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  1. I can now report some success. The shot below shows a Scout Prospector in the foreground that I have now been able to revive. I deployed a Scout Mk2 expedition to LKO and stripped it down to just a similar Prospector component. Extracted that VESSEL from the save file. Diffed it with the broken one. First interesting difference was 'ctrl = False' in the broken one, which was 'ctrl = True' for the operational one. I don't know how it got that way, but possibly a ramification of the Time Travel. Yet to confirm that this is the case, the only case, for all of the rest of the 70, but I'm happy for the moment. If there's more to report, I'll post again here. You are correct; my error. The fresh save file contained all the assets contiguously, as I expected. (There were Space Objects in there, but not interspersed.) I selected those 70 in one slab and wrote them into an assets file. Those contents were then simply inserted into the Lab and Orbit save files at the end of the FLIGHTSTATE section for VESSELS. Copy-and-paste from one save file to two other save files. Just another day in the Operating Room -- until you slip with the scalpel and nick an aorta...
  2. About the OP, the mission is not being counted a failure at this time. Each targeted body (9) has received: 3x pBeep RA-2 polar relays 3x eBeep RA-2 equatorial relays 1x RA-100 'Meerkat' relay, polar elliptic 1x M-700 Surveyor, polar (with a couple of exceptions). All of the Commnet relays are operational with no further need for maneuvering. The M-700 Surveyors are able to Toggle Overlay (requirement). They do not need to maneuver. An Orbital Survey is to be re-performed in the new world (oversight), but my new Tardis ship is able to beam out (we are doing time-travel here, after all, folks) and dock to perform rectification. A number of those worlds have Scout Prospectors (M-4435 Surface Scanner equipped) which were expected to perform bonus missions and those are, sadly, unserviceable, although also considered dispensable.
  3. Overview: A fresh Sandbox world was created; Commnet activated; nine (9) expeditionary missions dispatched to a selection of bodies ranging from Moho out to Eeloo; creating a total of seventy (70) assets far out into a (highly-warped) future. Objective: Splice the 70 assets (relays & surveyors) into a) a Lab world (with Commnet) and b) an Orbit world (with Commnet) to provide both worlds with full relay capability, end-to-end. Problem: A small sample of assets shows they operate and are controllable in the Lab world but not in the Orbit world. Specifically, an M700 Surveyor, equipped with battery and OKTO is able to Toggle Overlay on demand in both worlds, but [T] will not activate SAS in the Orbit world. The Orbit world is showing Full Probe Control and 96% Signal Strength relayed to Kerbin. It is expected to work. Insight: current UT in the Lab world (which is a highly-warped system) may be in advance of the original, fresh world in which the missions were run. By comparison, the Orbit world UT has only advanced to Y3, D304. The spliced craft are finding themselves suddenly in the Far Antiquity. Comments: I suspect this problem is related to splicing craft far back in time. One effect of inter-world splicing I expect and have verified/confirmed is that the EPH (epoch) orbital parameter for the craft in question will get set to a near-current value (with a concomitant shift in orbital position for the craft) and that lastUT will also be updated sensibly. There should be no problem there. Crew members were removed in the operation. Science commentary, for example, has also been omitted. Only the VESSEL object itself in the craft file was beamed across. I am unable as yet to identify any specific failure related to the time-shift. The problem may be something else, e.g. difference in how the three worlds are configured? I will get to the bottom of this, I hope, but if anyone meanwhile is able to offer some clues or insights, I would be deeply appreciative. (And, yes, I do know this is a self-inflicted wound. In the name of Mad Science, you see...)
  4. Airport: Narita (NRT) Download: Narita to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Narita.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 47.57S Long: 127.85W Elev: 61m Description: An international gateway to the Far West. Welcome to the Occident. Notes: If ATC directs you to make a landing on "2-7-Right", please do ensure you use the one on the right -- and not the "other" 27R. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
  5. Yes, compare with Knowing that it can be done in KSP helps a lot (motivationally), but I still haven't pulled it off. I'll keep trying though. It seems all about horizontal motion < 1 m/s not more than about 1m or so above the ground.
  6. That's what I wanted: a very helpful existence proof! Thank you. Conclusion: It Can Be Done.
  7. My question was quite ambiguous but, after I had written it, I didn't know how to correct it... Sorry about that! IRL an experienced jumper, using a "sport parachute" (the type the Kerbals use) will very usually land on his or her feet -- and stay on foot. I.e. not tuck-and-roll (tumble), nor having then to get back up on one's feet and brush the dirt off. As I recall, those chutes had a typical flying speed of 35 mph. So the technique requires the jumper to "flare" for the landing to kill most of the forward speed. I can come very close to a touch-down, staying upright, but can never quite do it. The Kerbal always collapses in a heap and then has to get up.
