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  1. My launcher window is very small, and the launch button isn't loading.
  2. Hasn't been happening recently, but I also haven't been reverting to the SPH lately either.
  3. Usually the second after I press launch, I realize i forgot elevons, or fuel pipes, or whatever. Though, when I'm in the SPH, everything get's really buggy. Normally, I try to delete a part and it gets attached to the vehicle without actually being attached (grey'd out, but when i try to move it it takes a chunk of plane with it) and then the game lags to the point where it's unmanageable and I have to alt+f4 or pull up the task manager. Recently, I've been trying to revert back to building and it crashes when the SPH loads. Mods: InfernalRobotics, TweakScale, KerbalEngineer, KerbalAttachmentSystem, MechJeb, ProceduralFairings, RLA_Stockalike I'm running 0.90 x32 (cause x64 doesn't work with career). I don't know how to post the crashdumps, but they're there.