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  1. Thanks! will install Nertea mods and see if they are enough. BTW, looked more into SSTU, there are only 4-5 tanks (each can be modified in many ways) so changing mass to a 4% ratio is not hard at all. Will just write a small script for it. Curious, what tanks and engines do you usually use with SMURFF? The stock ones?
  2. hey, awesome mod! Been playing with RO(and real fuels) for a few years, but I want to try the MKS and OPT spaceplane mods, and want to see the interior of ships at correct scale...so trying out the SMURFF in KSP 1.3.1 with RSS The stock tanks seem to be changed well, to around 3.125% of their wet mass, but other tanks dont seem to be affected as much. Specifically, the SSTU configurable tanks are at around 12% of their wet mass, the LCA Energia tanks get changed from 12% to only 8%. The OPT spaceplane tanks seem to be correctly changed to around 4-5% of their wet weight. Trying to understand how the mod works...does it change the mass of dry tank based on it's fuel load, or based on its original weight? Or is it a combination of both? Can it affect configurable parts (SSTU, Procedural Parts) or are those out of the question? Thanks!
  3. curious if anyone got a RO/RSS config for this. I think i will try to write one myself, but wanted to check if it had been done.
  4. Realism Overhaul scales the parts so the rockets are the correct height (and does a lot more changes)
  5. curious if anyone knows whether RO patches exist for OPT Spaceplanes...thinking to make some myself, but wanted to see if anyone got it to work with RO/RSS so far, I installed it directly into my RO/RSS/TACLS game, and the tanks work ( i can select whatever fuel I want), the cockpit work but have no sesources set and no TACLS modules (air scrubber, etc). The scale is of course wrong, everything being tiny. The engines do not work at all, requiring Liquid Fuel. Havent tested yet whether the aerodynamics work. Is it really hard to make the IVA work in RO scale? I love the IVAs from the OPT Spaceplanes, and I am generally a sucker for IVAs...
  6. EDIT FIXED: hey @raidernick I found this issue in RO, which was closed and fixed. RN plume issues on multiple engines from multiple mods#1492 I had the same issue, and updating SmokeScreen did solve it for the Soyuz booster engines. However, i have the same issue (no plume coming out) for the Zenit RD171, even after updating SmokeScreen. Did you test that one with the new SmokeScreen? THE FIX: In Ro_realPlume config files, the rd171 was referenced as zenit_rd171 and not rn_zenit_rd171. fixed that in the RO folder and it all works great.
  7. having a weird bug. It appears when I have mechjeb2 installed, if I delete it it goes away. In space, when I decouple something that doesnt have command ability (old stage, fairings, etc) that part/subassembly starts accelerating down (towards earth). If I switch to it, i cant switch back, as it says "part under acceleration". Is this a feature of mechjeb to clear the space of useless junk? Or is this a bug? How do I post logs? I have FAR, DR, RO/RSS Kerbalism and a bunch of part mods. The bug only dissapears if and only if I delete mechjeb. cheers
  8. having a weird issue with spent stages accelerating down after I stage. I "think" it might be kerbalism, but since I installed it with a RO/RSS for 1.2.2, it might be a bunch of stuff...anyone seen this bug before? Edit: NVM, without Kerbalism stages still accelerate down, once I am in space.
  9. Hey wondering how did you make the cockpit transparent like that? in RSS/RO the internal views are all screwed up for me. the scale is from the normal KSP...
  10. EDIT: FIXED> Updated with the latest module manager, modular flight integrator and dev version of FAR. Works beautifully (RSS, RO, Kerbalism ,1.2.2) @raidernickhaving some weird problems in 1.2.2 with the soyuz crafts. The aero center seems to be at the base of the VAB for every part. needless to say, this makes reentry difficult. I deleted all the mods, and only have the soyuz, and squad parts. I used the RN_SovietSpacecraft_v1.5 variant For my 1.1.3 install, with the appropriate mod version, it works great.
  11. I see, thank you. I did make a new profile, and it works, but I thought an MM patch would be a more elegant solution. Will finish the profile then by changing everything manually.
  12. @ShotgunNinja The mtbf modification worked great! So I kept trying to see if the "rate" can be set up the same way, so I dont have to modify each rule manually (and make it easier to modify future rules). So i tried variations of @Profile:HAS[@Rule[*]]:FINAL { @Rule[*] { @rate *= 400.0 } } I also replaced Profile with PART, tried a few things but I am still learning how to use MM patches. Do you have any ideas? (I made the rule *= 400 so i can see if it is modified easily). Also a question on Modding workflow, and please let me know if there are any good references for this. Do you modify each cfg file and then start the game to see the effects? It seems like it takes forever to load the game to just test modifications. Any faster way to understand the effects? cheers
  13. Slick!! Man, this modding business is fun. I see where you are going with the Nitrogen -> Atmo. Since RaiderNick's ships have very different sizes and look realistic, I will probably make them all ships leak-proof so they dont need giant tanks. I love the idea of still needing Nitrogen to re-presurize them. I see a lot of fun in putting all the crew to a small, shielded capsule, depressurize the big ship, then put them all back when going thru radiation belts. Maybe when I learn to do some better modding, I will try to implement a fire failure, where you have to depressurize that part of the ship. To get the ships to be leakproof I tried Process { name = atmo leaks modifier = surface,breathable input = Atmosphere@0.0000000005 // (really small number) } and it seemed to do the trick