  8. I've always wondered whether a stand-up landing can be done. If it is possible, what is the technique?? (I now have a range of craft that use a self "bail-out" operation for Kerbals to land safely, so I've been performing a lot of landings under personal chute; which is why I now (finally) ask.)
  9. And... Eeloo! I have now checked all the boxes on the list. (With a descending intercept on Eeloo, I elected to expend the last of the chemical fuel 100d before encounter burning Target Retrograde to lower the eventual intercept speed. Everything worked out well.) As soon as one engages the Dawn ion drives (plenty early for capture), all that matters is that the time-to-escape is increasing!
  10. Today is the happiest day of my life (thus far): DRES I'm running a 24-hour marathon in a clean slate world and have bagged, so far: Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Moho, Duna, Eve, Dres(!). I had never been to Dres before. I'm working on Vall and, finally, Eeloo will fall. I have not yet been to Eeloo. Once in stable, polar orbit, the assets will be transplanted into my mainline Orbit world using a technique Mission Control call "Gene splicing"...
  11. My Lab world does not have good Commnet coverage, so I am rebooting it via a temporary world that I have aptly named Kiwistan. MS1 Scout is on the way to the Mun to enter an initial polar orbit. Kierkegaard Kerman and Dr Kepler Kerman are at the helm. Meanwhile Valentina Kerman and Hayly Kerman have just boosted off the KSC launchpad directly into a polar Kerbin orbit: KS1 Scout Scout Mk2 enters a target SOI into a high polar orbit to circularize and then deploy an M700 Scanner, an RA-100 'Meerkat' Kerbin Master Link Relay and a pBeep 3x RA-2 relay constellation. Scout then maneuvers into an easterly equatorial orbit to launch the eBeep 3x RA-2 relay constellation. Finally, the Prospector geological surveyor/lander/explorer leaves the Terrapin ion drive motor in low orbit to descend to a landing upon the surface at some promising looking mining site with a high ore concentration. The first Moho transfer window opens in 5 days...
  12. I am really looking forward to seeing these! I will download and try them with pleasure.
  13. I have Mirabilis under development. With the advent of swjr-swis' Boop-Dock[tm], I am aiming to design a small number of economical, high-volume commuter jets (2 to 3 types). They will assume/require ground-support for fueling and passenger embarkation/disembarkation. (See my recent Jet Connect passenger terminal.) I'm in the finishing touches with development, i.e. performing the aerodynamic tuning. It's an absolute hoot in the cockpit[1] when one gingerly drops the nose on final for landing: a schizophrenic kind of Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde moment! Touch-down at 42 m/s and the drag chute should never be required ("but never let a node go to waste!"). 886 m/s @ 12 km, (M2.98) for a range of 2,940 km. [1] wait a minute!? what cockpit? forgot to mention that -- rate-cutting and all that -- my commuter fleet will be all-drone...
  14. Have had my Mad Scientist grants renewed, so pushed on today with an airport terminal called Jet Connect 1a and new variant boom dock, called Pushback 2. The jet terminal has six "gateways" but big planes banging their nose down on those claw docks when the nosegear retracts gives KSP fizzix the heebie-jeebies. Ptthhhh.... So Pushback 2 is a portable boom dock. Pick one up, dock. Release it from the terminal to back out and then drop it nearby for the next plane to use.
  15. P.S. OP link to the Minmus space station (which I will do next!) appears to be now broken (I know it used to work?)...
  16. I've been conducting my Orbit ("production" sandbox) world since January 2018[1] and have just made my second launch bound for Eeloo. It just exited the Kerbin SOI and I have completed the correction burn and acquired Eeloo intercept. It looks like this ship, OZ1 Zenith, will reach Eeloo well before the first launch[2]. This voyage will, in fact, result in my first ever arrival at Eeloo -- scheduled in 3y 168d. (Today's date is Y3, D300. So we estimate arrival in mid-2025.) Zenith has more than 5km/s dV remaining and has 4 kerbs onboard, including two drill guys (engineers). It is comprised of: a MP-propelled Spear RA-100 for comms an ORB mining rig a Spider skycrane for depositing the ORB and exploration a Mule fuel shuttle an Asterisk-style mini-station for future visitors Zenith rode upon an Escort injection booster to get underway on its milestone voyage. KSC Mission Control is celebrating ecstatically. [1] Commenced in KSP v1.4.5, 1.6.1, 1.7.3 and now in 1.11.2 [2] the prior launch, during the first Eeloo transfer window, will perform a near miss at the target altitude along with a correction burn, and then require a full orbit before any chance of arrival. Bummer.
