underwater tree

    I know where that it is.  Flying from KSC to Baikerbanur, a set of lakes just slightly north of the track about midway or a bit further...

    (No idea about the second, though.)

  11. 1 hour ago, Death Engineering said:

    As I approach my ninth year playing KSP and on the forums (!!!) I am replacing my avatar.

    Well done!  (As one 'mad scientist' to another.)


    Meanwhile, returning from a reconnaissance mission in the KSC mountains west, landing on Flat Top Mt before returning: a just-delivered Kuryakin 2.  (Need to update that flag!)  This machine is great.


  12. Continuing the story from:

    ...in which the rescue ship HG1 Goblin is attempting to capture the hapless HA2 Atlas, inbound to Moho from Kerbin...

    On 4/17/2022 at 1:35 PM, Hotel26 said:

    Let's see how this works out...  :)

    Well, huzzah!  Goblin makes contact with Atlas and prepares to dock:


    Moah celebrations in Mission Control!

    And now for the capture burn:


    Mission Log states:

    • "orbital speed was reduced from 807 m/s to 687 m/s,
    • whereupon fuel exhaustion occurred due to miscalculation of the much greater (empty) mass of Atlas
    • capture required a reduction to 433 m/s for success; a shortfall of 254 m/s

    Both craft marked "lost in space".

    Mission Controller, Gene Kerman, promptly issued a summons for the Fuel Management team which, under intense interrogation (& blame), proffered the following reasoning (excuse): "but Gene, you DIDN'T consult us!!"

    Well, live & learn and there is a happy ending to this sad story:


    Under Orbit rules, HA2 Atlas was magicked into a a geostationary Kerbin orbit for subsequent rescue and deorbit (under the No Astronaut Leff In Space regulation) and -- in  a 'mind/matter spoon-bending of the rules' -- Goblin was returned to a stable low Moho orbit.  Just as if nobody ever made any horrible mistakes and all available lessons were learned.  "At KSC, our motto is: 'space is kind'."  Hmm.  How about: "no pain; no gain"...  (meaning, "we prefer it that way")



  13. If you've purchased/downloaded via Steam, it can be done.

    Steam stores KSP in ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal\ Space\ Program/ [this is on Linux; your miles will vary on Windows]

    If you take a (recursive) copy of this while at  any particular version, you can run KSP (by version) separate from Steam.  I, for example, store KSP versions under my ~/env/games/KSP/

    For example, ~/env/games/KSP/

    Back in Steam, if you right-click the KSP name in your library list of games [from memory, now], you can select a version of KSP to bring down.  You can then make your own separate copy of it, too.  BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS because it may trash any current saves/ships you have under Steam.  I'd be very sure you are happy with your own independent storage and have played there for a while before attempting the above.

    If this does sound a bit too complicated, then by all means, Don't Do It.  Otherwise, proceed At Your Own Risk.

    In your KSP directory, find something like KSP.x86_x64 and make a shortcut/launcher to it in order to run KSP.  Set the working directory for the launcher to the same directory..
    (Why?  Because I couldn't run Kerbal Konstructs on Linux for about 5 years due to not doing this!)

  14. In the Spamming Moho Dept.:

    On Moho, Mission Control had recently pressed HA2 Atlas ("moHo Atlas 2nd") into service, relieving HG1 Goblin of duty.  HG1 descended back to the surface and fueled up; then went idle to await "further instructions".

    Then news of the impending arrival of (ehm, "forgotten") HA3 Atlas was received and the capture situation looked like a nail-biter.  The boffins in Mission Control deployed slide rules and confirmed, "sorry, Gene, we're 205 m/s short".

    Not willing to let such a huge(ly expensive) piece of equipment slip through his fingers, Gene set the trajectory boys to work with a very stern, "no time to waste, guys!".

    This is what they came up with:


    A multi-geared asteroid shoot:


    In a STROKE OF LUCK, Bertie Kerman remembered the HG1 sitting on the ground, fuel tanks loaded!

    The orbital boys checked its position on the surface.  YEAH!  Just perfect to launch into an immediate polar orbit, aligned within 3 degrees of HA3.

    Let's see how this works out...  :)

  15. One thing to note about landmarks, @Akagi, is that certain (smallish) features vary from user to user depending upon Terrain Detail Settings.  This lake may be bigger or just a patch of dirt for others.  (The mountains in the background help, as Natalorf was able to identify those from the general search area.  She did report a likely lake location, but quite a lot larger than yours.  Same general shape.)

    In general, for beginners, it's a good thing to first go exploring and find the landmarks that others have posted and have been successfully discovered by explorers. But nevertheless, if you don't get a successful discovery for this one, do have a whack at posting another one!

  16. 3 hours ago, Akagi said:

    a badge for Kayak Club members

    Yes.  See my signature and you may R-click it and Copy Image Link to get the link.  By posting this challenge, you are qualified (as I remember Ye Ancient Law)...

    Exploration Units have been scrambled.  (Natalorf drew the short straw this very early morning.)

  17. Another milestone.  (= "moah champagne in Mission Control").

    My first (ever) mining rig to land in the Jolian system (Vall, to be precise):


    The first fuel load back to space has been ear-marked to bring VX1 Nova (space station) down from 90x90km to a 10x10 km orbit.

    "Looking good, Mission Control".


    Later that evening...  VG2 Goblin, steering VX1 Nova into LVO.


  18. Atlas has finally landed!

    It's mining 3.47/4.24 kal/sec LF/OX respectively.  It should fill in about 22 hours...  although it is slipping down this hill slope now at 0.5 m/s.  Slightly concerning.



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