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  1. Hotel26's post in Is there a way to switch vessels in the map view after crashing? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, if it's within physics range (default ~2.2km).  Close the Flight Over dialog and then use '[', ']' keys to switch.  If you wish to cycle through debris as well, use Shift-'['.
    Yes, if it's outside physics range.  Use the #2 most useful mod for KSP: Haystack Continued. 
  2. Hotel26's post in Poll: would you rate "asteroid harvester depletes asteroid mass while ore tank capacity is already full" a gameplay bug? was marked as the answer   
    OK, thinking about this...  I think I may have seen the drills were running, the ore tanks were full and the asteroid mass was still dropping.  But I probably still had the refiner running with available capacity for LF/OX.
    Which means some ore was still being consumed but instantly replaced.  And this whole pipeline would have halted once the LF/OX tanks were full.  And the whisky... 
  3. Hotel26's post in 2 Kerbals stranded on the mun was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the Forum.
    I guess you have to mount a rescue mission.  (Considering the difficulty of that, you also have the option to leave the Kerbals there for a few years and pick them up later, when you are more experienced.  )
    Your rescue mission should include accommodation for the two extra Kerbals on the return, which is an obvious detail but soooo easy for Kerbals to forget. 
    You'll need to land your rescue mission within say about 5 kms, which could be challenging to say the least!  Then the 2 stranded Kerbals can cover that distance using their jetpacks...  More fun.
    Don't be frightened to fail!
    Finally, this is Sandbox, so you are your own boss!  Order yourself to "have fun" and then do it...
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