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  1. As of now, it is ridiculously large compared in scale with the other parts. Unlike any other KSP part, it is almost the same size of its real life counterpart(2.5 m in game vs 3m on the ISS) The current module should be changed to accommodate 2 kerbals, as it is used in many designs and fulfills a purpose in the stock lineup, in addition, a 1.25 or 1.875 m capsule for 1 kerbal should be added to the game. This would allow much more flexibility in stations with viewing modules able to be added to the sides of 2.5m station modules, in addition to being realistic.
  2. I've done it in stock You could either raise the impact tolerance or make them deploy small parachutes
  3. I don't want this, but, it should be split up into military/aircraft/spacecraft subforums
  4. None of these are updated, and I moved them to a new thread. I will update them in about a week
  5. [quote name='inigma']Torpedos will probably require some major kracken discovery to move fast underwater...[/QUOTE] Nope:D. Already sank a ship.
  6. [quote name='SaturnianBlue']You know, I'd love to see some of your designs, my torps go a quite faster at 30 meters a second, and have a 80 km range, but nothing much in damage too.[/QUOTE] One small fuel tank with a guidance system, three clipped engines, and two clipped intakes It goss 75 m/s for 34 km
  7. [quote name='pTrevTrevs']WIP Torpedo for a larger project... [URL]http://i.imgur.com/HbzkjFW.png[/URL] Works well, except that it didn't damage its target, and since there are only two elevators (to avoid Z-fighting) it doesn't have any roll authority. It can go underwater if needed, or cruise on the surface, and can do at least 16 m/s in the water. I would like it to go faster so maybe it can actually hurt ships, but I would either need more intakes or a bigger engine for that.[/QUOTE] Not even close to effective.... you need 60 m/s to hit a lightly armored ship, 75+ if you are hitting fuel tanks.
  8. 5 meter launcher parts 1.875m rocket parts OMS engines Structural trusses(ISS) Inflatable heatshield More science parts
  9. [quote name='SaturnianBlue']I've been conducting a series of tests on my torpedoes, The Tri-Launcher is alright, and the tops have an ~100 km range, but they don't have much damage capability. Again, the tops still go 60+ knots, and this time use sepatron boosted to get out the tubes. I based it chiefly on the Mark 15 Torpedo, but instead used a Tri-Launcher instead of Quintuple. I should get them released today or tomorrow. The tops still need manual adjustments every once a while.[URL]http://i.imgur.com/Iu8q2BG.png[/URL][/QUOTE] You should make Type 93s and a Fubuki class DD
  10. Beat you to it:cool: Already got two working air droppable torpedoes that can sink a ship
  11. No It was a different one where they hit another part hard and turned into debris.... Happened in one of my boats.
  12. You only used three engines? That's what I used for my Type 93 replica!
  13. Azimech, if you end up designing warships later I would change your hull building style, since it is based off an I beam keel a single hit will snap it in half and blow up the ship Note: I most definitely did not find this out by launching torpedoes and missiles at your boat Edit: Yep- Two Sepatrons firing at the center I-Beam will completely destroy the ship
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