  17. You might have a point. I did some fooling around recently with Baikerbanur at 20.6N (on Kerbin) and THIS appeared on the Mun (at 20.6E; not definite about the 'linkage', yet): Ouch! Speaking of "speed bumps" when you are low-flying in munar equatorial orbit... (The summit of this is 4,010m altitude. Bonk!) One thing I think I don't like about being so forthright about KK bases appearing on the map (unbidden) is that, for example, when you are trying to adjust a maneuver node to Eeloo (real example from today) and you click on the maneuver node to re-open it, you keep getting a KK base menu on Kerbin. Hmm, how 'bout, "no, thank you".
  18. There are at least two (2) kinds of worlds. those in which "Any of my search term words" is the default those in which "All of my search term words" is the default The last time I was having a shower, I was wondering whether it would be better to post this in "Shower Thoughts" or in "Thread to discuss negative things in a very general way, just see where it goes y'know?" Truthfully, I have no idea... 3. Why wouldn't people living in world type #1 just get a moving truck and move to world type #2?
  19. OK, I thought: why not? Let's put a KISS space station into polar orbit. (I already have KISS #1, 45 deg inclination (forestry mapping); KISS #2, easterly equatorial; KISS #3, westerly(!) equatorial; so why not have KISS #4, polar?) The base model KISS space station comes with no science equipment other than the 3x Labs and an Observatory, so my engineers had to beef up the inventory slightly. In the shots below we see the cargo supply ship, Wasuremono, delivering a couple of pieces of survey equipment, as required by the micro-challenge. Full list of Kit: Asterisk space station hub Observatory module (with RA-2) Cupola/Lab module (with Mystery Goo thing) 2x Lab/Hab modules 2x Intellitanks 2x solar panel booms, comprised of 16x Gigantor solar panel arrays 8x docks ranging across all sizes total resource capacity: 1,160 MP; 13,400 LF; 13,200 OX; 8,650 EC hab for 15 kerbals M700 Survey Scanner M4435 Narrow-Band Scanner Inclination is 90.00980 and the orbit is 121.5 x 127.1 km. 7-9 launches were required, including the good ship Wasuremono. I hope that's a badge! And, Thank You, @adsii1970, for the challenge. "Space is Fun". My final task will be to compute the odds of any two KISS space stations colliding during the next ten years[1]... [1] which is how much longer I expect to be playing KSP
  20. I saw you post that to KerbalX and thought: "hello hello, what's all this, then: new entrant to the Asymmetrical Aircraft Challenge??"
  21. Thank you indeed for doing this, Caerfinon! I appreciate the assistance. I'll see what I can do to rectify Kykuit and also consider the utility of making bases visible on the map. (I guess it would be easier for downloaders to turn this feature off rather than on.)
  22. Airport: Tobruk (TBK) Download: Tobruk to ./GameData/<your name>/Airports/Tobruk.zip and unzip. Body: Kerbin Lat: 0.13N Long: 107.38W Elev: 351m Description: An equatorial air-sea rescue base servicing returning orbiters falling short of the KSC. Notes: North-south runway If you're wondering whether I ever build airports further from KSC and/or off the equator...? Yes, I do. (I have so far only published about a third of my stock of airports. So stay tuned!) Nor have I limited myself to Kerbin! I have two spaceports for the Mun (including one at my long-time favorite equatorial munar site), plus one on a very high (equatorial) flat-top mountain located on... ... well, let's just say that one is called "Mauve Mountain".
  23. Should be "GameData" and that should already exist too. There will be Squad directories in there plus other mods; plus, if you've installed KerbalKonstructs & KerbinSide, those will already be in GameData, too. The rest of what you've written sounds fine. You're putting the individual folders for each airport into your conext\Airports, so that's correct. If the above is indeed your problem, you should be able to just drag your conext folder from Game Data into GameData. Good luck and please do let me know if this works, because so far, I've been the only poster to Airport Exchange and you would be the First Downloader to my knowledge!
  24. I'll start with Hearty Congratulations to @SpacePixel for his publication of SX-11-7 Cassandra. Well done, SpacePixel!! Meanwhile, I continue fiddling with Airports. This time, something controversial[1] in the works... I wanted to tune my favorite location to own taste. Baikerbanur. This is very preliminary but it shows the direction I am preferring. It has not, by any means, 'gelled', so let's call it a work in progress.. I knew this was going to be a tough assignment. Since these shots were snapped, a lv-2 crawler-way has been installed between the VAB and launch-pad. [1] I blitzed the KerbinSide original to perform this 'minimalist' make-over, which I find more in harmony with the tranquil beauty of the location.
  25. Oh no; not again! I tell you I think Lemdas Kerman is the unluckiest Kerbal alive (on & off). There's your jinx! This is Lemdas Kerman, Mathematical Physicist and eminent B.A.S.E. jumper, just moments before he slipped and slid to his death, R.I.P. Now I've seen everything: a hippo flying. That is a beautiful sight, Caerfinon!
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